SNL LABS Breakthrew of the mind and laughter.

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SNL LABS Breakthrew of the mind and laughter.

    First a joke is made up of two things or objects that have nothing
in common
What did the fat lady see when see looked in the review
mirror..........................................Her self
notice you need the pause to get the brain thinking. What the Joke Did
was brought together two objects that have nothing in common in there
neural network and brought them together to form joke and a new neural
 connection.  It's because we can see the joke in our minds and relate
to it and also are brain learn from a new neural network memory and in
our mind. Laughing is one of the strongest emotions that we have and
it has a direct connection  with memory and a new neural l network
over time.
    It's reduces stress hormones and reduce the risk of heat disease 
and cancer and also increases are IQ and creative ability
allows us to thing out of the box and  bring in new thought's and
idea's on are neural network that would have never formed before and
are stored in many different places of the brain  it also activates
the  lower metaphysical charka below the heart charka around the
stomach  area making it stronger so it does change our Edna immune
system, the ability to Handel stress and the new intelligence never
tapped into of our minds. If you reteach a A.I computer that a joke is
of two objects that have nothing in common and bring then together to
form a thought that we all have in common this would  change a any
person emotion and physiology state of anybody on the planet and make
them discover new  things about them self and thought they would have
never discovered before. What effect the joke being told  the facial
expression of the person telling the joke and the connection of the
mind with the other person on a conscious or sub conscious level that
make us laugh harder. It's almost like mind control or subconscious
mind feed back . In a experiment  If you put joke on a computer screen
in text or a person with different expressions on there face and have
them push the space bare for the punch line of the joke with the right
time in spacing of the punch line and use different color of text type
and back ground you will find something new that you can build a whole
new neural network with this idea because the laughing effects the
whole brain and causes new connections two be  formed  we all thought
and understood that we stopped making new neural connections at the
age around  18, but we can all become smarter by associating of  a
joke with new type of knowledge of learning any thing from a
encyclopedia to physics and physiology. This new neural network will
expand just like a infant to the age twelve
a break threw in how the mind really work and what being smart really
means. A totally new way of thinking that would spawn a connections
between two people on a level of the subconscious and subconscious.
Because we are all connected threw this invisible network
of quantum consciousness and subconscious and  Example is two friends
in a car that have been friends for a while and have made that neural
connection  one friend says two the other  lets go to the movies and
the other person says i was just going to say that. what you have
found is just the tip of the iceberg other things that effect it is

1 this size of the room
2 the color of the room
3 how many people in the room and how long they known each other.
4 the temperature of the room
5 the tone of voice the joke is told in
6 the faith or belief in the person telling the joke that the other
person is going to laugh
7 how long people have been friends
8 A opening up of the person to the people two show  how relax and he
is not a threat to them or trying to be superior and being confident
and relaxed comfortable back and excited.
9 the lighting of the room.
10 what jokes do they remember and why and what does the joke connect
to in there memory and neural network of thoughts.
11. it would take a six month trial on a person or group and that
person cannot watch any thing negative. Because the mind works as
simple as this positive in positive out negative in negative out! To
see true neural network and personality change.
12. What ideas would spawn from this and how much you would learn
about the human brain in six months would blow away 50 years of other
research on the brain, psychology, profiling, personality type IQ
testing, Imagination,  problem solving and would change the globe and 
lead two a noble  prize.

By Timothy Harris Livernace
301 Forrest ave

931-762-9434  Inventor

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