Kurt Godel: Unpublished Philosophical Essays, by F. A. Rodriquez-Consuegra and Kurt Godel

David Longley David at longley.demon.co.uk
Sun May 9 13:03:53 EST 2004

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Kent Paul Dolan <xanthian at well.com> writes
>"David Longley" <David at longley.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>> OK, now go and find out why I said:
>> "You have no grasp of what is being done or said".
>Too easy, you said that because you are a time wasting moron
>with a stunning inability to stick in making
>statements-of-fact to cases where you have any knowledge
>upon which to base those statements.
>Your ability to read my mind, despite your now dozens of
>claims to the contrary, remains, as ever, non-existent.

I did say that if you wanted any more help you will need to pay me, and 
the first step towards that would have been some change in your verbal 
behaviour. Your verbal behaviour is, in my view, clearly drug released. 
There's not much that's rational to it (although I can see why you might 
think otherwise, as might some others who know little about behaviour 
analysis). Trying to explain to you where you're making silly (if not 
absurdly) false statements will therefore be a waste of my time and 
yours unless I do so for the benefit of others (using your behaviour as 
an illustration of why "content" can be a distraction).

I have suggested to you before that you should find out something about 
the behavioural effects of the drugs you take, and I'm saying that again 
here. The way to start is to look into how anti-depressants are 

Then go back and look at the assertions you have been making about 
"behaviourism" and see if you can identify why I've said that what 
you've said is not just false (and abusive), but absurd..

David Longley

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