Questions on the Nature of memory, personality, etc.

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Sun May 9 16:57:11 EST 2004

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> Dear All:
> I am wondering what the modern answers to the following questions are.
> Suppose I can instantly make an identical copy of an adult person. The
> copy is  physically exactly the same as the original at molecular as
> well as atomic and all subatomic levels. The copy and the original are
> then put in exactly the same environment.
> Now does the copy have all the knowledge, such as in physics, history,
> etc., as the original does? Is the personality of the copy the same as
> the original? Is the copy equally intelligent as the original? More
> importantly, does the copy have the memory of the past as experienced
> by the original?
> My own answers are all YES.
> Roland

Wouldnt they still be different...and be in different locations, since there
is more than one...?

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