Science meets Art Festival in Toronto

jim ruxton cinetron at
Wed May 12 01:14:35 EST 2004

The 7th annual Subtle Technologies Festival  of art and science takes
place at the University of Toronto from May 27th to May 30th . Check out
this years complete program at .  Below is a
list of presentations at this year's symposium.  As well as the
symposium,  we will be presenting a performance and workshop by Pamela Z
( ) in partnership with Deep Wireless Festival
and InterAccess Media Arts Centre. InterAccess will also host an
installation, "Infrasense" by   Robert Saucier and KIT. DeLeon White
Gallery is hosting an installation, Champions of Entropy #3,  by Brandon
Vickerd . For more information on these installations please go to our
website. Subtle Technologies is an invaluable source of information and
contacts for those working in art, science, technology and design, and
for those looking to connect with leaders in these fields.  Hope to see
you there.

Jim Ruxton, Programming Director

Symposium Presentations:

Sand and its Interface: a Solution to Problems of Flat Musical
Surfaces,Christopher Bailey

Musical Gesture, Technology and Interdisciplinarity, Paulo C. Chagas

Generative Design Project ,Sushil Bhakar and Eric Hislop

NanoGraffiti: Mark-Making on the Molecular Landscape ,Stephanie Andrews

Cerebral Score ,Sarah Filley and Noah Thorp

Subtle Discourse: Conversations About Contested Realities -- Technology,
Culture and Nation-State,Narendra Pachkhede

Love is in the Air -- The Chemistry of Attraction ,Clara Ursitti

Disturbance, Audition, and the Betrayal of Geometry ,Yon Visell

The Beauty in the Equations ,Dan Falk

Visual Biomimetic Architecture: Digitally-Growing Structure, Space,
Surface ,Dennis Dollens

How Does Nature Compute? , Lila Kari

The Nature of Stem Cells ,Derek van der Kooy

Computational Thought: A Mathematician's Theory of Mind ,Chelsea Smock

Dielectric ,Fabian Winkler

The Theory Formerly Known as String Theory: A Theory of Everything?
,Cliff Burgess

Something Out of Nothing: the Effects of the Vacuum ,Ivette Fuentes-Guridi

The Edges of Experience-Suspension/Threshold: Sentient Space and
Inhabitant-Environment Interaction in the Realm of Ubiquitous Computing
Christopher L. Salter

Electronic Fashion: the Future of Wearable Technology ,Joanna Berzowska

Panel Discussion: Art/Science Funding Opportunities Moderator: Nichola

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