Questions on the Nature of memory, personality, etc.

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> Hi, Robert:
> Does modern neuroscience accept the notion of "free will" as believed
> by Christians?
> I feel that a human being is just like a computer, only more complex.
> A human being does not have any "will", and all actions it takes is a
> result of passive reactions to external stimulations. A word or an
> idea you hear from a psychological therapist is just a stimulation.

You're on the right track here, but you should drop the notion concerning
"passive reactions to external stimulations." Not all behavior can be so
characterized. Much important behavior is not "elicited" by stimuli. It
occurs spontaneously (at least at the behavioral level) and it has effects
on the world. These effects (consequences) modify the animal's behavior.
This is very different from the S-R model you suggest.
> Roland
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> > Hi
> > I agree with you that especially in the field of cognitive psychology
> > big words are drawn from poor experiments. I'm thinking of fMRI
> > studies where a neural correlate of some higher cognitive function
> > ......

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