Questions on the Nature of memory, personality, etc.

Robert M?rtin robertmaertin at
Fri May 14 04:06:09 EST 2004

Folks, Please... This is not very productive.

The sole thing I was out to say was that the computer-metaphor is dead
to a certain degree (as is the idea that you can model anything with
classical neural networks). And as a whole lot of models in cogpsy is
based on the assumption of some Von-Neumann like computational
structure in the brain, many experimental conclusions just are a bit

Furthermore one has recognized that every attempt to model intelligent
behaviour with GOF-AI has failed.
So : Cogscience has evolved. Its basics are overcome. This is a good
thing... Science cleans itself.
Just because the basic assumptions have changed, does it mean that we
should stop exploring or rename the whole scientific branch because
"cognitive science has become laughable"

We move on from the Computational-Metaphor and Classical Neural
Networks to embodied intelligence, to clean neuroscientific work, to
propabilistic models of intelligence. The future is Bayes, not Logic
programming. It is clean neuropsychological experiments attempting to
show in small steps how we explore the world... not that want to
explain language in one fMRI session. Human machine interfaces
(Sensory Substitution devices, EEG-BCI and neuroimplants (in
primates)) are actually WORKING and improving.

I think that's why I love this field.

And another thing. Concerning the freedom of the will: I believe in
cause and effect. I believe that the past can only influence the
future through the present. We live in a determinsistic world. There
is no freedom of the will detached from the physics of the world.
But we cannot predict the cause of the world nor can we predict
systemic properties of complex systems. So we use intentionality and
mental causation. And it works. I'm fine with that.

Btw: Chaos-Theory cannot help you... that's why it is called
deterministic chaos theory. You can phantazise about quantum processes
adding a random element to our choices like penrose did (he mixed
quite a lot of stuff up)... but do you want to be randomized ?


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