Questions on the Nature of memory, personality, etc.

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Fri May 14 22:51:14 EST 2004

A little bit about spontaneity. As in the debate about decay of
radioactive elements, it may be said to be spontaneous and random, but
some people believe that it is caused by some subamotic mechanisms
that are beyond our observation or detect.

A newly born baby carries causes that are working at the cellular,
molecular, atomic and all subatomic levels. These causes cause effects
which serve as new causes that cause new effects. This chain action
may be considered spontaneous. So spontaneous behavior should be
considered caused and the causes can be traced back to prenatal
causes. The external stimuli an individual receives can be called
postnatal causes as opposed to prenatal causes.

"Glen M. Sizemore" <gmsizemore2 at> wrote in message news:<738b23afd7d4762d18778330adc23fd5 at>...
> You're on the right track here, but you should drop the notion concerning
> "passive reactions to external stimulations." Not all behavior can be so
> characterized. Much important behavior is not "elicited" by stimuli. It
> occurs spontaneously (at least at the behavioral level) and it has effects
> on the world. These effects (consequences) modify the animal's behavior.
> This is very different from the S-R model you suggest.

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