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> ( is a new site which plans to
> health professionals and patients (and their families) about he latest
> development in psychiatry (concentrating on depression and anxiety
> initially).
> Your comments are welcome.
> Editor

Sight unseen, I bet this is a website where biases specific to the
psychiatric profession are going to be bolstered.

More than ever before these days psychiatrists have drugs to prescribe that
in combination offer relief from a broader spectrum of symptoms of
depression (drugs that whose action compensate for an imbalanced metabolism
of catecholamines and serotonin - typically
their chronic depletion but also in many cases swings between
synaptic depletion and oversupply).

However, the typical attitude and philosophical outlook of the profession is
as insular, short-sighted, and self-serving, as ever.

Psychiatrists tend not to understand (hence neither to educate patients nor
society at large about) that the by far most common cause of  depression is
painful (and potentially self-defeatingly distressing) lifetime pressures
from environmental circumstances that can (and deserve) to be described and
named [and as it happens have already been labeled along the far from
"inEPT" (i.e., along elastic, entertainingly plaited together, explanatory,
philosophical, platform terminological, trampoline-like, thoughtful,
teasingly tactful, and science-aligned) lines of]:-
"Specific (alt. selective and/or synaptic) Hibernation Imploring
(and/or inducing) Type Situations.

And, that these situations (SHITS - by abbreviation) cause both LTP and LTD,
and lead to the learning (of what has been concEPTualized as) AEVASIVE
behaviours -- i.e., behaviours that both reflect a deflection and harnessing
of action potentials from LTP'ed neurons or reverberatory circuits that
store the "CURSES" (-type memories) that are normally inevitably as
if being "put" into the brain (or the "Actention Selection System") during
the time an individual is "in a SHITS".

CURSES is the shortest acronymic concEPT-version that can be derived from
something like: "Conditioned-in (Chronically Kept *Hibernated* Hence)
Unconscious Remembrances (Residues or Reverberations) of (SHITS-type)
Stressors, Effecting Symptoms".

The human "genophenotype"

[which was in phylogeny gradually 'produced', 'proven' (seen to
have been so through the lense of Darwin's explanatory super/meta/umbrella
principle - Natural Selection), and 'preserved' by a mixture
of intrinsic and extrinsic opportunity type (~constructive) and adversity
type (~destructive) pressures of the Evolutionary Pressure Totality]

 imply our uniquely individual, typically human, and characteristically
"animalistic", ways of conquering/exploiting, or coping with, opportune and
adverse lifetime challenges, respectively.

These "ways" are anything from sophisticated and
socially and/or sexually successful habitual (hobbitual or professional)
preoccupations, to simple and socially and/or sexually inappropriate
conditioned reflexes.

Specific life-situational SHITS, and their insidiously behaviour and culture
co-motivating stored
consequences CURSES, do by definition entail a defensively
distress-diminishing 'deficiency' of
people's perceptual powers (including a corresponding "selective

It perhaps partly amounts to 'a blissful absence of perverse philosophical
pleasure' rather than to a "philosophical pity" that the above (and more)
interrelated dynamics (the sum-total of which constitute the meaning of the
concEPT "AEVASIVE") and my exceptionally
explanatory -- both Primal Theoretical and "EPT" (name-tag for the way I
'extend' Primal Theory by way
of an explanatory philosophical take and entertainingly platform-terminology
appropriately represents the relevant combinations of phylogenetic
social-historical and very common personal-historical
challenges/pressures) -- philosophical outlook on ourselves is so rarely
recognized, and adopted, respectively.

To the extent it is a pity it is so since such a rational complementary
recognition would greatly boost our
capacity for self and social regulation, and our resolve to put in place
realistic prophylactic and remedial methods and institutions.


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