Questions on the Nature of memory, personality, etc.

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RM: You could have read it to the end... but if neural networks are too
homuncular for you...

GS: Idid. And "neural networks" are not too homuncular for me. The way you
talk about virtually everything you do, however, is. You resent me saying
this. That's understandable. But really, I wasn't even nasty. I am the one
that should be angry that you have ignored virtually everything I said.

RM: I'm sorry that we failed to communicate.

GS: We didn't at least not completely. I know what you were saying. But you
ignored what I said.

RM: In the future I will avoid
contributing to articles where this unproductive
idealistic battle for concepts is fought. Sorry. This is not my

GS: If you admire O-Regan and Noe, it is. It is a conceptual starting point
that they are after. Unfortunately, the misrepresentation of behaviorism (in
part by painting Skinner as a Watsonian), and subsequent re-mentalization of
psychology makes it impossible for them to purge their discussions of

RM: Please read the last posting to the end.

GS: I did. And I see it as you completely ignoring what I have written.

RM: One last question. You mentioned that you published some articles. May
I ask where to find them ?
I really want to get an impression of how your opinion precipitates in
your work.

GS: You can do a Pub Med search. You will find that there is little of the
sort of thinly veiled mentalism in my papers that I criticize. But, of
course, most of it is about drug self-administration, and this is closely
tied to the "neurobiology of reinforcement." Even in these fields, however,
researchers have managed to insert mentalism. It is an oft-taken step to say
that reinforcement is a matter of "pleasure." I would criticize much of my
own work (with some exceptions - the papers I published with Marc Branch, my
paper in Behavioural Pharmacology, and my theoretical paper in
Psychopharmacology - called a "review;" Psychopharm doesn't publish
"theoretical papers") along different lines.

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