Internal Capsule orientation

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>> Hi all, 
>>    thank you for your answers. I know that the internal capsule fibers
>> are not unidirectional. But I think that in terms of internal capsule
>> 's conductivity, it is possible to define a main direction along which
>> the conductivity is extremely high comparing to the conductivities in
>> all other directions, i.e. Internal capsule is anisotropic. Which is
>> this high conductivity direction?
>In a radiating, three dimensional fan from the brainstem expanding out 
>to the cortical surface.  Didn't you read the previous responses or look 
>at the link?

Right.  Of course, it depends on what he is talking about (and it may
be he does not know) when he asks about conductivity.

For example, while there are probably more fibers that normally
conduct from the cortex rather than to the cortex, it is also notable
that all these axons are capable of conducting action potentials in
either direction.


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