Physicists in dance

Brandon J. Van Every try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at
Wed May 26 14:44:16 EST 2004

Ed Jay wrote:
> Max <gazelle-81 at> wrote:
>> Scaringly many dancers are scientists or even physicists!
> Oh, my God! Scaringly? There are scientists who dance? :-)))

Reminds me of
a little ditty I wrote
that goes a-little-something-like-this:

Dance, Dance
Dance Anthropology
Dance, Dance
Dance Anthropology

It should be imagined with tall Brits dancing slowly and serenely in uniform
with pith helmets.  Unfortunately I never got farther than this 'hook'.

At any rate, anthropologists are statistically most likely to dance!

The ranks of anthropology undergrads were also noticeably populated by
ex-physics majors.  Same core impulse: to get to the bottom of things.
Atoms, humans, same difference.

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