Attractor reconstruction with interspike-interval series?

Matt Jones jonesmat at
Fri Nov 12 12:41:59 EST 2004

tehgabriel at (tomte) wrote in message news:<1adcf6cc.0411110415.68dab4b9 at>...
> Hi!
> May i apply non-linear analysis techniques (e.g. time embedding)
> directly to interspike-interval (ISI) series? Or do i have to do some
> transformation of my ISI-data in order to obtain contiuous time
> series?
> Thanks for any comment.
> Cheers,
> Thomas

You can do it directly on the ISIs.  

There was a paper several years ago by Schiff & colleagues that gives
a nice example in the context of chaos control algoithms. It was in
Nature, and titled something like "Controlling chaos in the brain."


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