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Science and Morality

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Nov 17 22:24:59 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in
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| [...]
| Go ahead and Teach your Students,
| also, that you are, in fact, Teaching
| them to See.
| [...]

In Neuroscience, there are g'zillions
of opportunities to Teach how-to-
See. And they tend to all be Fun,
because, focussing upon them as
abstract "problems" always allows
the problem-solver to look right
into her or his Being.

What am I talking about, here?

For those who have it, take a look
at your copy of the "Automation of
Knowing..." ms. [AoK]. It's got a
lot of "problems" of the sort I'm
discussing -- all of them worked-
through -- that enable the reader
to have Fun while working in
Neuroscience. [A [small] portion
of them is listed under "Examples"
in the Index.] If you don't grasp
what I'm discussing in this sub-
discussion -- if you don't See
Teaching about Seeing -- sel-
ect any of these examples and
folow it's being worked-through
in the text of AoK.

I have Fun with their stuff all
the 'time'. Just today, while doing
my grocery shopping, I came
across a young Mother of Twins,
and, and I always do, stopped to
"fawn" over her infants. [Why I
routinely do this is multifaceted,
but, mainly, it's a way in which
I can "support" Mothers and
Fathers in their Parenting.] The
Twins were Beautiful. Honestly,
their hair looked like it was
whispy strands of gold :-] They
were 8 'months' old, curious, and
made excellent eye-contact,
following me as I shared my
attention between them.

So, since they'd begin walking
in a couple of 'months', and, since
their Mother was comfortable
with my "fawning" over them,
I gently told about the "motor
curiosity; a [T]oddler's inclined
walking" stuff that's discussed
in a footnote of AoK, Ap5 [a
"jump" button in the electronic
version that most folks have].

While discusing how a Toddler's
first encounter with walking
up or down an inclined plane
floods the Toddler's nervous
system with "biological reward",
and how that automates the
Toddler's motor-learning dyn-
amics, what I was actually do-
ing was Teaching the Young
Mother about "learning", in-
general -- in a way that will
transfer to all of her Mothering.

See? I was Teaching her how
to See stuff that 'normally' gets
passed-right-over, but is all
very-important because, when
it's Seen [when it's recognized
for what it is], it assists in =many=
useful ways.

Ideally, this Mother will make
the connection between this
one example of the way bio-
logical reward guides learning
and learning, in-general. And,
if this happens [and it usually
does, at least to a degree, be-
cause part of my Teaching in
such instances includes con-
veying to the Parent that, "The
same stuff happens in =all=
learning -- even within your
nervous system and mine :-]",
whole new vistas open-up in
the Parent[s]' interaction with
their Children. If it "catches-
'fire' within the Parent's learn-
ing, they become newly-, and
positively-, equipped with
understanding that they can
depend-upon while guiding
their Children's learning.

Get it?

That's why, when I'm in my
'familiar' environs, and if the
'day' of the Toddler's first
steps are near, I always tell
the Young Parent where they
can go to observe the under-
pinning nervous system dyn-
amics by telling them where
there's a good set of ramps
in a Mall that I know about.

The dynamics, which are dis-
cussed [worked-through] in
AoK, Ap5, =always= include
the Toddler's turning-around
when they reach level ground
after walking on the incline.

It's a bit "too much" to con-
vey during a typical chance
encounter while I'm out shop-
ping for groceries [I don't
shop for much else], but you
folks who Teach Neuroscience
should extend the discussion
to the topological-mapping
within the neural architecture.

You know -- put the "TD" in-
to the Neuroanatomy.

If you do so, be prepared, you'll
witness a lot of your Student's
really =catching= 'fire. This
happens be-cause the neural
Topology that you're guiding
them to understand is all Beauti-
fully[!] evocative. I mean, once
you enable a Student to see the
automation of knowing happening
within this or that subset of the
neural Topology, the Student
starts =Seeing= the same-stuff
happening =everywhere= within
the neural Topology. And it's
then that their learning Neuro-
science really takes-off.

Be-cause you've given them
the capability to See, See?

So, today, I discussed with
the Young Mother where she
could find the "ramps" [actually,
she told me before I could tell
her. When we met, I was at an
establishment that is across
the street from the Mall where
I originally studied these "motor
curiosity" dynamics, but that
Mall [a perfectly-good Mall, and
the =only= Mall in Chicopee, MA]
got torn-down, and, in conver-
sation with her, I'd given myself
over to "lamenting" the Waste in-
herent, when she selected ramps
at another Mall :-]

I advised her to bring a video
camera, and she said that she
had one.


Then I smiled as I said that she
should send a copy of the tape
she'll make to the Media [and,
maybe, even some labatories :-]

We parted, warmth in my 'heart',
and in hers, too, I expect.

She was an Excellent 'Student'.
Loving Mothers usually are.

Ah! The Joys of my "classroom"! :-]

It's one of the ways that I've "been
very busy". I'm deliberately going-
out to Teach in this way [with myriad
analogous discussions]. I'm sure that
I'm making some future Neuroscientists :-]

You know -- "Living a little, before
I Die".

I encourage folks in Neuroscience
to have a go at Teaching folks
to See, too.

You won't be "sorry".

It's always "electric".

Just know when it's 'time' to "step-
aside". You know -- fan the 'fire',
rather than "stomping-it-out".

It's another thing that good Teachers
do -- their Delight is in their Students'
Doing -- in their Students' Seeing.

k. p. collins

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