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Science and Morality -- on Seeing

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sat Nov 27 09:14:59 EST 2004

APOLOGY below.

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in
news:miupd.975163$Gx4.598525 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]
| I must presume that all who
| 'meet' here in 'b.n' are in on
| the 'mind-sucking'.
| [...]

While I have to allow for that,
and there are ways that I could
get to the bottom of it, doing so
would waste more energy than
finding-out is 'worth'.

It could be that folks're just co-
operating in the great-sucking-

You know -- "We need more
info on this stuff. Post an open-
ended message, and he'll reply.
He always does."

And, in that way, folks doing
a clone-server thing could aug-
ment the great-sucking-out-ness.

It could be the case that I'm
semi-clone-servered -- that the
stuff I post is 'audited' for con-
tent before others are allowed to
read it. What passes the 'auditors'
censorship, folks get to read, and
the rest of what I post is held in-
'secret'. [This sort of thing could
paint 'me' in just about any color,
even using 'my own words'. The
'result' being that folks think they
see everything I post, but don't.

Until I'm allowed to meet with
folks, in-person, because there's
been a lot of other disgusting
stuff that's it's been easy to See
has been going on, I've got to al-
low for such possibilities.

But I APOLOGIZE, to those
who I might have Offended,
and admit that, at this 'time',
I don't Know, one way or the
other. And I don't care enough
to 'investigate'.

It's just that, having worked
and worked [35 'years'], to
communicate the bare-bones-
basics of NDT, I find it Unac-
ceptable that the record of
my 14 'years' online work
[and it really is =work=, be-
sides being the stuff of my
Life] is 'just' 'erased', and
know that there's something
really-Wrong in its being so.

When stuff like this hapens
[and it doesn't only happen
online], I =Feel= the Savagery
that's inherent in-it, "groan",
and then do what needs to be
done to express my "disgust"
to whoever it is that's =doing=
this Offensive stuff.

But my Apology is Sincere.

I was Wrong to overly-general-
ize my Complaining.

Lincoln: ~"I will correct errors,
as soon as they are shown to
be errors."

I try to follow your Lead, Abe.

k. p. collins

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