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On Weltanschauung-'proving'

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Nov 30 07:32:47 EST 2004

"Weltanschauung": "worldview", but

The 'time' has come to discuss one
of the most-'Difficult' things...

Weltanschauung-'proving' occurs as
a 'blindly'-automated 'consequence'
of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
imization -- just like everything else
that arises within nervous system
function, but more-sinisterly.

In Weltanschauung-'proving', a
nervous system 'functions' so as
to calculate [literally; AoK, Ap6]
and manifest behaviors that will
'prove' the Weltanschauung that
has formed within itself.

That is, in Weltanschauung-'proving',
behaviors that will induce others
to behave in ways that 'substan-
tiate' a nervous system's Weltan-
schauung are manifested.

It's pretty-Important to under-
stand the underpinning nervous
system dynamics because stuff
like the Terrorists' attacks are
'just' so much Weltanschauung-

It's a 'Difficult' topic be-cause
Weltanschauung-'proving' is so
thoroughly 'blindly'-automated,
and be-cause it's 'goal' is so pre-
cisely-correlated to the 'goal'
that nervous systems, absent
understanding of how and why
they process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
imization, 'blindly' and automat-
ically 'strive' to achieve -- 
TD E/I-minimization.

The best early-in-comprehen-
sion approach to Weltan-
schauung-'proving' is through

I'll use the Terrorists' attacks
on America in that way.

The "terrorists" are just people
who have experienced in rel-
atively-cloistered environmental

This means that the TD E/I-min-
imization that occurs within their
nervous systems will conform
to the relatively-narrow spectrum
of experience that's constrained
by their experiential environments.

Included in the "terrorist's" exper-
iential environments, is much
False information about America
[and the rest of the West], and,
in order to 'validate' this Weltan-
schauung, the "terrorists" tend to
behave in ways that wil induce
those around them to, in turn, be-
have in ways that will 'validate',
or 'prove', it.

This is, for instance, what is cur-
rently going on in Holland following
the Murder of the film-maker van

Step back, and analyze it.

Moslem Immigrants' prejudice
toward the familiar [PTOFA]
stems from 1. the mutual-TD E/I-
minimization that they experience
when they are "together", and 2.
the consistency of the TD E/I(up)
that they encounter when they
are out, alone, amongst the rest
of Holland's Citizenry.

1. and 2. are actually the Same-
Stuff -- 'just' 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization left uncom-
prehended, but, in that absence-
of-understanding, nervous system
function becomes 'blindly' and
automatically aligned, subjectively,
to divide all that is experienced
into the two main "categories"
that are discussed in AoK, Ap4 -- 
1. stuff that can be "finitized" [TD
E/I-minimized] by 'moving toward',
and 2. stuff that can be "finitized"
by 'moving away from'.

That's all there is. It's an either-or

The 'Hard" part about it is that 1.
always maps-into 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization 'pos-
itively' and 2. always maps-into
it 'negatively', and "affect" is 'blind-
ly'-and-automatically aligned con-
sistently, so that, when one migrates
from a 1.-predominant experiential
environment to a 2.-predominant
experiential environment, absent
understanding of how and why
nervous systems process informa-
tion via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, one always experien-
ces 'being-oppressed'.

This experience of 'being-oppressed',
being subjectively-aligned 'negatively'
is 'blindly'-and-automatically exper-
ienced as 'being bad', even though
all it is is that one has migrated from
a relatively-'familiar' [relatively-TD
E/I-minimizing environment] to a
relatively-'unfamiliar' environment.

'tolerant' environments 'just' do all
of this with equal strength, but in
relatively-'sophistocated' ways. For
instance, folks act 'accepting', while
simultaneously behave in ways that
exclude the relatively-'unfamiliar'
folks from full-participation. For
instance, a 1.-dominant individual
will just 'shrug' when a 2.-dominant
person tries to, say, negotiate a pur-
chase in a broken-misture of lang-

This's 'just' an instance of Weltan-

Get it?

=Of course= a new immigrant won't
be fluid in a native tongue. Of course.
But the native-speaker still 'moves
away from', and such is =never=
"innocent" -- it's always done, more
or less, 'knowingly', most-often, in
a way that communicates, "Hey, if
you want to be here, learn the lang-



It's the "of-course"-ness that dis-
closes Weltanschauung-'proving'.

=Of course= immigrants need to
learn the native languages os the
countries into which they migrate.
"Of course."

But, in the midst of such Necessity,
the 'foreignner' is commonly met
with being 'moved away from', and,
absent understanding of how and
why nervous systems process in-
formation, via 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization, an experience
of being 'moved away from' =always=
maps directly into TD E/I(up), which
the nervous system 'blindly'-and-auto-
matically 'recognizes' as 'being sub-
jectively-bad', aligning "affect" ac-
cordingly. And as this happens
routinely, long-term TD E/I augments,

So, wanting to, nevertheless, achieve
the only stuff  that they 'know', TD
E/I-minimization, absent understand-
ing of how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization, nervous
systems, 'blindly'-and-automatically
drive themselves to manifest behaviors
that are [literally] calculated to induce
others to manifest blatent 'moving
away from' behaviors.

Voi la --- Weltanschauung-'proving',
the "inward spiralling" interactive dy-
namics of AoK, Ap8 are instantiated,
and accelerate toward "flying-off-the-
handle", in ways that actualize physical
attacks upon that which has 'proven'
itself to 'be bad'.

The dynamics are inherently self-ful-

And they include stuff like the Terror-
ists' attacks in America, the suicide-
Murders in the Middle East, the Pro-
vocations from the dominant 'side',
be they the Israelis toward the Pal-
estinians, the Chinese toward the
Taiwanese, the 'u. s.' toward the
North Koreans, Iranians, and Iraqis,
the Arab Mercenaries toward the
Native Sudanese, the Tutsi toward
the Hutu [or the other way around],
and, perhaps most-blatently, the
Protestants toward the Catholics in
Northern Ireland, with their march-
memorating-victory stuff.

Behave in ways that deliberately
impose TD E/I(up) within others'
nervous systems, and "Yes Virginia",
those nervous systems will converge
upon the manifestation of behaviors
that 'prove' the "other" 'is bad'.


So-called "intelligence" agencies do
this sort of thing as a matter-of-course.

"Of course."

But, in all of their efforts, and their
efforts are considerable, they're
Proving only one thing -- their own
actions are motivated by Ignorance.

Not sure?

Weigh the expense of the current
"war on terrorism" against the ex-
pense of just allowing NDT's under-
standing to be generally-communi-


The "war"-side crashes to the floor,
knocking the balance right off the

It's no contest.

Understanding how and why nerv-
ous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization wins, hands-down,
in every instance.

You know?

It's why I Stand-Firm, like I did
the other 'night' when I found that
virtually everything I've ever posted
has been 'erased' from Google's [tm]
archives. Such can only happen via
a deliberate effort -- via a deliberate
imposing of 'moving away from'
upon =everyone=.

Such is offensive in the extreme.

And, then, when I protest [as I can
only do], folks say, "See? He's
[this or that that's untoward]."


Get it?

For the last 30 'years', my 'life' has
been one Huge struggle against
supposed Weltanschauung-'proving'.

'sophistocated' folks are Adept at
it. Especially within the cloisters of
'academia'. But 'journalism' is not
much less-adept than is 'academia',
and the "intelligence' agencies are
flat-out Monsters in-it.

There 'actions' have been a Constant
within my Living.

It's some of why, just as Constantly,
I stand-my-ground, waiting for some-
one to 'just' Do-Science with me, in-
person -- where the "distance" be-
tween us can be bridged, and then
eliminated, through sincere efforts
founded in mutual-understanding.

'Til then, when I see Weltan-
schauung-'proving', I just "mark-it",
as boldly as it deserves to be "marked".

If there was another way, I'd do =that=,
but there isn't.

NDT's understanding eviscerates "the
beast" -- slays it -- eliminates it.

There's no "faking" this elimination.

But there're plenty of 'ways' in which
a stand-against-the-Savagery-that's-
Humanity can be 'painted' so as to
'prove' long-existing PTOFA.

That's the whole Problem :-]

The "status quo" has been mutually-
agreed Deception -- mutually-ag-
reed 'moving away from' Truth.

And folks 'think' they 'prove' any-
thing in perpetuating such?


Anyway, I've finished my reading
of =Stonewall Jackson=, by C. F. R.
Henderson. It's a slow-go book be-
cause it discusses all of Jackson's
marches, maneuvers, and battles in
some detail, and one has to read and
reread to set the picture in one's
mind, but I highly reccomend this

My conclusion is that Jackson was
a Hero of American Unity, different
from, but no less than Abraham

In Jackson, The American Civil War
literally was as a classroom in Unified-

He was revered by the Soldiers of
both the South and the North, and
his Teaching was =Crucial= to the
the more-than-superficial Unity that
was America's after Her Civil War.

This was absolutely-essential be-
cause, prior to The Civil War, so-
called "unity" was, practically, non-
existent within the 'united' States.

While Lincoln stood-Determined,
Jackson, through Media accounts,
Military Reports, the witnesses of
Soldiers on both "sides" of the War,
and through his own example, held
"Classroom" on Duty, Honor and

And the result of the two 'years' of
the Crucible in which Jackson held
America was the strength to become
=Unified= at last.

It's 'funny' how this happened, as the
result of the actions of a Resolute-
Fighter on behalf of Secession.

Stonewall Jackson did more to
Strengthen, Preserve and Unify
America than anyone else, save
Lincoln, and Lincoln was not his

America virtually Imploded-to-
Unity when General Jackson's
Driving-Power, upon its release,
flowed into the 'hearts' of This

I'm not saying it well-enough.

Together with Lincoln, Stonewall
Jackson Secured America for
the Severe-Tests which were on
Her future path.

A study of the dynamics, inherent,
is Electrifying, and I Encourage
folks to See for themselves -- not
in the least be-cause most folks
in 'america' have Forgotten Duty,
Honor and Self-Sacrifice, and to
such a degree that America is
in Danger of not-Sustaining Her-

Anyway, Jackson should be right-
there, in all American's 'hearts',
on the 4th of July.

I See it, plainly.

You will, too, if you look.

Pay attention to the "undercurrents"
of his "Traveling-Classroom" in

Those "undercurrents" sprang-forth
to literally become America.

=That= is Weltanschauung-Proving.

K. P. Collins

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