Antonio Damacio

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Sat Oct 23 01:08:49 EST 2004

"James Landle" <jameslandle at> wrote in message news:86901f7b.0410221351.521e5322 at
> Hi,
> Is Antonio Damacio's theories well accepted in the neuroscience
> community. This is regards to his books "The Feeling of What Happens"
> and "Looking for Spinoza: Joy and Sorrow in the brain". The former
> focuses on how the brain produces consciousness, the latter on how
> feelings arise.

Don't rely on that "community" too much. There are a lot of tunnel-visioned/narrow minded individuals in it.

Damasio is in my (layman's) opinion a very insightful and balanced thinker and writer about the brain (how we are).


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