the liver and the brain

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> >No! Let's not. The subject is the brain, not operant behavior. The
> >subject is motor program generators. The DNA provides the generators;
> >we hear them when the infant babbles.
> >
> This is a fine example of the problem I wrote about in another posting
> on this thread.  I did agree that it is quite likely that there are
> genetically programmed circuits in the human brain that you call
> "motor program generators" and that you claim "DNA provides".  Fine,
> lets not quibble about these details.
> However I also said that "There are enormous technical problems in
> trying to determine to what extent, if any, that any specific
> behavioral act in humans is controlled by or even initially produced
> by the genetically determined systems you describe".  Now you make an
> enormous leap to simply declare that infant babbling is an example of
> just such a thing. You have absolutely no experimental evidence to
> indicate that this is true.

I think might give a clue:

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