First Causes

Lester Zick lesterDELzick at
Wed Sep 8 13:20:09 EST 2004

On Wed, 8 Sep 2004 18:24:17 +0200, usenet01 at (Christian
Wilms) in wrote:

>Lester Zick <lesterDELzick at> wrote:
>> So, as I understand it, ai product rollout isn't scheduled for anytime
>> in the near or distant future and you'd prefer not to understand why.
>Actually, I don't do AI ... I was just stating, that different groups
>exist so that people can choose what discussion topics they want to
>I'm in neurosci and coming from there, I have to say that this
>discussion isn't all to on-topic. 

Not all on topic to what, pray tell, your personal predilections for
behavioral science? 

>Once again: f'up 2 (maybe this time it won't be

Of course it won't.

Regards - Lester

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