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Sun Apr 10 20:48:08 EST 2005

anything more complicated) it is quite tricky to get good single unit
recordings. However, I expect that with a well equiped lab and a bit of 
experience, it could be done fairly routinely.

You didn't say what kind of electrodes you were using... suction, hook, or
some other ? From the description of your preparation, I suspect that your
recordings are very much cleaner than those achieveable with metal 

Just as an aside... if you're studying the clustering of sensory afferents
within the dorsal roots, I would be very interested in any results that you

Hmmm.... I seem to have digressed a little from my original question; about
the problems involved in operating on the dorsal roots to implant electrodes.
Hope the diversion has been interesting, though.


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Danny Banks.				 		 eep1db at ee.surrey.ac.uk
I'm *not* a mad scientist............................I'm an eccentric engineer.

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