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Sun Apr 10 21:05:06 EST 2005

"The segment of the MHC that has genes affecting reproduction also has 
genes associated with different autoimmune diseases, and this 
juxtaposition may explain the association between reproductive defects 
and autoimmune diseases."

Friends in the HS communities and I have discussed the seeming higher rates 
of autoimmune illnesses among fHS and mHS. (here not talking AIDS). 

The authors of the prior quote could have phrased their conclusion: 

"the association between reproductive defects, varieties of sexual 
expression, and autoimmune diseases."

A key word in their quote is "association" -- because among 10,000 fHS 
and mHS, only some would have autoimmune diseases. My long percolating 
hunch is that a subset of these individuals may well have an MHC-based 
variation that manifested as crossed sexual orientation.

I'm convinced that other causes (ie not only MHC "stuff") will be found; and 
"association" does not 
disprove causality in a subset of the autoimmune-HS subset; in seeking 
genetic roots, there may be a number of molecular substrates that as 
identified become realized as displaying "association".

RE: GnRH migration through vomeronasal/olfactory routes toward the 

Do you think about proteoglycans, hyaluronan, hyaluronic acid, arachadonic 
acid, etc? As we follow the trail of the olfactory placode's GnRH 
migration and interactions with surrounding tissues, NCAM and various 
parts of the extracellular matrix seem to be key players. 

Regarding S/O and/or G/O, any of these "players" could become 
dysregulated and modify development (in utero and/or later) of otherwise 
hetero sexuality/genderality.


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