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Sun Apr 10 21:06:40 EST 2005

Here are the problems encountered:  "The precipitation of clinical 
diabetes, poorer diabetic control .. more frequent hypoglycemic 
reactions,. the simulation or aggravation of diabetic complications, 
especially retinopathy, cataracats, neuropathy and gastroparesis, 
aspartame associated convulsions.  (Complications Associated with 
Now people are discussing the change in currency.  Someone simply 
showed me a newspaper article that said the government was changing 
their currency in l996; that there were vision problems believed to be 
caused by diabetes...

People using aspartame constantly complain of vision problems.  

And John I was in emergency medicine - I worked with diabetics also!
When methanol converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid it causes 
metabolic acidosis!  

And John if you want to fight for this poison so much go right on and 
drink it.  I'm only here to warn the ones who want to maintain good 
health without the complication of a chemical poison!     
Betty Martini
Domain:  betty at pd.org
UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty

On 3 Aug 1995, John M. Vogel wrote:

> Betty Martini (betty at noel.pd.org) wrote:
> : Dear CMB:
> : The original story is my post at the beginning of 
> : URGENT;NutraSweet:METHANOL/TRUTH which if not on your screen I will be 
> : happy to forward. I mentioned that menthanol is a narcotic.  John Vogel 
> : made this comment that it wasn't.  I then came back and gave the reference
> : which is:
> : Louis, R.J.  Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials, Eighth 
> : Edition, New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold (1992) pp.2251-2252.
>   You still haven't made any effort to back up your single reference.  As
> I said, narcotic can have different meanings in different disciplines -
> from my dictionary, I said that narcotic can mean anything that produces a
> soothing or numbing effect.  As Isopropyl Alcohol feels cool and soothing
> to the skin, I would imagine that Methyl alcohol would have the same
> effect, although that wouldn't be wise to put into practice. 
>   Also, in another post you mentioned that formic acid was a bad thing - 
> check the ol' dictionary again.  Yes, you are correct, but you forgot to 
> mention that it is also used as a food preservative.
> : This is especially serious in diabetics because sometimes physicians 
> : think its just diabetic retinopathy when their patients are going blind.
> : There are so many diabetics going blind because of aspartame and its just 
> : criminal.  As a man told me just this last Saturday: "My mother was doing 
> : so well as a diabetic.  She had been using saccharin but decided to 
> : switch to NutraSweet.  She went completely blind."  I hear that so much 
> : its like a broken record.  And this is just one of the reasons we are 
> : trying so desperately to get this poison off the market.  
> **Gotcha**, hehe.  Betty, I've been working with diabetics for 5 years. 
> Most of them drink Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi, as it does not screw up their
> blood sugars like regular soda can.  I'd estimate that 90% of them were
> not going blind.  The ones who could not/would not control their *blood
> sugar* were the ones going blind, having kidney problems, etc. 
> John
> jvogel at crl.com

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