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Sun Apr 10 21:06:40 EST 2005

> I have now spoken to Dr. Roberts and he has faxed me an answer to your 
> question about methanol toxicity from aspartame mimicing MS.

> TO:  Thomas P. Bleck, M.D.
> cc:  Andrew K. Groves & Stephen Matheson, and other inquiries

WHAT?????!!!!????  Why am I in this cc list?  I have made no
inquiry to you or to anyone else regarding your irresponsible,
propagandistic crusade.

DON'T YOU DARE send me your overcooked, hyperemotional,
irrational, manipulative rubbish.  And don't EVER include
me in another one of your distributions.  I object strenuously
to the appearance of my name in one of your spamfests.

I responded to a post containing a question about insulin
effects on the brain.  I made no "inquiry" of you or your
coconspirators, and I have no interest whatsoever in being
made repeatedly nauseous by your incredibly irresponsible
ramblings.  I am particularly amused by the significance
you attach to the "fact" that aspartame was once thought
of as a "drug" as though this has some medical or chemical

Again, I must insist that you remove my name from any
list of yours that it is on, and to consider me to be
another scientist who is thoroughly disgusted by your
propaganda and uninterested in unscientific (even anti-
scientific) "discussions" of the type currently polluting
Steve Matheson                      sfm at neurobio.arizona.edu
"...lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel."  --Proverbs

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