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Sun Apr 10 21:14:20 EST 2005

(here in the states we're called physical therapists) it sounded like he
was using a lot of that electrical stimulation equipment which IMHO is
for the most part worthless garbage. He should have tried the techniques
I described above as well as Feldenkrais (alot of physical therapists
are versed in it).

When you mentioned Feldenkrais it sort of sent a chill up my spine
because a former colleague of mine used nothing else except this
technique. Not only did I not see any results but the therapy was not
much different from the techniques I use. Really the way to help a
person such as yourself is through an integrative approach combining all
the techniques so that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

In your case you combined everything and as a result you are more
functional than alot of people who don't have half the problems you
have. Keep on searching, eminent neurologists say that the brain heals
but it takes a long time.

Perhaps someday a drug or a procedure may be developed to slow the
impulses that cause spasticity. As for your spasticity decrease during
anxiety provocations: Perhaps your autonomic nervous system took over
for that brief instant which it is designed to do in people without
spasticiy. I don't think it's a good idea to stimualte this area of the
nervous system too much as it can cause your internal organs to go out
of whack.

Anyway good luck in your quest and I will keep your e-mail address on my
file in the event I hear of any develpments.

Take care

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