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Sun Apr 10 21:17:45 EST 2005

I.When an informational object is metabolically inactive,it does not exist =
for us.
2.When an informational object reaches a critical metabolic intensity then =
it becomes  conscious.
3.When an informational object becomes metabolically very active, to the po=
int of the illusion level,then it starts to RADIATE in many homologous patt=
ern domains(MHVs).
Consciousness becomes,thus,spread all through these MHVs and we are thus co=
nscious of a lot of things simultaneously.
But this gain in consciousness is made at a cost:the cost of time.
In such a state we can be conscious,simultaneously,about a lot of informati=
onal objects but for a very short time.This reminds Heisenberg's dillema!
In our normal waking state of consciousness we can be conscious of a few th=
ings only but for an extended period of time.In a radiating state of consci=
ousness we can be conscious of a lot of things but for a very short time on=
We saw before how we could modulate consciousness radiation through cannabi=
noids and benzodiazepines.
But the fact to be REMEMBERED here is that consciousness is nothing else th=
at a metabolic activation of a memory zone!
Consciousness becomes then easily understandable and is not mysterious anym=
In particular we do not need anymore to introduce crazy mystical ideas or c=
razy ideas arising from quantum mechanics(!)in order to understand what is =
The study of consciousness is a problem of informational neurobiology.
It has nothing to do whatsoever with religion or physics.

Claude Rifat(To be continued)

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