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Sun Apr 10 21:20:03 EST 2005

above mentioned properties(but,curiously,baclofen,which mimics Gamma-OH on many 
points,is NOT a sociabiliser,though it can elevate mood and potently stimulate 
sexuality in man while depressing sexuality in the mouse!
Here are some properties of Gamma-OH:

a.It is a very fast acting anti-depressant and will work in the most severe cases of 
depression where imipraminomimetics will have no action.
Depression disappears to be replaced by an exhilarating feeling of JOY and HAPPINESS 
of being ALIVE,associated with a desire of communication with other human beings.
Suddenly,suicidal ideation seems grotesque and you wonder how come you were suffering 
so much for nothing! Life is seen,again,as BEAUTIFUL and worth living.Foregone hopes 
and dreams come back into your existence making yourself again full of enthousiasm and 
active..Stress is completely suppressed.This is why,for instance,my late 
friend,Dr.Henri Laborit,used to take a Gamma-OH bottle just before making 
He would then radiate to the audience with joy,enthusiasm,and happiness!
Henri Laborit is,maybe,the scientist who understood the best the human psyche 
and,especially,human stereotypes and intra-specific aggressivity.
He worked all his life to combat those stereotypes and aggressive behaviours which 
sterilise the "adult" human mind.
His recent death,this year,is a tragedy for Science.
b.It is a powerful anxiolytic and very useful against panic attacks which are replaced 
by a state of happy and tranquil well-being.
c.It can suppress suicidal ideation within less than an hour.
d.It brings back old repressed memories and induces a very positive state of 
crying.After crying under Gamma-OH you feel relieved.
e.It enhances recall of dreams which are remembered more vividly,with 
f.It acts,a bit,like an electronic "Diode" on consciousness as,under Gamma-OH,we 
are,normally,sensitive only to positive ideas and feelings while psychotoxic ideas or 
emotions are,simply,automatically discarded.
g.It depresses aggression.Suddenly you may wish to communicate with the persons you 
would,normally,consider as enemies...
This is a very important property which should be used in politics,in the same way 
Kava was used,in the Pacific,so as to induce a tranquil state of mind for discussion.
The same holds true for scientists...
h.And,of course,as its name implies,it promotes SOCIAL INTERACTION and the PLEASURE 
associated with social interaction.
i.It enhances love feelings in "lovers",contrary to many imipraminomimetics whick 
block these subjective emotions and,thus,induce an emotional DEFICIT.
A substantial number of the imipraminomimetics are,in fact,thymoanesthesisers and not 
authentic thymoanaleptics:they "suppress" depression by inducing a deficit:blunting of 
affect,that is an anaesthesia of emotions.
So,thymoanesthesisers,cannot be classified as authentic anti-depressants but only as 
Why Gamma-OH is so efficient in depression?
Because depression can be defined as a DEFICIT OF PLEASURE,due to INHIBITION OF SOCIAL 
Some cultures are more depressogenic than others,in this respect.For 
example,protestant cultures generate more psychopathologies than other cultures 
because of the extreme repression of emotions.They are,thus,psychotoxic and 
By stimulating the desire to INTERACT WITH OTHERS,then depression is AUTOMATICALLY 
SWITCHED OFF,under Gamma-OH!
The Psychopharmacology of Gamma-OH is,still,largely unknown but we should focus our 
attention,I think,to the Psychopharmacology of what is called the "MATERNAL INSTINCT" 
in order to unravel the remarkable properties of this old but unknown molecule,as 
The development of Sociabilisers will,in my opinion,lead to a COMPLETE REVOLUTION in 
the therapy of many psychopathologies including human intra-specific 
But why did we wait until now to discover the remarkable properties of a molecule 
invented 33 years ago?
One reason is because Gamma-OH is a short acting medicine:its effects subside within 1 
hour and a half to 2 hours and repeated doses during the day should be used in order 
to obtain an anti-depressant response.
Another reason is that the imipramnomimetic dogma sterilised research and,as all 
dogma,completely blocked the research of authentic thymoanaleptics.
Moreover and worse:due to the chronic lack of enthusiasm of most scientists in the 
fields of psychiatry and psychopharmacology and also due to the absence of serious 
research on human beings(isolated people,like Shulgin,still do introspective 
research),it took a great deal of time for this researcher to discover,at last,the 
concept of thymoanesthesy(thymoanesthesia)and to understand that research in 
depression,for instance,was going nowhere because of a constant confusion concerning 
the logical nature of
 what authentic anti-depressants should be like.

Claude  (Bângkoc and Tôkiô).

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