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Sun Apr 10 21:26:34 EST 2005

activity of Tyrosine Hydroxylase in the brain I postulated that a dose
of about IOOmgr of baclofene might mimic the psychotropic effects of a
dose of 2,5gr of Gamma-OH.
We conducted then a set of experiments with baclofene(50 to 80 mgr per
os) and,to our surprise,we did not find what we expected!
In particular,Gamma-OH is the first representative of a novel class of
molecules,the SOCIABILISERS,which,as their name indicate,enhance
natural sociability in the human species.MDMA is another sociabiliser.
It has been found that enhancing sociability gives rise to remarkable
therapeuthic properties such as AUTHENTIC and very fast acting
anti-depressant action, in association with anxiolysis.
Gamma-OH seems,for instance,to very specifically suppress this feeling
of despair found in depressed patients.
Despair melts away "into thin-air" as would say someone and it is
replaced by a strong feeling of happiness to be alive and enjoying
Baclofene IS NOT a Sociabiliser though it can stimulate mood.It was
even used by one person as an anti-depressant,during 4 months,at a
dosage of IOOmgr a day despite the fact that the litterature says that
baclofene can induce depressive episodes.
In fact it seems it may have both effects,depending on
individuals,which is something to be studied more in depth.
The first thing that experimenters found with baclofene was this mood
stimulating effect.
The second thing that they found was a sex stimulating effect which
was not at all predicted!
Baclofene stimulated sexual desire and the abilities to achieve
It also induced a sense of confidence which helped the individual to
achieve copulation.
Self-confidence is a dopaminergic effect which can also be
demonstrated with a dopaminergic re-uptake blocker such as
But,contrary to baclofene,amineptine does not stimulate sex oriented
Contrary also to Gamma-OH(which is always a strong anxiolytic if taken
against panic attacks)baclofene was found to be a potential anxiogenic
With 50 to 80mgr of baclofene there is a general mood enhancement
together with an enhancement of sexual desire and abilities.
A woman suddenly appears more like only a female to be used for sex!
The emotional factor called "love" and which is so prominent under
Gamma-OH does not appear with baclofene in this dose range.So there
are some fundamental differences between Gamma-OH and baclofene.
Making love under baclofene is a very sensual,rather animalistic
A woman is just sensed as a female only and you sense
yourself,equally,as a male only,not a lover.
Making love with your girlfriend or wife,suddenly,,just appears like
enjoying eating a good cake!
Baclofene does not seem to induce sexual effects in women.But this
remains to be determined more adequately.
Baclofene can make you obsessional about sex and you may exhaust
yourself with sensuality up to the point of being fed up of exhaustion
or migraine.It is a bit like if you felt always hungry for sex even
after copulation.

I would like to urge other researchers to study the sexual enhancing
properties of baclofene as this could lead to novel therapeuthics and
knowledge concerning sexual dysfunctions.
The ambivalent depressogenic or anti-depressant effects of baclofene
should,equally,be studied in order to understand why Gamma-OH is only
an anti-depressant and anxiolytic while baclofene can be depressogenic
and strongly anxiogenic.

Side-effects of baclofene
These can be found in the litterature but one side-effect which is NOT
mentionned is interaction with alcool.This interaction is disastrous.
Alcool should be completely avoided otherwise the combination gives
rise to an anti-abuse effect with vomitting and other very unpleasant
One side-effect of baclofene taken continuously for weeks or months is
slight paranoia or enhancement of self-confidence.
Baclofene can be a nasty molecule in people with neurological or
psychotic problems and,also,in aged people.
So these people should completely avoid baclofene unless under medical
supervision and at very low doses.
Baclofene is totally contra-indicated if there is any concomittant
treatment with opiates as it can increase respiratory depression and
lead to accidental death.
Doses larger than 50 to 60 mgr per day should be totally avoided
unless an appropriate therapeuthic environment(such as
hospitals,research centres)is provided.

This information is given for scientific research purposes only.

The author does NOT encourage at all non-scientists to use baclofene
for non-scientific purposes and is not responsible for any misguided
use of this substance.

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