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can be held responsible for any flaws it may have."

To quote Dr Richard  Restak, neurologist, from the book.
 We ignore brain sex differences at the risk of confusing biology with
sociology, and wishful thinking with scientific facts. The question is not
'are there brain differences?' but rather 'what is going to be our response
to those differences?'

p.46  'Sandra Witelson...' Witleson, S. (1978)
p.47  'In women the corpus...' De Lacoste-Utamising, C., et al. articles;
in conversation with Kimura, K. and Hines, M.
'And the latest research...' in conversation with Hines, M.
p.48  'Some scientist suggest...' Butler, S.; McGuinness, D., 45-46;
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'Sadra Witleson call...' Witleson, S. (1978).

To Chaper Three
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That's just the 1 1/4 pages of references that peratin to Chapter 3.
There's another 17 pages of references pertaining to the rest of this book.

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