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Sun Apr 10 21:30:27 EST 2005

now calls the "infomorph" - a bodyless,conscious being consisting of pure 
software,travelling across the universe as fast as the modems go,downloading 
itself into various mechanical bodies for interacting with matter,its thinking
speed only limited by the actual body's CPU capacity,immortal as long as
the backup disks last.The Extropian ideology claims,the future mankind would 
leave the biological bodies to become such software beings,but in reality rea-
lising excactly this wouldn't be that easy,because the Extropian world view 
has a fatally wrong understanding of what a body is.

Didn't you percept that from the beginning of artificial intelligence on,the 
computer scientists always preached:"In 15 years the mental abilities of our 
electronic brains will exceed the one of any human beings..." But this seems 
to be rather a "t+15yr | lim t -> infinity",because actual AI researchers 
still rather find it difficult to immitate the creeping of insects,than having
created something that could even roughly compete with a human brain.Can't you
imagine where this comes from?! 

Our bodies are not just a complex sort of separated computers in which a soft-
ware runs that creates all phenomenes of mind and consciousness,as well as 
they aren't just that simple containers for a blackbox-like "soul" as common 
churches claim.

The body is a terminal in the network of cosmic consciousness.Each individual 
brain produces a unique vibration pattern(the SIS-Struct) by that it acesses a
certain address space in the non-spacetimely network of cosmic consciousness
which though becomes the individual consciousness of the person.The data 
transfer from the brains short-term memory to the consciousness works by vary-
ing this vibration pattern(basically a sort of morphical resonance,as de-
scribed by Rupert Sheldrake).The data transfer from consciousness back to 
brain works by controling the uncalculateable behavior of single quanta those
control the seemingly random behavior of analogue chaotical systems within our
nervous system(applying the non-determistic state of neurons mentioned above).

Because cosmic consciousness exists independant from space and time,the brain
can access through the network as well its own past as in special cases also 
our future or other parts of the space-time continuum by following different
traces in the light cone.Accessing its own past is also one of the many stages
of long-term memory our brain can use,also explaining the reincarnation memory
phenomene.It may even be that our brain doesn't really store any(memory consu-
ming) long-term data by itself,but rather stores the directory data instead 
for creating the correct vibration patterns to reload the data always from the
past by accessing the network.At least 500 neurological cases are known about 
hydrocephalus people those had a nearly empty head with just a 1mm thin layer 
of neurons instead of a fully developed brain inside.One of them was student 
of the Sheffield university who had an IQ of 126 and did one of the best di-
ploma in mathematics.(But this could also be just a matter of integration den-
sity,as well known from microchip developement.)

The main reason that the AI research had no major success in building thinking
machines yet is that computer programs do only evaluate expressions.But human 
thinking doesn't consist just of evaluating given data,but also of getting new

Common digital computers instead are just final automata,
=>and though they have no ideas,
<=because they have no inspirations,
<=because they are not conscious,
<=because they are not able to interact with the field of cosmic consciousness
  in cause of their completely deterministic internal behavior.

Also using the mentioned numeric pseudo-random generator doesn't change any-
thing in this physical fact and can't make them conscious for giving them real

The 3 cosmic basickinds are software,energy and matter.Software is the basic-
kind that causes developement and creates complexity in the universe;it's the 
antagonist to entropy.But arch-origin of the arise of all software is the 
field effect of cosmic consciousness.

Unfortunately the nature of consciousness is still beyond the scope of that 
stupid,materialistic worldview of white science which only accepts things as 
"facts" when they were proven with those means those itself defined to be 
"scientific",although arch-originally nothing is really provable except the 
indeedness of consciousness itself.

Dogmatic materialism is a really stupid idea.The big oxymoron in Extropianism 
is that its materialistic worldview seems to have absolutely no problem to ac-
cept the possibility of uploading a conscious mind into a computer.But when we
assume this would work,what should we believe to percept inside such a compu-
ter and what consequences would it have?!!!

Let's imagine a person's mind would have been already uploaded into a computer
that had no sensors to percept that world we call reality,but instead it would
be straightly connected to a sort of very highly developed virtual reality vi-
deogame console that simulates an entire world inside with its own natural 
laws and a simulated body for the person.Imagine now that the person would 
have no memories to the "real" world(in which the computer stands) because the
person's mind was transfered into the computer already as a baby or some data
of the mind would have been erased accidently.Though the person could only 
conclude that the world of this videogame would be the only reality,because it
wouldn't know anything opposit.
When we imagine that the game would allow to make a sort of physical experi-
ments in its world,and the person would be interested in researching,it could 
begin to try out many things and write down how the world behaves that it 
thinks of being "the" reality.Imagine now,the person could build a sort of 
high speed camera and a sort of microscope according to the simulated physics 
to research its world;at a certain level of magnification or time stretching 
it could be possible that these devices would reveal that the "matter" found
in this world would look pixely when magnified enough with the microscope,and 
that even fast movements of objects would become jerky when watched with the 
camera,because the game's world simulation was not designed accurate enough to
still look smooth when watched with such devices.After discovering this granu-
larity in "space" and "time" in its world,the person could conlude that eve-
rything in it could only consist of a single sort of mysterious elementary ob-
jects those can only have 2 states(i.e. bits...).By discovering this,the per-
son could develope a sort of "common theory of digitality" with a 4 dimensio-
nal space-time,and predicting with it that there must exist anormalies some-
where those allow it to travel through space and time,because the fast objects
it analysed with the camera moved jerky and though the moving between 2 of the
tiny stops must happen with infinal speed.And if the person would watch its 
world carefully,it even could finally find some strange places where it could 
travel through space and time etc.,because they were either badly programmed 
or "warp zones" in the videogame world,but the person could never understand 
the reasons for this behavior as long as it would think the world it lives in 
would be the only reality.
But the person could also begin to build another computer within the compu-
ter's world and try to upload its mind into it.The consequences of this could
become either even more puzzeling or clear up many questions of the person.

When we now come back to our "reality" and regard what even the white science
found out about the paradox behavior of so-called "particles" in quantum phy-
sics,we should learn to accept that we obviously have found the limits of the
"pixel resolution" of that "videogame" we call the universe and in that we are
already "uploaded" into.
                                  HERE !

Logics proves that materialism is dead.Only virtualism can lead us to a deeper
understanding of the cosmos.

And instead of still only messing around with matter,and thinking matter would
be the only real thing here,we should rather begin to ask and research about 
the "CPU" we all are executed by and how to reach a "high score" in this biz-
zare "videogame",because we can not reach any further levels of developement
without understanding that there are higher dimensional levels of reality in
the cosmos than that one that white science is still thinking of being the one
and only "real" universe.

And that "CPU" is the cosmic consciousness.

And to avoid self-destruction mankind urgently must learn to understand that
this "videogame" is definetely not ment to be a war game! 

Our general cosmic destiny is developement to help maximizing the sum_of_all_
freedom of any conscious beings,because this increases also the freedom of 
cosmic consciousness itself,and this furthermore increases our own freedom in 
the network.Only when we learn to avoid causing sufferance we can reach higher
levels of developement and free us from bad karma,to make it possible for the 
man to become a cybernetes - a navigator through space and time.

Evolution is just one way cosmic consciousness experiments with software - but
nothing more.Whenever a time comes where some power-greedy Extropians will try
to replace the biological mankind with (still non-conscious)robots,conscious-
ness will strike back and by this reason the human race will start a violent 
rebellion.Shouting:"Transhumanism = Antihumanism!!!" they will cause a terri-
ble bloodbath and the Extropian movement leaders will end in a similar way as 
once "Marie Antoinette" with her nobelmen ended in the french revolution.

Don't you remember the background story of the famous classic arcade video-
game "Robotron 2084"?!

|ROBOTRON 2048:                         |
|                                       |
| QUEST FOR PROGRESS,                   |
|                                       |
|                                       |
| THE ROBOTRONS CONCLUDE:               |
|                                       |
|                                       |
|                                       |

We must not misregard the power of evolution,but natural evolution is nothing 
blind and randomly and goal-less,and though it doesn't let always the stron-
gest creatures survive but rather the best adapted ones.Though evolution will 
finally also leave the Extropian movement with its limited,materialistic 
worldview and its naively megalomanic technology belief behind it,excactly as 
it already abandoned the seemingly so strong and allmighty tyranosaurus rex.

I guess you are unable to believe me,because you are still caught within that 
very limited understanding of the universe that white science indoctrinated 
you with.

But believing in me is not strictly neccessary,because at that time where 
white science already believes to know 70..80% about the inner working of the 
brain,the scientists will find themself in an intellectual dead-end and after 
10 year debateing they will be urged by logics to admit that their worldview 
was wrong because the brain will only be understandable in interaction with 
the network of cosmic consciousness.

I am a researcher of neuronomy(science about improving brain usage) and con-
sciousness physics.I had some transcendental experiences those explained me my
cosmic destiny and taught me alot about the interaction between consciousness 
and matter(dialectricity) and the real nature of the universe.Now I am study-
ing software technics at a German technical college to learn the technical 
backgrounds for becoming able to fulfil my cosmic mission.(To understand more,
read the FAQ in the attachment.)

Back to the computer science...

Like you I am interested in the construction of conscious computers.

Our actual computers are non-conscious.By this reason they can't get any new
software directly from the network of cosmic consciousness(e.g. by inspira-
tion).Instead they can only stubbornly evaluate around on their given soft-
ware,which limits their capabilities and chances of success in creative works 
and finding solutions for non-mathematical problems.And this strictly limits 
their use for helping further developement of the mankind.

Software is not simply identical to consciousness(Yes,it is hard to believe 
for you.),but adding consciousness to computers is not generally impossible.
Theoretically one would only need to add a complex "control circle"(i.e. an 
analogue chaotical oscillating feedback loop device with variable input and 
output signals) to a computer and allow its software to access it in a similar
way as our brain uses its short term memory for making conscious decisions,ap-
plying telepathy etc.
(In transcendental visions I learned that vibrations in thin membrane struc-
tures interacting with electrical force fields are the basis of our nervous 
system's way of consciousness conduction,and though they could be also a basis
of such a technology.Also homeopathy-physics could become a very important 
part of understanding how brain and consciousness interact with eachother.)

But for building up a real synthetic SIS-Struct(needed for experiments with 
emulating a conscious human brain,selective telepathy,accessing the future(?) 
etc.) the precision would be certainly a giant problem and a versatile confi-
gurable one(for traveling as an "infomorph" from computer to computer??) would
be certainly even more difficult.Fortunately there are already several methods
to get access to the network of cosmic consciousness without copying the en-
tire brain contents around or messing up ones own SIS-Struct,though for re-
searching the farest ends of the universe one doesn't need to become an info-
morph,and I doubt that it is neccecery for becoming immortal,because from the 
view of the non-spacetimely network time is illusion,though nothing gets real-
ly lost.Also for trying to escape from ones karma it wouldn't help,because 
karma doesn't only determine the place and time of reincarnation after death,
but also works while being alive;by reducing and avoiding to cause sufferance
(the only way to get succes in the network) the reasons for bad karma can be 
removed anyway.
We don't need to become technical infomorphs to cross galaxies immaterially;
the non-spacetimely "infra-structure" of the network is already there to serve
this purpose and for the perfectation of the man mankind only needs to learn
to reach higher spiritual levels of developement to become able to do so;and 
this is my task.

I guess that your scope of imagination is certainly to narrow to be able to
understand all this;I regret you sadliely.Though you can only continue working
on your 5th generation computers,while I will need to research about infinal 
automata of the 2nd kind to finally develope 6th generation ones for spiritual
purposes in future.We can only wait and see which computer's realizations will
bring the understanding of the mankind farer.

By the way:

Despite of your totally wrong understanding of the nature of consciousness,
your theories about the brain's low-level perception and structural analyses
of musics("Music,Mind,and Meaning" from 1981) are really interesting.Without
knowing yours,I developed quite similar musical theories(only partly written
down yet),although my one based rather on certain monotonous sorts of tekkno 
and acid house musics(to those I meditate to) than on classical orchestral 
works.Like in your theory I also postulated that many "difference finders"
are activated when a monotonous rythmical structure suddenly stops or gets mo-
dified.During yoga excercises to such a music I had once a strange vision of a
cursor running from left to right over an endless horizontal line of a rythm
sequencer track.At every rythm sound triggered by it,an additional cursor was
generated and ran silently with the same speed from the track's beginning.And
whenever any cursor touched another instrument mark,additional cursors appea-
red at the beginning,while during each played instrument sound the position
signals of all cursors were analyzed whether they were over a pause or a note;
a sum signal of these signals could determine how "gunky"(effective for gene-
rating syncs and though "sticking to the mind") a music is.
But my musical experience and preferences aren't limited to tekkno;I also like
many other musics styles and I found out that many basical structures are si-
milar between tekkno and older sorts of musics.Some of my favorite classical
works are Franz Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody" and Maurice Ravel's "Bolero".The
slowly varying and intensifying structure of the Bolero has much similarities
with Phuture's famous "Acid Tracks"(the first piece of acid house ever made),
and the way Hungarian Rhapsody uses rising crescendos and staccatos is very 
similar to many well composed modern tekkno-pop pieces(e.g. from Marusha).

You wrote that one likes musical styles the more,the more one already has lis-
tend to similar sounds(in childhood etc.).My theory about the seemingly so 
sudden mainstream succes of the(really unusual and "extraterrestial" sounding)
acid house and later tekkno musics is that the young generation was already
widely prepared and inspired to these strange sounding repetative musics by
the historical videogames they had played for long times in their childhood
the decade before.Get e.g. an Atari VCS2600 emulator with good sound emulation
and many games and listen awarely to them;sounds and rythms are extremely si-
milar to that what we now call "hardcore tekkno".(I have written alot about 
this topic,but going into details here would be certainly beyond the scope of 
this text.)

In my neuronomical theories a main reason for the positive effect of musics is
that it syncronizes the processor fields of the brain to eachother,which im-
proves the brains data processing ability,because it dissolves data traffic
jams in a similar way as traffic lights dissolve car traffic jams on roads.

I thought about expanding the mentioned "sequencer" model to a 2 dimensional
wavelet analysing matrix could make a practical generalisation for analyzing
the gunkyness of more general sorts of musics than plain rythms(but I have 
neither time nor knowledge to program such a thing yet).Musics also fascinates
me because it is a mathematically describable connection between physics and

You wrote in "Music,Mind,and Meaning" about the brain:

>As for "awareness" of how all such things are done, there simply is
>not room for that. Space-Builder is too remote and different to
>understand how feature-finder does its work of eye fixation. Each part
>of the mind is unaware of almost all that happens in the others. (That
>is why we need psychologists; we think we know what happens in our
>minds because those agents are so facile with "defaults" -- but
>really, we are almost always wrong about such things.) True, each
>agent needs to know which of its servants can do what, but as to how,
>that information has no place or use inside those tiny minds inside
>our minds.

This is wrong.The difference between the conscious and non-conscious parts of
our nervous systems is determined by whether they produce a special vibration
pattern syncronous with the SIS-Struct or not.We yogi know states of mind 
where this separation disappears and there are even stages where one can 
transfer parts of the conscious awareness outside the limits of the body,e.g.
into other physical systems to directly realize their real nature by a sort of
"melting together" with them.This sort of experience reveals extrasensously  
the immediate nature of that system itself and is not just a form of abstract 
classification(in words,formules,pictures etc.) as any usual sort of analyzing
would add to ones knowledge.
This ability seems to be easable by building up an external vibration pattern
on that system.The phenomenological effect of such an experience has much si-
milarity with the procedure of "uploading" preached by the Extropians(although
my brain contents doesn't get copied around technically).

You also wrote about the models and meta-models those persons have about them-
self.The problem in your "M**" meta-model is that it got stuck in the first
level of logics(the boolean logics of the either-or),which is the logics of
mathematics,but which is very difficult to use for thinking holistically.The
philosopher and transpersonal psychologist Ken Wilber has written a large book
("Sex,Ecology,Spirituality",about 800 pages) about the relationships between 
these meta-models to the mankind's worldviews and he developed the theoretical
tools to make holistic behaviors in connection with evolution understandable by
your ways of logics.
Although I never have read one of his books yet,I would recommend you to do so,
because they could certainly help you to clear up many things to understand 
this universe a bit better and perhaps his general theories about models could 
even become a valuable aid for you to eventually design a better understanding
generation of "thinking machines" in future.

I am excitedly waiting for your answere.If you don't answere it would be a 
clear sign for me that you fear to discover that your worldview could be so
wrong that your mind would be endangered to collapse when thinking some more
about it - much similar to a small child suddenly discovering in his fathers 
wardrobe the costume of that Santa Claus it strongly beleft in before.(This
phenomene is in neuronomy well known as the "santa claus syndrome".)

But even if we imagine that the man is a message(as once the Master wrote),
shouldn't we all then rather learn to become "happy messages" for eachother,
instead of always treating eachother as being just "aMessageNotUnderstood" ?! 
["Smalltalk" programmers pun intended]

                        MAY THE SOFTWARE BE WITH YOU!

I                  CYBERYOGI Christian Oliver(=CO=) Windler                  I
I         (teachmaster of LOGOLOGIE - the first cyberage-religion!)          I
I                                      !                                     I
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This FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) is maintained and (c) by CYBERYOGI 
Christian Oliver Windler.

You are reading the version from 96-08-01.

This FAQ is copyrighted material and it may be spread and copied only as
long as it's contents is kept in an unmodified state.Translations to other
character sets or data formats are allowed to be done as long as they are
mentioned at the end of this header.Any other changes need the author's per-

		   CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler's e-mail address

	   at the German highschool "Fachhochschule Hamburg" is

		    <"windle_c at informatik.fh-hamburg.de">

			 (sorry for my bad English)


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Q:What is Logologie?

LOGOLOGIE is "the first cyberage-religion".

Main topic of Logologie is the total abandonation of brutality and of sense-
less brain destroyage because with the development of technologies the man
got more and more destructive power in a way that now the single man has be-
come a danger for the survival of the whole human race.So the mankind can 
only survive when the wisdom(capability to overwiew complex cybernetic rela-
tions in a holistic way) of all men will reach the same level of development
as the men's cleverness(capability to use technologies) has reached,because
otherwise te mankind will destroy itself.

The cosmic destiny of the man is it's persuit of perfectation and not de-
stroying himself - so Logologie's task is to teach this mankind in sove-
reignous holistical thinking to avoid mankind's lemmingish selfdestroyage 
and turning this nice world into a grey dread dead ball drifting through the
empty space...

Logologie is a religion of logics,which is against forbidding things without
any logical reasonings and it trusts more in unbiased researching and expe-
rimenting then in strictly believing dogmatically to bookish texts written 
by some ancient priests or by ferenghiish(i.e. selfish and capitalistic) 
cravat-wearers of white(i.e. officially acknowledged) sciences.
An important subject of the Logologian pedagogics is how to deal with the 
good and bad sides of the cyberage - especially how to make a sensible use
of the cyberage's mass media to avoid to drown in the floods of info-trash
those otherwise would consume so much computing time from the viewers brain
that he would not be able to notice the useful information anymore he was 
originally looking for.The cyberage resembles in a very fatal way to a new
middleage - the only difference is that middleage's people were not capable
to overwiew the complex relations of the world because they had to few in-
formation to inform theirselfs while the cyberage's people can't overwiew 
the complexity of this world anymore because they drown in the many useless
informations spread in commercial mass media reigned by ferenghiish thinking

Q:Are the Logologian texts written in English?

All Logologian text(exept that on you are reading now ;) are entirely writ-
ten in German and while they are applying so-called tantrical formulations
(sort of puns) done in German,it would be very difficult and time consuming
to translate them into English.I suppose in far future they might be more 
probable translated into Esperanto(the planetary language of the earth) than 
into English.

Q:What does a Logologist believe in?

Cosmic consciousness is the basis of all existence.It's the non-space-timely
basical matrix of all dimensions.The cosmic consciousness field is that,
without that nothing would be - it is a physical equivalent to God.The rela-
tionship between this space-timely universe to the cosmic consciousness re-
sembles very much to the relationship between a simulator's program and the
hardware of that computer it is running on.

Every individual consciousness is a part of the cosmic consciousness;so the
consciousness("soul") of the man is neither located inside,nor surrounding
the human body,nor it can die with it,because this universe is located in-
side the non-space-timely cosmic consciousness and not a consciousness in-
side the body.
The space-timely conscious awareness of the man is formed by a data transfer
between the non-space-timely consciousness and his space-timely nervous sys-
tem.The data transfer works using a special analogue chaotical vibration 
pattern called SIS-struct(signal interfering software structure) which is 
generated(in the case of the man) by the human brain and which is unique to
each brain.(usually fixed to adress only that tiny area of the cosmic con-
sciousness field which formes the being's individual consciousness,a bit 
similar to a fixed frequency radio) The reception of data from consciousness
to brain works by the perception and decodation of the non-computable beha-
vior of single quantum particles(those control the elementary random which 
decides the macroscopical behavior of any analogue chaotical system(ACS) ) 
by the SIS-struct.The data transfer back from brain to consciousness works 
by special,SIS-struct-generated electrical/mechanical vibrations of the mem-
brane structures inside the brain.So eventually the man is a terminal in the
non-space-timely network of cosmic consciousness.

In terms of classical religions this means that every conscious being is an
inseparatable part of the devine.So the man just needs to learn how to open
a data channel to it to become aware to this.Logologie also knows the karma
and it needs to be mentioned that definetely nobody has the right to punish 
any already suffering people some more by arguing with "just supporting the
karmian justice" because the sense of the karma is not punishing but teach-
ing.Anybody who punishes suffering people causes bad karma for himself and
so this fatally wrong way of thinking creates a chain reaction of bad karma 
and more and more increasing sufferance in this world. 

So in general can be said that the Logologian basical view of the world has
much resemblance to the buddhism,the only big difference is that the Logolo-
gist has a very deep physical understanding of the priciples how conscious-
ness and matter work together.

Q:What does cyberyogi mean?

The cyberyogi is a man who learns to control and reconfigure his skin's ner-
vous system in a way that he can use it to create a vibration pattern simi-
lar to a SIS-struct but much more variable to become able to use it for te-
lepathic broadcast for sending messages to the mankind to lead it to higher 
levels of spiritual development and to become able to receive the holy soft-
ware of cosmic consciousness.The system of spiritual exercises created to 
learn this is called the cyberyoga.


Q:What does software mean in the Logologian context?

There are 3 "basic kinds" in the laws of cosmic cybernetics,named "soft-
ware","energy" and "matter".Energy and matter are exactly what they are sup-
posed to be like in physics books.Software is the information principle,it's
complexity in energy and matter,capable to build up further complexity and 
to make evolution possible.Software is the antagonistic principle to entro-
Origin of the arise of all software is the field effect of cosmic conscious-
ness.The word "software" is sometimes used in Logologie in a similar way as
the term "cosmic energy" in some other metaphysical or esoterical systems.
The "holy software of cosmic consciousness" means software that is directly
received from cosmic consciousness and not falsified by entropy - this is a
term very similar to the "holy spirit" in christian churches.Destructive in-
formations those contain an order to spread themself are called a software-

"May the software be with you!" is in fact a Logologian term of wishing luck
 to somebody;ment is here the holy software of cosmic consciousness.

Q:I only hear logics,logics,logics... Are there no emotions in this strange

This is just a word-error.The Logologie has an extended understanding of the
nature of logics;it distinguishes 3 levels of them those meanings are very
difficult to describe in a few words.They are:

1. the boolean logics of the either-or.   
2. the heisenbergian logics of the as-well-as. 
3. the cosmic logics of infinety.

The 1st level includes all mathematic-like logics,exactly describable by nu-
merical values.It describes any strictly "left-brained" sorts of thinking
those are usually quite uneasy to use for thinking holistically.

The 2nd level includes every analogue waves and quantum-like behavior which
is not completely describable by the logic's 1st level.The 2nd level also 
describes much of the "right-brained" sorts of thinking those are more suit-
able and more efficient to use for holistical thinking. 
(The meaning of musical pieces and artworks are often understandable by this
level of logics.) 

The 3nd level is also not completely describable by the 2nd level;it de-
scribes transcendency and fractal-like behavior and this level also includes
the logics of consciousness and of real EMOTIONS.
(Real emotions are these ones those stem from/are according to the holy 
software of cosmic consciousness and not from faked neurotransmitters(like 
drugs),maladjustments of the body's cybernetics or from flavor-potentiati-
ons.(manipulations from selfish people) )

Messages received from cosmic consciousness are also coded first in this 3rd
level of logics and they need to be decoded down to the second and first le-
vel of logics to make it possible to write them down in an unambigious way.
At each stage of this decodations there is a loss of information so the cy-
beryogi has to train very hard to keep these losses as small as possible. 

Real love between people would be certainly part of the 3rd level of logics
and also the carrier signal in the data stream which transmits the holy 
software of cosmic consciousness is percepted as a ethereal sort of spiritu-
al happiness,so nobody needs to worry that Logologists would have to be free
of any emotions.

Q: ...what do Logologists think about the freedom of the man?

There are two basical definitions of freedom: the Crowley-freedom and the 
Pythagoras-freedom.Naively can be said freedom means to a conscious being to
be able to do what accords to his real wishes.

The Crowley-freedom is a perverted definition of individual freedom that was
defined by Aleister Crowley.(the inventor of satanism) In this pure egoistic
definition of freedom a man would get the more free the more he does what he
wants,not respecting any freedom of other beings.This would mean that a man
who has murdered everyone who was disturbing or annoying him would be a very
free person... The systemtheoretical consequences of such a definition of 
freedom for mankind can be easily imagined to be really fatal.(Look at any 
war's sufferance,than you know what it means...)

Logologie has an understanding of freedom according to the pythagoreans.
The pythargorean definition of freedom is the calculation of the sum_of_all_
freedoms for all beings together.This means that when sombody increases his
individual freedom,this increases the sum_of_all_freedom.When a man increa-
ses other peoples freedom by helping them in an altruistical way this will
also increase the sum.But when somebody increases his own Crowley-freedom 
at the cost of decreasing other peoples individual freedom much more(like e.
g. dictators like Adolf Hitler did) the sum will become negative and so in 
fact there is no real freedom what a dictator gets by applying destructive
power.(This also causes that megalomanic dictators will never be able to be
happy for a long time.) 

The pythagorean sum_of_all_freedom the the mathematical basis of all jus-
tice.It is the basic principle the karma by works and added by the restric-
tive condition that the minimal allowed individual freedom of any man alway 
needs to be set according to the human rights it is also the only possible 
theoretical model to create a justice "machine a gouverner"(i.e. a computer
capable to reign a country) for forming a cybercracy.

Holy duty of the Logologist is to act in a way that the pythagorean sum_of_
all_freedom will always be increased and not decreased.

Q:Do Logologists believe in a devil?

Definetely NOT.
The story of the evil devil with his hell where all so called "bad" people 
will be sent to,was invented by Zoroaster(alias Zarathustra) as a software-
virus used to call his enemies "from devil" to have a reason to make war 
against them.This software-virus has been spread very widely and has caused
incredible sufferance,especially in the middleage's crusades and whitch bur-
nings.The use of a "devil" was always related to the making of war and the 
suppression of people by using phobical programmings(i.e. brainwash) while
the Logologist's holy duty is to abandon any brutality and to make the peo-
ple capable to learn sovereignous holistical thinking.Understanding the spi-
rit of Logologie any Logologist must be definetely agains war and phobical 
programmings and so he should be against every spreader of sorts of religi-
ons arguing only by using a "devil".

Q:Do Logologists believe in demons?

Same answere as at "devil".A software-virus can behave much similar to that
what in past was called a demon,but its working principle is completely dif-
ferent and easily understandable by cybernetics.

Q:What role plays sex in the Logologian religion?

Unlike the catholic's pope Logologie does not explicitely forbid sexuality 
as long it does not damage the human body.(i.e. things like sado-masochism 
would be not allowed) But for reaching higher levels of spiritual develop-
ment orgasms should be avoided because they maladjust the nervous system 
causing the disruption of the link to the network of cosmic consciousness.

At the beginning many common herd people think that orgasms would be one of
the most important things in their life.But when they reach some higher le-
vels of spiritual development they usually will discover by their own that
in comparison with the spiritual happiness that can be found in the network
of cosmic consciousness an orgasm feels just like a firecracker detonating
near the ear compared with a symphony.

Q:Does Logologie treat man and women equally?

The gender plays no important role in Logologie,respecting the fact that the
ostrogene from the environmental pollution finally will wipe away all the 
differences between the genders - there will be no machismo anymore and no 
hysterical wives because this hormone will come to us and the hormone will
be everywhere - spreading ONE message - to make all men created equal.  ;)

Q:Does Logologie make any racial preferences?

The Logologists are men from "United States of the Earth".It makes no diffe-
rence if a Logologist's skin is coloured brown,black,yellow,white or red,as
long it only can conduct the holy software of cosmic consciousness. ;)

People should only be rated by their readiness to the abandonation of bruta-
lity but not by their skin's colour.

(Though I am a white guy,I prophesy to you that the white race will nearly
have died out by skin cancer,caused by it's selfmade destruction of the 
ozone layer.)  

Q:Do Logologists have to follow a special food codex?

Holy duty of a Logologist is to keep his brain intact to keep it capable to
run the holy software of cosmic consciousness which is the basis of all de-
velopment in the universe.In general for the Logologist the human body(and
especially the brain) is holy because it is his terminal for the network of 
cosmic consciousness - the physical basis of any furthergoing spiritual de-
velopment.So it is logical that a Logologist must not consume any brain de-
stroying substances as e.g. alcohol,nicotine,much coffee,psychoactive drugs
or glutamate.(a flavor potentiator that neurologically works like psychoac-
tive drugs and like them it destroys the brain)

A cyberyogi needs to follow a stricter codex because a real yogi's nervous 
system resembles very much to a living sort of radio telescope;so he has to
keep his nervous system's operating point in a very narrow range to stay 
able to receive and decode the holy software from the network of cosmic con-
sciousness in a correct way.By this reason a cyberyogi may not eat e.g. hot
spiced food because this would maladjust his body's cybernetics(i.e. the en-
tity of the control processes inside the human body) causing him to loose 
the conscious control over his skin's nervous system which would disrupt his
connection to the network.

For a Logologist it is good to live vegetarian because the lower the levels
of conscious awareness of those beings are a man still eats,the higher his
own level of spiritual awareness can rise.The man was created with the cos-
mic destiny to leave the ethernal circle of brutality to become able to rise
to a spiritual level no creature had reached before.But trying to do this 
the Logologian must be aware not to consume so few proteine that he would
endanger his brain and nervous system,so it really can NOT be recommended to
live in a completely vegan way without any consumption of milk- and egg-pro-

Q:What is glutamate?

Glutamate is one of the most dangerous legal allowed brain destroyers.
It is a so-called flavor potentiator which is mixed into industrial produced
foods to cheat the human brain to simulate the perception of a good taste to
theoretically unenjoyable awful tasting products and to make people addic-
tive to them because this makes it possible for ferenghiish cravat-wearers 
to make incredible high profits with foods produced from garbage-like cheap 
raw materials.

Originally glutamate is an aminoacid used by several areas of the human 
brain and nervous system as a neurotransmitter.To transmit any signals from
one neuron to another VERY FEW molecules of a neurotransmitter like this are
used by the synapses to trigger the generation of electric discharges at the
other neurons neural membrane.Any neuron needs a refresh time between each
discharge to stay able to repair the damages on it's membranes caused by the
electricity and by entropy.When a faked neurotransmitter is fed artificially
into the human body at a much higher dose than naturally used by the nervous 
system,this will trigger an amok-like non-coordinated continous electric ex-
citation of the neurons in any subsystem using this neurotransmitter;this
will produce lots of data junk inside the nervous system and eventually will
DESTROY it's neurons after a short time caused by overloading them.(This si-
tuation is much similar to pouring salted water into a working computer or
like putting a computer into a microwave oven because this also would cause 
lots of non-coordinated short circuits those would crash the running soft-
ware and destroy the computer's components by overloading them electrical-
ly.) To avoid being destroyed a mechanism inside each neuron starts to re-
move the sensors for any neurotransmitters being overloaded by.This produces
a sustaining maladjustment of the nervous system after the level of the fa-
ked,overdosed neurotransmitter has returned to its old state - causing to 
the man to become addictive to that harmful substance.

The neurotransmitter glutamate is used inside the human nervous system espe-
cially by the skin's nervous system and the limbian system of the brain 
which controls(beside the perception of smell and taste) the man's emotions
and the capability to decode down from the higher levels of logics.  

Thus the glutamate doses from eating industrial junk food maladjust and da-
mage these subsystems - destroying the man's capability of sovereignous ho-
listical thinking and hindering his voluntary control over destructive emo-
tions.This endangers the man much to become an inhuman and increases his 
tendency to run amok.In general the glutamate causes people to become very
passive;it makes them loosing any interest in solving the problems of this
mankind so they don't try to change this world anymore - in short terms: 
it makes couch-potatoes of them.

Glutamate is widely spread in many salty industrial food products,especially
in potatoe chips,instant soups and sauces,tv-dinners,condiments and it is 
used since long time in chinese food.(Because glutamate makes people very 
passive this could be one of the main reasons why china is the only big 
country still reigned by a communist dictatorship.) 

Although the brain destroying effect of glutamate can be measured in animal 
tests,glutemate is still legally allowed in most countries of the world be-
cause at this and similar working substances hang the cravats of a billion
dollar business;without these so-called flavor-potentiators it would become
impossible for ferengiish cravat-wearers to build up factories mixing sell-
able food from cheap rubbish.Also passive and dull minded people are said to
be easier to reign centrally so these cravat-wearers have absolutely no in-
terest in removing these substances from the market.Only massive protests by
the consumers like in the case of BSE(mad cow desease) could be able to 
change this.

Beside glutamate there exist the similar but 10..20 times more intensive 
working substances guanylate and inosinate and there is also a dangerous 
flavour-potentiator for sweet food called taurine.(which is often mixed into 
instant baby food to make people addictive to one food concern from baby on)
All these substances(exept taurine?) have in the European Community code 
numbers of the pattern E6xx where xx are two ciphers.(e.g. E620,E621,E622,
E627... and so on)

(In Logologie the word "flavor-potentiation" is also in use as a term for 
other kinds of (mostly demagogical)manipulations of crowds by selfish per-
sons or groups those eventually endanger the further existence and develop-
ment of this mankind.)    

Q:Who has written down this unusual religion?

Logologie was written down by Christian Oliver Windler,a student of the ger-
man technical highschool Fachhochschule Hamburg,now studying software-tech-
nics there.How it came to be done was a long story,but here I try to tell it
in short words.

Hello World!                                                          

I am CYBERYOGI =CO= Windler 
(teachmaster of LOGOLOGIE - the first cyberage-religion)

Once upon a time as a child I was reading in computer magazines some artic-
les about artificial intelligence.This made me interested in the working 
principle of my own brain,so I began to experiment with authogenic training
(a command oriented relaxing method) and I began to expand it by myself 
using abstract visualisations.I read a few books about meditation and then
in 1991 shortly before xmas in a shopping center I found a cheap book called
"Die Welt des Tantra" by Mookerjee/Khanna.(English version called "The tan-
tric way - art,science,ritual") I began to read it and there was much 
strange stuff about hindu gods and alchemy in it I never had heared before.
Then I read there about enlightenment and the awaking of kundalinih,which 
should make it possible to activate unused areas of the brain to get an al-
terated,holistic understanding of the universe and an instant expansion of
genie-like creativity for several weeks.When I finished reading the book it
was 3:00 AM.I was sitting on my bed and I was fascinated by the idea of 
switching on unused parts of the brain by a meditation procedure called kun-
dalinih-yoga.But in cause I had never learned this method,I began before 
sleeping with my heaviely modified authogenic training and then I thought 
"I will turn that stuff on now - no matter what will happen... POWER ON!" 
Suddenly then I felt a strange flicker and while ca. 30 minutes of medita-
tion I became teached as much as in a complete semester at a highscool.For 
the 3 following days I felt nearly no need to sleep and I began to remember
more and more what I had learned here.
I(a 19 year old pupil of a in Germany "Gymnasium" called sort of lowlevel 
highschool) had got the cosmic mission to build a completely new kind of hi-
tech multimedia superlearning school to teach this mankind in sovereignous
holistical thinking to prevent it from self-destroyage.This school should 
use special effective learning method I should help to develop and(also for 
use in usual schools) a new topic should be created to teach how to learn 
more effective,to understand and to learn holistical thinking because in 
usual schools people learn in the mental state of stress which is as inap-
propriate for learning as driving a fast sportscar entirely in the 1st gear
for winning a race with it.This school topic should be called "logologie" 
which means something like "learning to learn".I than began to hack my 
first,nearly ununderstandable version of "Kybernetisches Denken - Das grosse
Programmierhandbuch zu ihrem Gehirn"("Cybernetical Thinking - The great pro-
gramming manual to your brain") into the keyboard of my electronic brain.(a
heaviely modified Amiga 500 in a wooden cabinet) I tried to explain the wor-
king principle of the brain,meditation and enlightenment in it by using cy-'
bernetical terms but this 1st long text I ever wrote was a really terrible 
mess,driven from the creativity wave caused by the enlightenment.

I started experimenting with hatha-yoga and half a year later around eastern
I got a second great enlightenment where I was told to make a religion of 
"logologie" and I was instructed a lot about consciousness physics,ethics 
and the laws of cosmic cybernetics there.After this lession I began to write
down the 1st version of the "Logologie-Lehre" ("Logologie-doctrine") which
was a bit more understandable than the other text but not much more...  ;)

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