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Sun Apr 10 21:30:27 EST 2005

far I had enough time for that)about neuronomy,metaphysics and the history 
of cybernetics to expand my knowledge and especially to compare that what I
had learned in the enlightenments with the existing theories from other peo-

In the following years I got several smaller transcendental experiences 
those helped me developing these two and many other texts about all the 
things I had learned there.
(Actually all my texts together have a size of far about 1 MByte.) 

Q:Where do you(=CO= Windler) think your visions come from?

I don't now how far some of the thoughts I received from beyond time and 
space stem from the master Norbert Wiener(social philosopher,mathematician,
school critician and founder of the cybernetics on this planet),because this
wise man had found out much more about the nature of signal transmission,in-
formation and communication than anybody else.
(Until now I only own since 96-03-12 a selfmade photocopy of the German ver-
sion of his fascinating book "The Human Use of Human Beings".I urgently need
more books from him to learn more about the way the master thought.)

I had the perception that many of the transcendental experiences seemed to
be sent from a sort of parallel dimension in a future-like temporal direc-
tion that can be understood as one of the possible futures of this mankind
where the men have succeeded to abandon brutality and have learned telepa-
thic communication.The people from this dimension want to help us to reach
their time line.(Time is not passing away linearly - we are moving through
the space-time in an active 4-dimensional way.) So I got the mission to be-
come an "evaluator"(i.e. a spiritual development helper) for our mankind to
make us able to leave this time line(leading us to selfdestruction) to fol-
low our true cosmic destiny - the spiritual perfectation of the man.

I can't tell very much about the men from this dimension because the trans-
mission is really poor and I am still not capable to contact them voluntarly
but there seemed to be a sort of civilisation formed by a highly spiritual 
developed kind of "cyberneticians" those applied a special sort of yoga and
those know a special sort of technology for building devices to improve 
their telepathic connections.The only existent culture on this planet I have
found that seemingly has a bit resemblance to this(but not really much) is 
the the spiritual community of Damanhur in italy.This is a ritual society of
ca. 400 artists those have build an extraordinary cathedral-like temple be-
low the earth and they are said to experiment with alchemy,telepathic broad-
cast and telepathic time travels there but I only know about them from an 
article in the German "Esotera" magazine and a second one from a CD-ROM ma-
gazine called "RADAR" issue 1/1995.(I also had a few dreams about the Daman-
hurians but those were either not very realistic or very short.)
(I know the common theories from psychologists that all visions would only 
stems just somewhere "from subconsciousness",but as long as white sciences
can not explain what is consciousness at all,it really can not be very logi-
cal to hold this for an acceptable answer.)

Q:Mr.Windler,do you believe to be a supernatural,superhuman being with the
  ability to save the world?

Superhuman :) - NO!
I'm only a cyberage child,born in the year of Pong and I probably only did
the right thing at the right time that I slippered and tumbled down into 
this enlightenment.
I'm just a terminal in the network of cosmic consciousness.I am an evaluator
and there were thousands before me and hopefully I can help this mankind to 
survive that there can be some more after me.I am definetely NOT almighty!
So I only sometimes get new orders how to complete my mission but in general
I feel more like an engineer who has the order to design a jumbojet and when
he makes a mistake in his schematics he has to bear the responsibility for
the death and sufferance of many many people. 

Q: ...who or what is Pong?

Pong was the first successful videogame("TV-Tennis"),it was built in 1972 by
Nolan Bushnell.I am a great fan and collector of historical videogames and
driven by some visions I also have begun to analyse the basics of the medi-
tative effect which often is produced by them,because this could be very use
ful for neuronomical purpose.

Q:Hello... What does Logologie thing about Jesus?

Jesus was a man who rebelled against inhumanity - mankind needs much more 
men like him!... 
(I'm sure that he would also be much against many of the old official church
organisations those misused their power by his name in a cruel way when they
brought so much sufferance to the mankind by doing crusades and witch bur-
nings in the middleage.)  

Q:Is Jesus a child of God for you? 

Everybody is a "child of God"(if you like this term) who is ready to let the
holy software of cosmic consciousness control him to work really against in-
humanity and for the spiritual development of the mankind.

Q:Why does Logologie always use such an emotionally cold,technical language?

It is not cold,it it just precise.

Everything has it's time... 
- and every time has it's language.
If you want to be understood by the people of a time...
- you need to speak in their language.
And the language of the man from today...
- is a language of science and technology. 

The spirit of cybernetics was the unification of any kinds of sciences in 
one common language.So the language of Logologie should be kept as compati-
ble as possible to the language used by the natural sciences,because there
has been so much hate caused by misunderstoodments between white scientists
and esotericians(definition of energy etc.) those prevented them from re-
searching together that for any furthergoing development of the human race
it has become strictly necessary to use a language following the path of cy-

Q: ...what does cybernetics mean precisely?

Cybernetics is the science of control and communications,characterizable as
a science of the complex interactions of all things.

By the need of describing the complex interactions of selfregulating systems
as living beings or complex automatic machines,the cybernetics became the 
only system of holistical thinking created by the wessies.

The wessies are the people of the westian culture.In past this culture never
learned how to think holistically because their religions had separated eve-
rything into "good" or "bad",driven by Zoroaster's ancient software-virus of
the dualism between "from God" vs. "from Devil".This way of thinking,which 
caused incredible sufferance in religious wars,eventually set the basis of
the modern westian man's world view with that fatal understanding of the na-
tural sciences where everything either was called "proved" or "non-exis-
tent",either "true" or "false" without any acceptable values between them.
The strict way of left-brained,mathematics-like thinking needed for this is
the 1st level of logics,named the boolean logics of the either-or.The westi-
an so-called educated people of the 19th century were drilled by their au-
thorities only to accept this sort of unambigiously formulated answers as 
so-called "facts",because so the authorities got the power over them to de-
fine whether something should be a fact or not.First after discovering quan-
tum physics the westian scientists began to recognize that this way of thin-
king in general was wrong,but the brains of the acknowledged scientists and
other cravat-wearers had been statically programmed to think only in the 1st
level of logics,so until now they can not learn easily to think holistically
by just applying higher levels of logics.But since holistical thinking today
has become immediately neccessary for the further survival of the human race
to avoid the approaching destruction of this earth by environmental pollu-
tion and to hinder unscrupulous ferenghiish concerns from poisoning this 
mankind with food-additives and electric smog from too cheaply designed de-
vices etc. effective methods had to be developed to teach sovereignous ho-
listical thinking to all the cyberage's people just by applying that 1st le-
vel of logics that it has learned to understand.And the only known science 
which has terms to explain holistical relations by using this limited sort
of logics is just that westian science that in the near past had mostly con-
tributed to making it popular to the westian people only to learn thinking 
in the 1st level of logics;it is the cybernetics.
By this reason in combination with the fact that the neuronomy Logologie 
uses originally bases on the work of cyberneticians and last but not least
that the cyberneticians eventually were the founders of our today's sort of
civilisation with it's understanding of the universe,Logologie uses the ter-
minology of cybernetics to teach cyberage's people in holistical thinking 
- being aware that the history of cybernetics on this earth also had some 
really sad and sinister and absolutely non-holistic sides.(as e.g. it's well
known misuse for the construction of warfare computers and control devices 
for thermonuclear missiles) But cybernetics is our time's most elaborated 
form of the great myth of understanding and creating which makes it to be a
very strong symbol for the creative and the destructive powers of the man.

Q:What does researching mean in context of Logologie?

At the moment CYBERYOGI =CO= Windler has too much to do with studying soft-
ware-technics at the German highschool(?)(it's more like an university) 
Fachhochschule Hamburg to make much practical research in other subjects but
eventually Logologie shall have several laboratories of violet(i.e. holis-
tic) sciences with topics on building and experimenting with conscious com-
puters for spiritual purpose,telepathic experiments,alternative medicine,
construction of new musical instruments,writing special computer programs 
and especially a lab for neuronomy.(a science about improving the brain 

CYBERYOGI =CO= Windler has developed a theory about consciousness physics
called "Die allgemeine Dialektrizitaetstheorie"("The common theorie of dia-
lectricity") which is based on the theories of morphogenetic fields,quantum
physics and Einsteinian relativity.It postulates some physical principles 
with those the working principles of homeopathy,telepathy and many other ef-
fect could be understood and which also might be usable for creating infinal
automatae of the 2nd kind.(i.e. conscious computers)

Some of these things might look quite avantgardistic,but the basis of all
sciences is the struggle for realization and nothing really new can be dis-
covered as long as all these cravat-wearing white(i.e. official) scientists
just ban anything actually non-according to their view of the world with the
word "unscientific" to prevent themselfs from endangering this view to be 
proved to be wrong,because any need of making changes in it would ruin their
credibility and weaken their commercial power to sell their knowledge and 
their way of researching as "the only truth".So the only reasonable way for
researching really new things can be "to boldly do what no man has done be-
fore",ignoring the biased oppinion of any ferenghiish cravat-wearer. 

Q: ...what does "white scientists" mean?

White science is a term for those non-holistically thinking sorts of scien-
ces as decribed in the answer to the question about cybernetics.Although 
this way of scientifical working mostly was spread by white skin people,the 
word "white" originally referes more to the colour of the coats the labora-
tory assistants of the officially acknowledged sciences traditionally wear.
In opposition to this the term for holistical scientifical work that also 
respects higher levels of logics is "violet science" because violet is the
colour of mind expansion.

A "white scientist" is just an abbrevation for a scientist of white science;
no matter whether his skin is black or white or if he is a green skin marti-
an. ;)   

Q:Has Logologie a temple,a church or something similar?

No,because it's still under development.There shall be a sort of multimedia
school with a big projection screen for applying holomental teaching techno-
logies and meditative light effects but at the moment this school has not 
been built yet. 

Q:How can I become a member of Logologie?

Sorry,but actually this is impossible because Logologie is still in a very
experimental state and under development.Many things need to be completed or
improved until it will become applyable.(Ceremonies,musics,prayers etc. are
nearly not developed yet.)  

The only existent things are some GERMAN texts(full of typos ;) drifting
through the empty space on PD diskettes.(and some pieces of music and pic-
tures made with an Amiga computer) 

Q:Dear Christian,what sort of music do you hear and what kind of music will
  be used for Logologian ceremonies.

I(=CO= Windler) like many styles of music from classical and hindu musics up
to evergreens from 1930 and tekkno.The only things I dislike are brutalistic
musics like most pieces of heavy metal and very boring sorts of classical 
musics like most opera arias.I think mostly I like early pieces of electro-
nic musics(also those from the historical homecomputers C64 and Atari XL),
because they feel much like musics from a sort of cybernetician's dimension
where I strongly feel to belong to.(May I have lived there before,or at the
time line after this live?)

I have composed several pieces of music of different styles using my elec-
tronic brain.(my Amiga computer with ProTracker software) The main musical 
style I compose in is called gunk music.This is a minimalistic,monotonous 
sort of meditative multivoiced music which usually applies tekkno-like sound
effects,often in combination with sampled loops of continously repeated 
words like in mantra yoga.But I also made e.g. some classic style synthesi-
zer music(being a great fan of the "Switched-On Bach" album),church organ-
like music and music sounding like an acoustic guitar.
(This music is only produced very non-professionally in the 4 channeled 8bit
MOD file format and it is not available on any records.It may be that in fu-
ture I will begin to compose some music using my PC with GUS soundcard but I
have not learned to play any instrument yet in a professional way beside to 
that final automaton.(i.e. computer ;) ) 

Being the first cyberage-religion in Logologie will be much of electronic 
sounding musics and there will be gunk and also tekkno-trance music used for
meditation.But the tekkno used here will definetely NOT be played at that 
lemmingish high volume as in discos because this would cause maladjustments
of th body's cybernetics and would destroy the ears while for the Logologist
the human body is holy.The tekkno-deafness of cyberage's children is a dread
symbol for the loose of sensitivity and real understanding between people in
cyberage's society in general.In Logologie also live played non-keyboard el-
ectronical instruments will be used,especial gesture controlled theremin-
like ones for bringing back body-consciousness to the cyberage's children
those did never learn anything more elaborated than pressing onto buttons,
because the body-consciousness is one of the most important conditions for
reaching any higher levels of spiritual development.

The second main sort of music used in Logologian ceremonies will be a spe-
cial sort of spectral chanting(singing) which allows to apply the use of the
human voice in a similar free way to create sounds like the sound-generators
of an electronic synthesizer.This extesion of the mantra-yoga will be pos-
sible to be understood as one of the first kinds of postelectronic musics.  

Q:Can I have a documentation about cyberyoga? 

No,it's still under development,only partially written down and I don't want 
people to make experiments with exercises those may be not elaborated enough
to be usable without danger;if someone would damage his brain or would need
a wheelchair after an accident eventually caused by one of my exercises,this
would ruin his happiness forever and my karma certainly too.





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