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Sun Apr 10 21:34:35 EST 2005


Under kava (Piper methysticum) I can see beautiful reiterations for
minutes! For instance, today I started to see maybe about a dozen
poissons-papillons (Chaetodon fish). I could distinguish them
somewhere in my visual field as if they were in a translucent bowl.
the Chaetodon appeared they appeared in 3 dimensions and frozen. There
no movement. Suddenly, all of them started to rotate slowly from right
left (in my case reiterations very often seem to rotate from right to
left...). But, contrary to normal reiterations, these chaetodon were
all similar! They were different in shapes and colours and even I
could see
non-chaetodon fish like the famous "houmouhoumou-noukounoukou-apouaa",
kind of "Baliste" (Balistes, in Latin)! But still all these
objects were of the fish class, meaning that an MHV of fish was
metabolically active and radiating some of its slices as different
The metabolism of this MHV was, logically, higher than usual otherwise
would have kicked only similar fish into my consciousness. When the
started their slow rotation I noticed one orange Forcipiger
longirostris (a
kind of Chaetodon) going out of the pack and swimming to the left!
I got an insight as how the brain could proceed in order to generate
complex images via simultaneous activation of multiple different MHVs.

We have to come back here, to this very important phenomenon which is
the root of imagination and creativity: information-synthesis.
Watching my
Chaetodon I could well imagine that they sprouted from different
slices of
a common MHV because those slices were, informationally speaking,
apart from one another than in usual reiterations. Then I saw all
Chaetodon coalesce into a larger brownish fish while realising that
process was certainly due to a sudden interaction/synthesis phenomenon
going on between all those fish! I then realised easily that complex
are generated by a myriad of MHVs being activated and then giving rise
mutually interacting MHV slices in an ever-ongoing process of
interaction/synthesis ramifying in all directions of the imaginary
space-time of memory. This brings fractals to mind, but fractals are
and static, not complex and self-interacting. It is a bit difficult to
transcribe into words but I could explain all this very well through
animation! Any company who would like to make those animations should
contact me! Watching the animation gives you the answer
instantaneously, as
it is so crystal-clear, so evident! So this process of activation of
myriads of mutually interactive MHVs, through a very high rate of
interaction/synthesis, can elegantly generate all the complexity of an
animated 3-dimensional dream MCV box. To explain that to you, clearly,
another matter... mama mia!

A New Philosophy of Reality:Psychopharmacophilosophy

Traditional philosophy is outdated and should now be replaced by a new
philosophy which I termed "psychopharmacophilosophy" while working in
Psychopharmacophilosophy has an extraordinary importance as it
completely many deep-seated beliefs of human beings. For instance, it
clearly demonstrates that all religions are human creations and not
"divine". We have to become used to that! There is no other choice. If
the mystics of history had been subjected to haloperidol or
they would have never persuaded other human animals that they were in
contact with the essence of reality... Religion is a consequence of
architecture and functioning of our memory which leads us to create
imaginary structures with no counterpart in exoreality.
Psychopharmacophilosophy also clearly demonstrates that all human
and emotions are the consequences of underlying neurochemical events.
in turn, makes human "logic" highly suspect of continuous bias and
distortion... When a person tries to have a "logical" discourse is she
purely logical, like a machine, or is she intrinsically biased because
her particular brain functions? The answer is that she is always

Some dopamine here and, say, Robert will say discourse "A". Some more
serotonine there and Robert will have discourse "B"! Some tyrosine
hydroxylase activation and Robert may very well give rise to discourse
etc, etc, etc, and bla, bla! So no logical discourse is really
"logical" as
it contains suspicious subjectivity, a subjectivity which cannot be
at all. Our CNS works like that, not like a purely logical computer!
this subjectivity we nearly always find dominance as Henri Laborit has
demonstrated... All human beings seek dominance, consciously or not.
you are aware of that you do not converse any more with others unless
are sure that their "logical" arguments are not based on a desire for
dominance... This is the reason why Laborit hated to talk with people
much preferred writing. True communication will be achieved only when
human desire of dominance has been complety eradicated in the future
remodelled through Neuromorphogenetics. This desire of dominance is
commonly seen in the "fonctionnaires" scientists!! It is a primitive
behaviour that they share with monkeys and wolves...

Claude Rifat

A Suivre(to be continued)

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