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Sun Apr 10 21:34:35 EST 2005

positive and negative
symptoms of schizophrenia should,at the same time,decrease SAC
hyperactivity and
increase frontal cortex activity,quite a challenge for only one
I think that,the best idea,to unravel the correlated frontal cortex
disturbances and
hallucinations is to postulate the existence of reciprocal links
between the frontal cortex,the
general cortex and the SAC in such a way that decreased metabolism in
the frontal cortex
would,automatically,lead to increased metabolic activity of the memory
zones analysed under
SAC control.
One of the component of the SAC is the ascending serotoninergic system
of which the
general function seems to decrease metabolism of memory zones or
non-memory zones.
This is evidenced by the pro-attenuation properties of the SSRIs which
increase attenuation
by decreasing metabolism.
The 5-HT2A receptors,though,do not fit well,with the general
properties of serotonin on
Could it be that the SAC uses serotonin both to decrease and increase
metabolic activity in
target memory zones? I do not know yet as there are a lot of other
neuromodulators to take
into account.
Psilocine is a 5-HT2A activator and psilocine hypermetabolises the
frontal cortex which,in
turn,retroact on the SAC to transform it from a monofocusing system
into a polyfocusing
Thus,this cogitatiogenic,is clearly a "mind" promoter and permits the
human beings of today
of "experimenting" the nervous systems of tommorow...
Apparently,then,hypermetabolising the frontal cortex
can,retroactively,modify the functioning
of the SAC towards greater performances...
Psilocine is a medicament of the mind to be used by
We could also call it a "noogenic",together with cogitatiogenic or
Reducing glutamatergic tone,with ketamine,also induces hypermetabolism
in the frontal
cortex,the difference being that this hypermetabolism is bilateral
contrary to psilocine.
5-HT2A receptors,in combination with NMDA-receptors,seem to be then
important in the
regulation of the metabolism of the frontal cortex.How? not clear yet!

What is the role of noradrenaline within the SAC?
While serotonin appears to be one of the component of the
hypometabolising properties of
the SAC noradrenaline could be a neuromodulator involved in the
control of time span of
focusing,with dopamine(as demonstrated with Amineptine).And what about
We did not speak of acetylcholine much! Lots of questions to think and
investigate as
acetylcholine seems crucial in consciousness if we think about
Alzheimer disease! What is
the role of aceytlcholine in consciousness?
We know that acetylcholine promotes oneiric sleep while
anti-cholinergics promote
hallucinations! this is quite contradictory and needs lots of more

If,on other planets,nervous systems self-organise like those on
Earth(which we do not
know!)then it is conceivable that vastly more advanced forms of
consciousness exist
somewhere,out there,in the stars.
If such consciousness would just be advanced in the way I suggest
here,for future human
beings,then non-communication would,immediately,be a consequence of
consciousness if confronted with the barely conscious human beings!
Many other reasonings also lead to such a conclusion:mainly that any
more advanced form of
consciousness will never even try to "communicate" with such a species
as ours because the
gap would,probably,be as huge as the gap which exists between,let
say,a mouse and
This is the main reason why I do not follow scientists like Carl
Sagan,and others,who believe
that,one day,we might establish "contact" with extra-terrestrial
My opinion is that we  remain confined within the narrow range of our
consciousness thus
precluding any "contact" with more advanced forms of consciousness.
No use to search in the stars for "others"...let us
concentrate,first,in making ourselves more
The quest for ETI,launched by Sagan,seems,to me,a redirection of
Some scientists,unable to believe in a traditionnal God and unable to
travel within their own
Endoreality,transformed their inner desire of a God into a desire of
communicating with ETI.
I can understand that very well but,I now believe,this search is
useless and intrinsiquically
doomed for failure because of logical flaws about the motivations of
more advanced
There will,never,be any "contact...
Moreover,I think Exoreality is,probably,much more complex and
structured that what we see
and perceive.
In my opinion we are,still,in the cavern of Plato as far as Exoreality
is concerned.
Foreign intelligences,such as those seeked by Carl Sagan and
friends,might well be
"elsewhere" in "another where"(!),outside of the cavern of Plato...
A more reasonable form of contact is contacting the extraordinary
realm of our own
Endorealities and communicating within these endorealities,with the
informational people
inhabiting,with ourself,in this world within,our memory "coral"!
In this way human beings will cease to be alienated.
Coming back to increasing our consciousness!
Our phylogenetically old SAC does not seem to have evolved very much
in size,as compared
to the growth of our neocortex.
To be more conscious we,obviously,need a more bigger SAC!
A bigger and slightly modified SAC would do the following things:

1.Increase the "scanned" "surface" of our memory domains within the
immense imaginary
space-time of our memory.
The consequence of this increase in scanned memory domains would be to
trigger bigger
amounts of resonances,thus increasing the amount of consciousness and
2.To transform our,normally,monofocal consciousness into a polyfocal

Non-sequential communication versus sequential symbolic communication

Another goal of neuromorphogenetics will be to entirely change the
tools of our archaic
communicational system:the sequential verbal symbolic communication.
Neuromorphogeneticians will create,de novo,immensely more performing
systems of
communications:non-sequential non-symbolic communication systems.
This new communicational system will permit human beings to exchange
highly complex
informations at a hyper fast speed.
Nowadays we barely transmit or receive more than a few octets(bytes)of
information per
second when we speak or read.Moreover,this low amount of information
is grossly distorted
because of the use of symbols.
The new communicational systems will authorise us to transmit millions
of octets per second
with the added advantage of nearly zero distorsion!
Not only it will become possible to transmit vast amount of monomodal
information but,in the
long run,systems will be created which will transmit multimodal
information from all the sense
If you want to visualise this with a simple image,this advanced form
of communication will
look,somewhat,like what science fiction writers like to call
Transmitting information in this highly efficient way will reduce
to,nearly,zero distorsion of
messages and the infinite misunderstandings transmitted by the very
poor communicationnal
system of which nature has equipped us.
The future of the Noosphere is bright!
Misunderstandings will be,purely,eliminated which will be a colossal
advance in
communication for our species.
(paragraph to be continued)

La volition des personnages oniriques(Volition of oneiric people)

Revenons-en maintenant à ce fameux problème de la volition des
personnages oniriques.Ce
que je veux dire c'est:est-ce que les êtres oniriques ont-ils au moins
une conscience semi-
autonome ou ne sont-ils que des épiphénomènes de notre conscience?

Etc.See full text!

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