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Sun Apr 10 21:34:35 EST 2005

computer progam may be made to refer to itiself but is not considered
aware. Do we stop at the atomic level to describe the least explainable
phenomena in our universe or can the subatomic level of quanta be
examined? Must we ALWAYS skip the soul and go straight to Pantheism or
Nihilism?  Pantheism and Nihilism are two paradigms in whch we can fit
our universe but how can we begin to examine the nature of or universe
if we can not even agree on the nature of mind? How can we reduce the
mind to matter when we can not even agree on the nature of matter?
Science has proven conclusivley that brain functions can be passed from
area to area during brain damage. We can accept nonlocality in quantum
physics What gives us the idea that the brain/mind phenomena is exempt
from nonlocality? If the mind is the determined product of the brain why
is behavior less predictable then the  weather?
Enviroment can no longer be considered a main factor. If enviroment is
now meant to mean "society" and "family"..etc  each is taken to be a
description of minds relating to one another then to say eniviroment is
no better than the theologians arguement of "freewill" as the solution
to the problem of evil. It begs the question. 

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