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Sun Apr 10 21:34:35 EST 2005

And even if there are some people hallucinating among them trying to
understand their "patterns/systems behind" would fascinate me, too.

You are just lacking from a curiosity into the mind.

I'd prefer any brainsufer magazine if such a think was there ways over
some headblind's theories.

Scientiest are there in loads.

Brainsufers might be born with a unique brain and it might be
thousands or millions of years until one is borm with a weird enough
brain to "get access" to a certain region again.

Meaning that some having an access to an area or altering the
functions of an area maybe triggering weird reactions in other areas
and maybe even being able to tell which ones to an extent might be
uniquite or there might just be a few hundred on the whole planet born
with a brain like that and then altering the axon connections in wierd
ways, maybe making internal data-highways between sectors they can
subpercceive in ways that no one normal can.

You are lacking the fascination into MBD and autist brainsurfers and
the awareness that some might perceive things about the brain that
might be correct, 
and that no one ever might be born again who can superperceive into a
certain sector.
You are also lacking the awareness how freaking rare it is that some
of them actually pay attention to what they are doing there in a form
that they can explain it to others and THAT they CAN explain it,
connection to the language structurer lefft out front not being to
damaged, nor that sector (yeah, yeah, I know, Broca's blablabla...)

If I had the choice to talk to 100 brainsurfers and 100 neuros, guess
who'd win.
You folks publish your data and accessible form,
and chances you have a weird brain and something goes wrong and you
die young and that you have unique data no one will find out in
centuries to come are not as high as on the other side.

And I guess you simply never saw someone "go out of their body".
If you had ever seen it you might understand why for some it is
utterly fascinating.

I can't do it, but I have seen several people who said they can extend
sizzling fields with loads of dancing sparks in the direction where
later on they said they left their body into.

And though personally I believe "they are still in their brain areas"
and are just connecting to other regions in the brain & maybe body and
are generating and extending fascinating sorts of energies extending
them like dense perceiving/data transferring "fields/connections";
and being centrally focussed on what they are getting in via that;

it so far for me remains one of the most fascinating human mental arts
I have ever encountered.

And that it is not interesting for you is typical for you.  ;-)

You overlook that some are simply interested in many areas to do with
the mind.

Even in hallucinations and why people do so.

You are trying to confine the human mind to a narrow field 
of wht has been proven about it and not what IS.
And YOUR theories about it, that are often very wrong.
And try to censor out all the rest.
If you'd perceive more broadband you might come to understand a lot
you now do not.

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