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Sun Apr 10 21:34:35 EST 2005

Yet you are lacking in counter-proving what I say, and until you do
with all I said, all you did not is just an opinion like you might
have yours.

>> > stuff collect on the university's computer in an amount that by now
>it should take up some nice space there and I am sure they are going
>to  be delighted with WHAT you are loading university's systems by the
>> > tenthousands.
>>I contacted the Fudat admins first prior to mailbombing you. They
>>thought your behaviour was ok in a Usenet forum. 

And WHAT does that tell you?

>They are sometimes decidedly too laissez faire in Berlin imo. 
No, we are the capital of a country that tried  gassed people or used
other sorts of violence against people for being different or having
had different opinions.

And you are just not far enough to understand that in a society of
aimed evenness all are entitled to say their opinion.

And therefore rather block space on the systems of Zedat, which are
meant for many students, who here often do not have that many
providers or net access or computer possibilities like in the USA, 
with you childish warfare of sending tenthousands of mails there,
then going an adult way.

>> > ....But I am sure that you are aware of the aims and capacities of
>> > Zedat and what it would mean if there were more people like you
>> > sending moron warfare stuff there by the tenthousands,
>> > and also what it will cost university to pay people to clean the
>> > systems up because of your actions.
>>Yes, I want the academic admins to feel that one of their users is
>>crossing the line of acceptable behaviour. 

You might have managed that concerning yourself...

I do not think that they are going to find more than 30 000 nonsense
mails that are taking up  Zedat capacities acceptable behaviour from
your side. 

(And actually YOU insisting on "scientific" after that sounds rather
And some of the theories made in the forum are less scientific than my
own and coming from scientists.  Time might show who is right /wrong
in which of his theories...
Your censoring attempts (and in THAT form) are in no form scientific.)

And it is small wonder that YOU do not understand why in Berlin,
Germany, some people  believe that all are entitled to express their
opinions evenly and that to suppress opinions by force is not correct 
and against liberal science.

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