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Sun Apr 10 21:36:21 EST 2005

person that I am in direct contact with aliens, especially when it comes to
co- ordinated research activity.  We are currently undertaking such activity
in the neuroscientific/ neural nets domain.

During my last contact with the aliens, they seemed to be very exercised with
one CIJADRACHON [cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de].  Their main grouse seemed to be
that this bloke was distributing highly classified secret information to all
and sundry through the newsgroups.  Maybe folks do not know it to be relevant
now, but once the jigsaw pieces fall into place, then nobody will have any
difficulty in unravelling the key techniques using these postings of this
asshole.  Hence, the aliens seem hell-bent on using alien techniques to
liquidate this cijadra entity or whatever.

I would request CIJADRACHON to please desist from posting ANYTHING for at
least five more years, and hopefully to lay off these newsgroups altogether. 
Maybe, he should concentrate his faculties on alt.binaries.nude.supermodels
or such- like groups where fun is had by all and sundry.  Over here, he is
only threatening his own security.  These aliens have very naughty plans for
you, Cijadra.  And in a couple of minutes after they have done their thing on
you, you'd feel as if the entire Foreign Legion starved of girls for a month
had run through every orifice you have.  So, please take this warning
seriously, ... AND LAY OFF.

I am your well-wisher, so please don't ignore this plea, and come back to
sanity, and stop posting any information on the newsgroups.  Sure, people
think you are a punk and a crazy toon, but the aliens are dead serious that
you are unmasking key information, and hey, you don't want to end up, well,
all fuched up.

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