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Sun Apr 10 21:36:21 EST 2005

>I have noticed that in dreams there seems to be a different recording
>system, so that often awake I do not recall a dream, but in some
>future dream might know that I had had something similar in a dream

To me, and I have good insight into my feelings, it's like the dreams
are recorded in a deeper layer of memory. Here's an example of what
I've experienced that tells me this: I've had a lucid dream, where I
knew I was dreaming and walking around doing whatever I wanted and
that everything is clear as a bell. When I woke up, it all receded far
into the background and it was not a clear memory. It seemed as dim as
the memory of a dream a year ago. And I could actually feel this
"dimming" or "distancing" as I awoke. Even now, however, if I
concentrate, my memory of it is as if I am reliving it.

>Maybe the different energy levels see to a different recording.

Doesn't contradict anything I've seen.

>Also I noticed that in dreams the hypothalamus stuff generating
>aggression and rankfighting emotions seems changed, sort of on lower
>power. Laughter is different, too.
>The area that is like a computer out front seems to run on low power
>as well, so that calculating is down.
>I react with far less pondering in dreams than awake,
>and take together, not going by single subprograms the emotional
>structure is quite different.

Haven't gotten that far.

>I have also noticed that with the three who told me that they (had)
>sometimes hallucinated, the reaction to me linking headenergies was
>It could be chance, and I might be wrong, but first impressions are:
>Much faster tuning off the "normal" optical ranges,
>going down fast, 
>yet not into the deepest ranges (though that might not mean much, few
>people in the West I tried it with could),
>two were scared of the low energy "semi-translucent black ranges",
>all three were changing fast between many ranges.

I don't know your terminology, but I also have this fear or anxiety to
the "semi-translucent black ranges". It has been lessening lately.

>In conversations I noticed less will to logically reality-check.
>The fear of the black ranges was odd, especially in one of them, and
>it made me wonder if the according stages were related to some of the
>ones they connect with hallucinating.
>It made me wonder if what I did there to the other brain was correct.
>On the other hand I'd still like to find out if someone is
>hallucinting and you teach him to go through thousands of energy
>ranges using a mirror to reflect own energies & likely making it
>if there are ranges where the hallucinating is increased
>and ranges where it disappears,
>as personally it is my guess that once you shift though so many
>different brain energy stages,
>that the hallucinations might have a hard time to be there in all of
>and that that MIGHT be one of the most effective methods against it,
>...apart from many of the acording people having been valued in the
>stories of many cultures for the special powers they are having in the
>area of magic.
>And many of them here sensing their own powers in that, too, but not
>finding good training.

That last part seems familiar.

>...And in case the area that is like a computer in the front is not
>cooperating well, then the capacities to watch yourself critically
>might be down a lot.
>So that you might believe faster.

By "computer in the front" I'm guessing you mean what I call the
"autopilot"? Maybe what yogi's call the "habit mind"? Yes, when it's
not cooperating you can be stumbling around while in a trance
on the inside. It seems to fall in the category of "acceptance"
for me. A tolerance has dropped somewhere. You see it?

>When wanting to perceive clouds as something else 
>or wanting to hallucinate on lower amounts of LSD I need to override
>two things:
>That fast-identifying system saying it is just a cloud or just some
>dirt spot on the wall, and logic indicating that if that cloud was a
>sheep, it would fall down and given the size make hell of a bloody
>mess in the according part of Berlin below,
>or indicating that cute as the dragon might be, where I see it there
>is simply a wall, and there are no dragons,
>(though maybe a few last dinosaurs or something like that killed by
>the St.Georgies of the world).

Interestingly, one of the best "mental perspective's" to choose to do
both is Cosmic Consciousness, where you tap into the cosmic energy
flow and see yourself completely differently but believably, and
almost any hallucination should be possible.

>Is there an energy regulation in the brainstem or near there to do
>with energy regulation?
>Someone told me that for his perception there is a place  (forget
>where, believe it was behind the ears, more downish, deep inside)
>that has to do a lot with energy regulation.
>Might be mistaken, but I belive he said "it turns the gears".
>I have know idea if there is something there that makes circling
>energy forms that set the main levels of many sectors or something
>like that, but I guess if it would interest me for real,

I checked my own sensations as you were writing this and I know what
he is talking about. There are swirling energy hot spots down behind
the ears toward the neck. I don't know what they do.

>I might check out if there are any central energy regulators there
>or in some other place, if the energy they have to do with is circling
>in any form or not,
>and there are some and if they were messed up for real how many
>sectors it would effect, and which ones that would effect.
>Cause something like that would neatly explain why a person might go
>to different, maybe even dreamlike energy stages, hearing or seeing
>stuff not there and maybe also not recording it normally, maybe going
>to different emotion and processing levels to the extent of feeling
>and really being a different person then, and so on.

"So on" could wind such a person in a mental institution though.

>I have noticed that different from most people I normally can't hear
>music in my brain, and if I want to see a picture I have to strain.
>For me it is also not that much of a problem not to go hallucinating
>even on higher amounts of stuff where most people do (though I also
>don't like doing that).
>It was chance when I started hearing some music when I wanted to, went
>for about a week, and since that time is pretty much gone.

I have had the ability to hear music this way before sleep all my life.
It doesn't take drugs to make this possible.

>It made me notice that it is possible and that it is not the same in
>all people, so I asked around and back then the result was that about
>8-9 of ten asked people would say that they CAN hear music,
>but there were differentiations into:
>When:  awake - going to sleep - dreaming.
>So most could not do it in all three stages.

Can't do it awake. 2nd or 3rd.

>I found that fascinating.

There is something that has to be relaxed. Like a channel that has to
be freed and "being awake" is taking up that channel. A mutual
exlcusivity of some sort.

>And coming back to the topic, I met people who complained that they
>hear music from memory so well, that they might even be plagued by a
>song, maybe even just some dumb advertising song,
>and from there to being plagued by voices might not be that far.

I am definitely the plagued by a song type. And interestingly, I was
"plagued by voices" recently but stayed focused that they were all me,
playing parts on a stage in my mind, and the "director" could turn
them off or tone them down. So I never thought I was
split-personality. Although demon possessed was worrisome.  These are
the two things a person in this state can start believing.  Worries of
demon possession ceased as I kept noticing that the external world was
no different that it had ever been and nothing had every shown to be
out to get me back when I was perceiving it correctly.

>Many healers have the attitude that whatever the mental problem some
>of the best solutions against it are 1-4 sexy, nice partners, 5-15
>reliable friends and enough responsibility to have the feeling to be
>of importance and even better get the feeling from society to be of

I wish they grew on trees.

>In other words when not having any of these, three demons plaguing you
>or some conspiracies giving you importance or overriding something
>might be nicer to be busy with than maybe thinking about other men
>your age driving past you with some sexy woman next to them in a car
>you could never afford, tanned like they just came from some nice
>So with a lot of mental imbalances it is also that bio-programs in the
>basolateral part of the amygdala and in the hypothalamus and other
>areas do not get what they need,
>so when the herd programs are not fed off they go "lonely,
>lonely,...!" until you get enough friends or find another way to be
>with people (something bars here make a living from), same going for
>the partner programs + that a lack of hugs might make you more
>tense/shielding; sleeping alone is not exactly what the herd animal
>human is made for, either, nor rising and sleeping by the watch and
>not by the sun, and in case you are male and have the feeling a lot do
>better than you, your testosterone production might fall and make you
>insecure and maybe alter pherpomones so you have less chances with
>some women  and so on...

I've felt all those things.

>So there are ways where you balance people enough that they stop
>kicking out cortisol like mad, and the connection number goes up and
>they perceive more others again, and circle less around themself and
>are more fun to be with again,
>and then when they are with a partner or friends, those might give the
>person advice where/how (s)he should change.
>If someone is seeing a demon 
>to tell him it is not there 
>if for him it is real, so that next time he sees it or it talks to him
>he can repeat over and over :"... you are not real, you are not here,
>go away, you are not here..."   might be far less effective,
>then accepting that for him it IS there,
>and to create some amulet or something else and alter the programs in
>his mind so that for him your power + other higher powers are with
>that protection, so that he has something outside if inside it gets
>too much.
>And the idea of shrinks telling people:"Come back next Monday, 10 in
>the morning..."...is barbaric to the point that the barbarians were
>more advanced.

All very interesting.

>If I were an old-fashioned healer I might say:
>Some crunchy insect parts with the dead bat's wings in the potion have
>the advantage that you can be sure that the person will only come to
>you, if it is urgent, an not make you their lacking-friends
>replacement, and if you are good they will be content for a while
>anyway, not needing you, maybe even for months and years.
>If you have someone where an amulet feels to be the right thing,
>mescal to me seemed to be rather interesting, but this is the wrong
>room to discuss this in a long version (apart from that I do not know
>enough about it and would be half-guessing). 
>And I believe that also how you work with some of those substances and
>how you change settings within your emotion generators or within the
>other one is something that one should learn directly and maybe for
>many years before attempting to balance people that way, 
>the same going for transcending into the others energy systems and
>altering things there.


>They are sort of high arts of mental healing, and in case you are out
>for working as a healer with people hallucinating I recommend that you
>learn the according skills and maybe others in several of the places
>where the knowledge about the human psyche has never been destroyed
>by the Catholic Church of some others,
>so that the results of thousands of years of exploring the psyche &
>healing are still there.

I've heard other people rant about things the Catholic Church has

>It was hard to struggle out, except if I broke the link, and even then
>it seemed to take a few seconds.

Imagine a mesmerist with conscious control of such power over others.

Tad Perry

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