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Sun Apr 10 21:36:21 EST 2005

the entire front (including Broca's), and still be able to babble
people to death in English or German and fragments of other languages
- however grammar / structure good-bye & there are just "base words"
.. of several sentences at once wildly scrambled, and it is even
harder then when being drunk to get the mouth to cooperate...

So I believe you are wrong with that bit about four distinct areas.

Hard to put into words, but has to do with your questions in a way:
After a concussion I often mixed my version of Berlin dialect, High
German and occasionally English with each otehr.
Sort of "could not hold the language setting". 

Really can't put it into words at the moment, but I know when I recall
how they'd "blur into each other and what I had to do inside to fight
that" that that has to do with your question to an extent.

> Finally I
>would like to know to what degree these distinct areas contain infor-
>mation on different languages (Are there other areas which store
>additional language information? / ...

If I were to guess wildly I'd say my base storage bank might be
holding data about base words, and I need the front for non-base

>... Can one separate grammar from vocabulary?).

The dark island you call Brocas is making the grammar for me.

But without it still main words and verbs are possible for me.
Just can't chain them together right and can make the endings and
other grammar stuff right. 


...Been wondering iof the language structurer is parking it's
vocabulary sort of around / in the front, too?

>If you have an idea on one of my questions please let me know. If
>possible please include the article/book/etc. you refer to.

That would be tricky....
Sort of need these areas still a bit, lol!
...Though with the folks I (e-)meet not very much most of the time -

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