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Sun Apr 10 21:37:25 EST 2005

because there is no second neutral control about what is done there to
people and it is kept off public attention and it is very hard to get
at data there.
Also you might not be able to visit the people.

The trick of detroying with drugs is sort of old.

Of course if you break someone's will you likely break his will to
heal himself when the time comes and the wioll to last against others,
and of course most just need enough love and recognition and to come
to terms with the past, presend and future, and by looking them up
with other instable people you can try to makle as sure as possible
that they won't heal.
Best also take the chances from them to find sexual partners or at
least be able to wank privately, so thta they are sexually warped,
then warp more with drugs, see to that the women don't get under the
full moon light liong enough so that the period can't tune correctly
and the hromone levels might later enough together with the stress to
cause them emotional hell, and maybe see to it that also they can't be
outside for many hours in the sunlight... There are many ways here
alone in Germany that they do to ppeople to destroy them.

You should really some day look at some of the old healing ways, where
who came was not some patient ordered to be patient,
but a human coming in in need. And when the need was high, not "next
week,  X  o'clock" as if the problems would wait till then. The
Western "healer" intead of healing fast maybe trying to get his victim
to come again and again for a long time to fill his need for money.
Maybe by being  reserve talking partner  or by hooking him to some
drug(s) to mess the receptormolecules up and cause withdrawal when 
when getting off, that might be declared not so, as it might be JUST
emotional, as if feeling seriously bad emotionally and having the
balances within warped was nothing.

If you compare some of the ways of the many non-Western branches you
might discover thata some have rather congruent methods tough being
far away from each other.
Usually a lot of those tend to be highly efficient. To take ten days
for some would be extremely long, some ways might just take a few
hours or even less than that.

Seem a film here from a university's library for medical students
where with actors they played real scenes.
They had captured a woman and were terrorizing her psychologically and
imbalancing her more than she already was. Eventually she tried with
the limited means left to her to make a ceremony like normally the
healer does. Her Western would-be-healer captor sat like a log next to
her  radiating disturbing non-comprehension for one of the oldest and
most efective human healing ways of Earth that she was imitating,
maybe even without knowing she was, following inner feelings.
One of the few actions he in btween did (usually consisting of making
destabilizing remarks to her) was to offer her some sort of syrup,
trying to get her to drink it, and then in the film they portrayed her
as stupid for accusing him that there was poison for her systems in
there.  But they never said what was in there and if so what it does
to the organs including areas of the brain.

Together with giving people drugs of which they admitted that some do
IRREVERSABLE damages and other stuff like that, the whole was a film
seeming to be supposed to be an instruction for young students how to
treat people with what they named schizophrenia.

There was not even what Carlos Castaneda calls "seeing" in there (way
to alter inner energy levels in the brain to points where
hallucinations might be stopped) nor anything about how to make
power-giving amulets (tend to be less harm for the filter-organs and
the brain  and depending on the healer might have more effects... ;-)

Basically two often extremely effective methods - one physical, one
psychological -  left unmentioned.

Also there was no mentioning of the special abilities that the
accroding people might have within "seeing".

Sort of as if the time before Christians forced their religion on
others had never been, and as if ways effective for so many thousands
of years has simply never existed. 

Most Westies including their mental "healers"are sense-censored and of
a system proclaiming that it is good that if 49 % of all are property
of others and that all the land is theirs, so that you may not live in
it without being their possession.  Look at your own identity what it
says about you as a human being. About the aspects of your identity of
importance for the system claiming you.
How much inner stuff is there to define your identity? 
And how much outer stuff for control?

And to what extent YOU define your identity in there - notice

(Non-identity card  might be neater.)

Guess why drugs are stuck into brains into areas whose functions 
the sense-censored mind-cripples of the Westie branches 
do not even really understand yet.

Your identity, who you are, 
is so irrelevant  
or has to be so normed to a norm not your own,
that who you are within the limbic system + other areas  might be
altered against your will.
As your idientity is similar to that of your I.D. for some.
And if you live in a country like that, then you might come to
understand why people get told that they are the First World of three
around the sun and that their coutry is ever so much better thant the
rest, and that they should get up not by the sun but by some watch and
eat by it and make breaks by it and go to sleep by it,  ignoring and
imbalancing the own inner and the outer nature, 
so that they can make taxes to pay others a fat salary, pay them their
armies, pay them so they have the people to control you and make you
your identity (card) and stick you into some cage if you do not obey
and kreep to their rule.

And don't you dare to smoke a joint as if it were your own body 
and you could do with it what you want.

And if you get far more powerful drugs stuck into you by others
against your will
don't you dare to complain that it is your body and your mind altered,

...as if they'd belong to you.
Don't be silly.

If others decide so  then "you" are to be normed like your I.D. to the
identity norm that others put for you with rules or drugs or whatever,
down to the transmitter amounts and receptormolecule numbers of your
very own cells in the brain.

What made you believe that they are yours?

What made you believe that you are allowed to be you?
There is no true "you" anymore.
"You" are a drug-altered toy of others' whims.

And here you are in the room of some people who are for this.

You can post your posts here a long time, enslaved, altered "I"-areas
and badly imbalanced hypothalamus programs.
And most here are never likley to truely understand what they did to
Nor really care how much was messed up, and maybe irreversibly, nor
really care how much more will be forced into the remains of "you" to
alter more  or into others,  as long as it is not themselves.

They will go on to research so more can be made like "you" with more

(Maybe coming up with little mathematics jokes to test how much your
brain is already messed up and joke on that and indirectly maybe also
about the next injection, as some of them know what some of the stuff
is damaging quite well.   Enough more shots of the right drugs in the
right amount and you won't even get as far as you still did. Then they
can pull some more mathematics jokes about "you" or make wise-ass

Welcome to Earth.

(If one wants to be as free as possible one of the last semi-free
places is to leave the earth under your feet and flee onto the oceans,
to areas not radio-active or destroyed in other ways. 
...Though you might still have bunches of artificial frequencies
hammering through your systems 24h 365 days relentlessly 
so that if you are sensitive you'll still be tortured by others who
declare the space through your body theirs to send their stuff
straight through your systems... But at least it should be some cancer
sources less as long as you do not move to the ozone holes...)

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