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Sun Apr 10 21:38:31 EST 2005

for all what is. Solid, liquid, gas, energies are seen as parts of
akasha being in different stages.
If you imagine the energies between you like a  surf-board
(and maybe  extend into the room and later through the walls)
this  is where  the term comes from.
Akasha-surfing can also be  done with more than two people linked.

For beginners of magic it might be a rather interesting exercise, as
linked with different brains you can learn different stuff.
I find people very skilled in meditaion are interesting "tuning-forks"
to link to. 
Linking  to some musicians I found rather fascinating in other forms.

After you have the feeling to have "seen" many thousands of outer
both aim sideways behind your head and  make the eyes focus at the
according spots around the  head of the other one.

Extending energies behind you you make it easier for the other one to
perceive through you.
When very experienced you might even be able to shift your subatomic
structures enough to let the other one in front of you perceive
through you.  However the brain does not like that, and  I do not
think it is healthy.

Being on the breathing-technique mentioned before, at some point aim
for all that is black-translucent and black-shiny.
If you ever manage black-shiny go for dark-blue-black-shiny.

There are energies feeling like triggering an endorphine flash, rather
interesting, in my fantasy triggering pictures of humans in the future
using helmets or sending-stations for emotions, like drugs of the
future, but also for linking with different computers than now; 
what the HHI is doing intriguing me not just there but also on medical
levels, as though I do not know if altered a lot that might be a way
to operate without cutting stuff open; I wish those  Westie sheep
would take such though more serious, though then again maybe it is
good they don't. Subatomically regarded one can get at any point in
the brain, and with machines not just in the blurred, vague way as
within magic; still think the education system should be changed fast,
as the options of abuse going of from there are enormous,
and I doubt it is going to take forever till magic and technology are

Back to the previous topic: 
Eventually focus on an aimed occipital docking again, but  then sort
of start to perceive a lot in your head, too, (eyes  open) sort of
off-lining  outer optics. (Yours might also off-line if the other one
is off-lining, though the eyes are still open; happened  to  me often.
Find that fascinating. If you experienced it a few times (there are
different forms) and then think about that you might come to some
rather intersting  results.)

Experiment around with that, it leads to inner perceiving.


When docking telepathically I find that the "low energy black ranges"
are far more relaxing in comparison than some whitish ones  which once
nearly made me hit the floor, but my teacher said - and I believe that
he  is right - that on the short-wavy whitish ones far more data can
be transferred & faster, also emotional data. 

There are ranges where there are sort of  whitish-yellowish-shining
ones, also nick-named "Jesus-ranges".
These are very interesting ranges, that especially if you are a healer
I recommend exploring.

I never aim down behind the ears deeper inside into the regions there.
I get high warnings  of that  they are not meant for  that and that I
might mess something up.
Recommend not doing so without the direct permission of the other one.

Least care I take with the bulge in the back of the head, the
occipital cortex.

Have the impression that if I do some minor mistakes there it does not
really tend to make much harm, sort of feeling rather flexible
concerning energies.

My brain is weird, so I am  the  wrong  one to ask about picture
transfers, as I usually do not think in pictures, and as even simple
ones tend to cost me hell of a power to generate.
So for optical telepathy better ask someone else.

Telepathy & magic are thousands of years old  if not more, and  there
are many around Earth using it; when you become better you might  find
branches or people you appreciate or being close enough to your path.

Later also take  in energy-perceiving areas of the body.

Imagine different cells/structures being of different energies.
So they also can scan different ranges.

Some magicians also extend energies up the spine, sort of making an
antenna for waves/energies that else they could not have caught (magic
and physics are of the same, only magic is done with the  body and
mind, physics often with machines, I believe physics is tending to
have far more detail data and magic -depending  on the branch and
practicer -  is tending to understand relations between energies
better). (Cybermagicians seek combining.)  Shamans and other magicians
tend to learn to stay awake in dreaming, using energy ranges there,
learn to awake go into dream ranges (hallucination likeliness,
dangerous!), learn to "leave the  body" and to scan for many hundreds
of kilometers around, finding lost people or maybe even items,
scanning stuff in ill people, docking dreams with other  skilled ones
far away who know that this is not  a normal dream, as they are
trained, too, in Australia it is rumoured  that a lot is known about
Earth-fields, and from what  I heard some also use them for stuff.
I also heard of people ranging into space (and once had a starter of
the people of the Roma after  a few sessions heading there), and that
there  are energies here not from here.

By the way, energies on the other ranges that are of a being have been

given many names, depending on the culture.
In Ireland I heard  of fairies and sprites, shamans might call them
spirits, here we have the word Geist, meaning more than the English
word ghost. Some might be like dancing points, others of alive
humans... But I am not the expert to ask about that.

If you become better you can also perceive when people are making them
up. They might extend energies for that, which to them then seem real,
as they are real  projected energies from them.
As a healer to do with people hallucinating you should be very good,
also at knowing when they transit into the hallucinating ranges, two
important skills maybe being not to have the own  brain messed up too
much when going with the other one into hallucinating energy ranges
and brain-teaching the other one non-hallucinating energy-ranges. 

 First tuning around energies you like to aim at (like with a human),
then going closely around and tuning so you don't bother the
plant/stone/what-/whomever and then sort of "parking in or going
through" is one of the basics of magic perception.

Not to disturb other's energies or privacy a rule of all good and many
grey magicians. 

To stop evil ones before they get too powerful a rule of some of
different branches.

In the body there are not just, like some sense-censored Westies
assume, axon connections, but of course the magical
"field"-connections, too.

Imagine different  sectors in  the brain  with different waves and
pressures, so that what is in one does not disturb in the other.
Depending on what is going on, some are sort of interreacting  with
each other, other's not.
Some can be extended quite far.

Magicians with ranges of hundreds of kilometer aer reported often,
thousands  seem rare, especially in this "Westie-age".
I am not sure what "chi" is, but I  had the impression that several
Asian religions are quite having their way of naming aspects, that
might be interesting  to  learn more about.
In a human "embryo-worm" it seems that the sensor-tip is bulging over
the rest; might be mistaken, but IF I recall some pictures right then
the temporal cortex seemed to be going off the sensor-areas and then
the upper one in the front, seeming to be(come) part of what I call
the sequencer.
When docking on white ranges I once saw a picture of the brain that
reminded  me of the brain of a six-month old embryo (and who taught me
magic perception said that in that age he has been communicating with
his embryo-child in the mother's womb, a lot going on there), 
mentioned inner  picture seeiming like sort  of like having a
sensor-helmet, and I  do not recall the two areas I just mentioned
before in it.
I am not entirely sure if what I call the "front computer" (behind the

forehead) is in it or not, that was too short a picture.
But definintely the occipital cortex and parietal in cingulate areas.
Generally magic perception seems to have to do with sort of setting
own areas to older functions, and using areas of the neocortex sort of
in an older linking way & reshifting to perception.
I had it  happen several times that I talked and a student who had
learned how to dock would do so and sort of drag energies of my brain
towards low ranges, vulturing into my energy-data-banks, and then
there'd be a point where either I'd have to block and go on talking or
stop talking; feeling as if talking was too new and active a function
to shift to the according ranges & settings.

Resetting areas of the brain to old perception I have had impressions
indicating that in the time that setting was more natural we did not
have that many neurons yet in the neocortex, and having that many sort
of maybe not being in complete harmony with older programs, also them
maybe no longer complete for this, not sure, as a lot of stuff in my
brain is not exactly complete in the first place.  Also there seem to
be emotional "reshuntings", some of which I find worrying, which I
believe to see confirmed with some Asian branches and some Shamans,
but I'd have to toy more with stuff and think about it longer  to be
Regarding changes in my own self, I guess that I turn far more to my
old function of data-selector in the cingulate gyrus again, but I am
not sure if it is just the front area of the cingulate gyrus like when
going playing there one trips, 
as once I got a pretty distinct headache that seemed to be in the
whole cingulate gyrus after having some clumsy newie messing around in
my brain, and when I tried to get another newie - but experienced
"head-leaver" to show me how she gets out of her head I also had the
fleeting impression that she was doing something in the frontish back
half of the cingulate gyrus, close to the star chacra, though I did
not manage to get her in that (second) session to find enough inner
orientation in the brain to aim from her own areas to there and sort
of light up that sector for me  the way I would have needed to sort of
look at it and what she is doing a bit better and maybe transcopy
energy-structure-stuff a bit into mine.
By the way, tuning parallel to magicians' brains, to an extent linking
sectors parallel, when they make signals in theirs, often the own
brain might know what it is, and sectors in your brain might sort of
swing along into the same settings, and as I am the Reincarnation of
the Goddess of Laziness and too lazy to figure all according stuff out
myself, magic direct transfer like that is one of the ways I find most
powerful and effective for myself to understand magical perception and
some other stuff real fast. In such a brain-link I can get loads of
energy-data in a speed that if I were to write down just minutes of
them might take me till the end of my life. 
Making me understand why druids, shamans and others never seem to have
The tricky thing is how to get a magician to transfer.
Dragging a donkey might be easier and less dangerous.
Once you can halo-scan many might be easy for you to recognize, but
that does not mean that they are out for wasting time to teach someone
who might innerly not even be up to the levels of balance that they
might deem appropriate. A lot are also into some religious stuff.
How to get them to do so you have to find out yourself, as one of my
tricks to offer to trade sector-brain-data for it might not work in
your case. However straight in the halo scan one might already get
some interesting data. 
Also there are a lot of books out.
Many contain a lot of crap, however some of it might be right.
An example is some book that in German was called "Gespraeche with
Seth" = conversations with Seth.
A lot in there was plain wrong. However some of the remarks were
fascinating, like for example (summoned up) the observation that
someone able to perceive all  you energies and know about them, might
perceive stuff going on in your brain (and body) and know what it
means, which you from your areas in the  brain do not.
Another example is in  Carlos Castaneda's "Tales of Power":
"A  sorcerer who is in the possession of the totality of himself can
redirect the cluster to join in any conceivable way."
Here I face the problem that he is not exactly direct as what he means
with cluster.
There are bunches of them, and in case cell clusters should be meant I
do not think that that sentence is correct.
It starts  with that I cannot reach all areas, though I guess one
could magically aim into them and also work on cabelling out axons.

A brainsurfer I once met on  the internet seemed to have managed the
trick "to go" from his areas into a place in the front half of the
cingulate gyrus by catching his own "back-echo".

That area, by the way, is one where signals from the body to to with
external perception and tones come in, and can be transformed into
lights on LSD and some seem to be to do  so  also sober, also
transforming into invented picutres is possible, a reason I like to
call that area "my playground".

This is an area where by feeling a lot can be changed, concerning the
clusters / connections.
  (It is sort of the  own data-input above the  own inner nose,
and being the selector for it, it is important to  be  able to change
stuff there to get the data necessary, which depending on  the region
living in might be different.
I  assume that  stuff  like using it for picture-inventing is among
newer functions of if (though not seeming that  new).
If you like sort of  transcending into energies and  maybe sort of
"enlightening having other energies running  through  you" 
maybe inside focus there and have  tones run through  there if that is
your sort of thing.)
 However to other areas I  never even got access, and  with many areas
I have the feeling though a lot  can be  changed and some is changing
along with bio-programs, that there are sort of base-patterns that can
not be "redirected in  any conceivable way".
(Glia might have to do with that.)

But I must say that (though he seems to have overlooked there that one
can also change stuff  in other brains which for me seems a step
further on) I can see why it is treated there as kind of the last
The  ability to change oneself is impressive to contemplate  for me,
Also not all is advisable to change, maybe restructuring in some
rather  "autistic way" towards some inner data-highways but not much
in contact with "outer signals" just being an example.

"Recabeling" is one of the big tricks of magic, and might take years
and  more.
Some go down the spine to the "embryo chakra" below the  navel or to
other areas  in a very targeted, precise way.
I so far don't even manage to go up and down the spine in an aimed

If someone were to ask me: "Guess how "leaving the body works!"
"Maybe connecting and extending the magic "field" connections of
different sectors together?" would  be my first guess.

By the way, exercises some newies  might find intersting, and that
might also work very well on THC or/and LSD:

Hold one hand still (later the other, keeping changing), with the
other go back and forth, so that both hands can feel the energies
between, more and more increasing the distance until you can't extend
your arms more, then sort of press the energies together until you
have reached tingling levels (that should not be  aimed at others),
and extend  them again.
Let  your hands relax out of the tingling stage, then make "fields"
between your forehead and your hand, first being with your
concentration in the hand  until it is as far away as possible again
in front of your forehead, then going closer  again and focussing
inside the head, behind a sensitive point roughly in the middle of the
forehead  (avoid headaches).
Move down over your face, avoiding the "root of the nose", aim over
your lips, then go over your solar plexus and over the embyo chackra
below the navel and make "fields" with them. Then put your hand and
extended arm in a position  the energy point on the forehead (third
eye), the solar plexus and the embryo chakra and maybe other points
can all feel it's energies parallel.
Compare the differences in the readouts.

This exercise is helping to understand the scanning and sending range
differences of different points.
Which with training might be able to scan far more  ranges and stufff
far more  away.

As mentioned I have the wild theory that many artificial frequencies
especially when transcending and  sort of  enlightening, having other
energies run through you - and yours through them - might cause cancer
by artificial stuff causing wrong signals in the data canal between
the double helix (in a cell), leading to changes causing other parts
of the gene-string being read in cells (which might lead to cancer).
(Could be completely wrong.)
But especially when using sense-enhancers also causing many
error-signals on top I'd not transcend between a running washing
machine, fridge and monitor.

(On LSD I tend to get powerful cancer alerts already from electric
lights if they are switched on while tuning into "finer" brain-energy-
ranges / transcending with my head.)

Listen to  cancer warnings in yourself, heed them. Depending on the
area where you live avoid "transcending into ranges where there are
bunches of artificial shit buzzing".

Though, referring to some question of an out-of-body group member,
that I already replied to elsewhere, I have the impression that tuning
up into the beeping "T.V. &  other stuff ranges" while  being
transcended with my head and then aiming in my head at down behind the
ears, there are some rather interesting effect, which are for me too
long to describe  here, but might be interesting for some to try, who
might be less sensitive to cancer-alerts tuning there.

Also "making fields with a mirror", transcending with your head or
more areas, and then aiming inside to different places in the head and
watching the outer effects in the mirror, I have found an
intellectually rather entertaining game, though a bit straining when
done too long.

If you are into LSD and can keep out hallucinating,  maybe try it on

Also being in front of a mirror and procuding different halos can be
fun, if that is your sort of thing.

Acid Pope II  (leaving "career" open for others interested in popeing
around, too... ;-)

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