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Sun Apr 10 21:38:31 EST 2005

...Like in the brain within telepathy when you send in(to the other
head) certain stuff sectors might catch it and the wave-shapes &
pressures/tensions tell the sectors something, also if it is to belong
together with stuff going on in other sectors.
This is  within one brain or from telepathic brain to telepathic
I mentioned energy telepathy before.
Someone said that on the white ranges a lot can be transferred much
faster, though I find them extremely hard for sectors compared to the
sort of black-translucent and maybe slightly "higher"  black-shiny

On the white ones also a lot  of emotions can be  transferred.

Of emotions I have the impression that my brain is not complete
concerning them in the first place, and that if people are very
differnt from me I get even less, though I might still be aware that
akasha-range-group is an emotional one.

Males tend to have specific entire bunches of those, 
and with some people with black skin there seemed to be the highest
load of some that my areas could not transform.

Though I  did not link with enough long enough, I had the impression
that among people with black skin similar to outer structure
differences there are also lots of inner ones  in that area, so that
it would be wrong to generalize.

A woman I showed some energy stuff whose andcestors were  of the Roma
left wioth her energy through  the ceiling and coming back  when I
asked  her what she had been doing she told me something along the
line that she had been between the stars.
her energy system was signicficantly different from others.
People  here in Germany usually are real bad in comparison to folks
not from Westie lands where the Catholic sense-censorer weeded out
genetic powers for it.
But I noticed  a sort of "systematicness" likely to do with Wester
training of the lower frontal cortex area I like to call front
Someone whose mother was here from Germany and the father Puerto Rican
had an amazing load of colours in and had a speed, that left me sort
of mentally out of breath, but after a few moments he had enough of
I had nagged him to borrow me his other, non-German side, because I
felt by looking  into the brown of his eyes and hair that that might
be  intersting, and after initial hesitation he gave me access with
amazing speed for someone untrained,
and he actually got what I had meant, with most Germans I know I doubt
and not passively, like German brains I have akasha-linked with
tended to do, but actively along, like a flowery Spanish or Puero
Rican Romeo flashing several truckloads of beautifully coloured
frequencies at once, to then  decide that the whole thing is not
really worth the power it costs...    
The few I tried it with who were musicians playing in bands seemed to
learn pretty fast,
and I had the  impression that that was  to do with them being used to
listen to different frequencies of the instruments of others  in the
band they were in  and keep parallel tracks on them 
and  to add own stuff to it.
Which is not that different from akashasurfing, just sort of shifting
to different ranges.
People  skilled in meditation I  find to be intersting "tuning forks"
for weird  energy ranges, and some of the MBD people are neat when
being after sector perception, though parallel processing might be
handicapped and energies weird and concentration spans  short.

Personally I find people close to me in structure interesting as they
tend to cost me little power, and people real far away in structure
interesting for the odd energy ranges some might head into pretty

Distances to me genetically in some  aspects I  tend  to already sense
when  I try to tune  in, and as said by the amount  of signals that I
am able to transform compared to others.

By  the way, I have figured out well yet, which emotions are best
transferred on what ranges.
I did not compare  enough yet to be sure that the examples I listed
are all of significance concerning some differences.

With magical colours there  are generally many.

Some see ranges very colourful, others tend to go for
black-white-fog-translucent  ones (me  for example, too)

I have been wondering if the sorts of magic of people  
have to do with inner differences as well?

...I  hope the day will come when humans have more advanced and aksaha
surfing and magic morals are taught in learning places of the future,
hopefully in one without some sending cancer frequencies into
unconsenting  others, so that people might open up to many of the
ranges that are so dangerous here in Germany and other cancer
frequency ranges.


In many tales powers of virgins are mentioned.
In some Eastern places I heard that  in the Easter  night there is
some ritual done by virgins.

I believe  that this has to do with them not  being busy with a man
that much yet, but maybe centered on themselves, and not so much with
sex itself,  but with  the high  imbalances of femals  hormones and
the still  pretty fast processing rate, as childhood is not that long

So for some years there  is still a very fast processing rate together
with sometimes really odd hormone peaks or other imbalances, the high
fantasy of imagine-I-were or imagine-the-dolls were not  that long
ago, though likely having shifted from doll-level (or whatever toys
simulating people) to fantasy ranges.

This does not have to be so for all, of course, I  just recall that I
kept getting powerful messages from my systems and am real angry till
this day that this society did not train them but told me to ignore

For example concerning telepathy I simply kept sensing in that age
that it is there, and  it took double that time until someone finally
transferred into my brain, and then I had the feeling that if I had
been taught that as  a child, I would  have come far far further, 
and realized what idiots this society has to waste such a potential in
their children and to sense-censor them the way the Vatican demands,
so that they will never understand how Jesus did his stuff but think
that some God did it and that the Churches are speaking for them, so
that they gain power and  money.
Here in Germany straight via the government, Church-tax for the
Catholic and Protestant Church, without you after  having turned 14
and  religiously adult here ever  having assented, opening times for
telling them in slightly more polite words to stop sucking  back then
(and maybe still today) made the way that it was not easy to get there
as long as you have a job in daytime, and when asking if writing was
possible being told that not and that you had to come in person.

I'd like to grab some babies, too, and flush some water over their
heads, preferably until they cry, to then have some other folks get in
money from them for it, so that I can live from it and get some posh
buildings, though I think I might rather go for spooky cathedrals, or
different shaped  Temples Of The Mind with nice gardens  for people of
Earth to meet there and swap data about the mind and maybe do magic or
other sessions together.

Must be doing something wrong here.
Maybe wear some impressive robes and babble about the time of contact
with others in space  as if no one had ever done so, that I am their
speaker, that I am a Partial Seer, that they are wondering when we'll
be out of the  rank-fighting age, and that we  should see to  that
some Youngest Judgement is  that we don't suck too much but heed the
Lucifer symbol of not being like some energy angel creating without
watching the harmony to what already is,
and watch to not send out too many disturbing forms of akasha into
that it might be considerably easier to get data from others for
making beings more intelligent than we are and other data,
and that water-fluid planets in the galaxy clusters developing life
might have some alikenesses, and that calculating these up to the
statements of others of beings from outside Earth just being just of
there is a pathway that many might go or have gone,
for some of whom the lifetime of a sun might be less than a second for
so that opoosite to some SF-films they might be in no hurry to say  hi
to atom-monkeys,
and that most religions are aiming to where some actually might say hi
their way,
so that there is something uniting to many religions...

Shake some loads of such stuff out of your mental sleeve,
wave around with some holy signs like the old sign of life, ankh,

and who knows, maybe some day I can also bucket water over other
people's heads and lice, and shovel their money into my pockets for my
decadence and my projects...


Acid Pope II

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