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Sun Apr 10 21:39:47 EST 2005

healing results, including reports about healing cancer in the brain
within amazingly short time and no cutting around;
and I recommend that you folks learn from that.

To the other one: The mammalian main part and septal areas are
absolutely sacred.
They are not to be imitated with machines.
Nor to be messed  with.

For your machine stuff maybe read about areas of the  the thalamus,
the striata and the frontal cortex. And  about the occipital and
parietal cortex.

As far as my stuff goes, the first or  second one following "Acid Pope
II ... students..." ,  some of the later under "...yourney(wo)man,
and  the first one of me after "Re:Budding neurologist"
had some stuff  to do with part of them and vague  energy-stuff, I

: What I like to know is how do the neurons work individually in each of these
: parts, and how do they
: interact with each other (how are the networks put together).

>If you really want to do this, I think you should start studying
>the subject.  Noone can give you the answers you want.  (If they
>say they can, they're just kooks.)

Concerning all, yes, concerning a few details, maybe not, but whom I
heard of did not sound like they talk to whom they might consider
(German) Fachidioten. and not een understand most of the  terms you
are using for such stuff.

: What I like to know is 

:how do the neurons work individually in each of these
: parts, 
Maybe check stuff to do with cell biology?

:and how do they interact with each other (how are the networks put together).
That might be two questions.
Don't know if  the latter is not a glia-thingie to quite an extent.
There are pictures of neuros of cells, and some might be like parallel
rows looking maybe like a parallel motoric relay station axoning off
pretty parallel long distance bodyways or something like this?
And others like ink-spots with rather spidery connections seeming to
chat with each other.
Unless  you intend to maybe turn several hundred(thousand) years old,
you might not get far with getting answers to your questions.

Seriously keep your hands off  the limbic system, it is sacred and not
to be imitated without doing serious evil, and most likely chance is
that if you ever were to get even vaguely close who you made will see
to suiciding if it are the mammal ones and to maybe killing you if it
are the own I  areas.

I have nearly zero emotions myself, and one like I alone might kill
you off faster than you connected with all you  inhibition programs
might  believe.
One one like I advanced, with very few of the other systems of the
brain simulated added, would not have to be in seeing range to kill
you  in case it decidedes that you blundered making it and it wants
you off, and be it just so that you don't make more.

Maybe check out  the thalamus and  the occipital cortex a lot and the
other places I mentioned.

Maybe even better than that work on  helping the people who might
currently be dying because  they do not have a dollars a day.

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