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Sun Apr 10 21:39:47 EST 2005

So with fish and insects and some others where I find it hard to tell
if these are just a bunch of programs or bunches of reactions that are
personality-varying reactions not there as some base program or
something in between,
I wish humans would finally find not too disturbing ways for the
others to test out "the line" for the different kinds on this planet.

>(1) As the original poster suggested: work on animals.

Humans are animals, fish are animals, spiders are animals...
how precise.

And what is  "work on"?

Me tying you down and torturing you and then  going to a torturing
colleague and telling  him that my work proceeds quite well and him
replying that his "sucks"?

"Work on" can mean a lot.

>    (You may object, but then the vaccine for smallpox
>     which killed millions was found by experimenting on
>     cattles.)

If that is Windpocken or something like that I might have had that as
a child and if so I am still here. And if you want to test something
stick it into people who assent, tell them honestly about how
dangerous it might be, aslk  them what it does after they took it, and
if they look like they are going to die, ask them if they assent to
filter organs and maybe other areas to be cut disected before being
burrried or whatever.

>    (Furthermore, at least in the states, any experiment
>     involving the potential of harming animals 

You are an animal.

The question is does the other one want this or at least assent.

>would need to pass through evaluation board (which certainly
>     included many animal right advocates) before being
>     allowed.)

Yeah, and next we come to my rights being negotiated by strangers.
Up theirs. What's right for me is not necessarily for you and what is
right for you might kill me if I were to do the same.

How about I make some MBD-weirdo board with some folks and we decide
that mammals like your are needed for some testing to understand
ourselves better, because you human mammals tend to still be farily
close to us.
So I get the others to assent and then stick you into some cage as
they declared that my right.
maybe to give you some LSD THC diet, and when I am at eating chocolate
or drinking coke also give you some through the bars while you sit in
your cage stinking of your shit, to watch the effects.
Guess one could also find some feeding you better, claening your shit
out all few days, so you might even reach a higher age than many of
your kind.

And if you protest, I could ask the other MBD right advocates if  what
I do is allowed and my right, and, since some of us MBDies are sort of
of one odd group, if I have folks close enough on the board it should
be no problem.

And  if you are babbling to much against it I could see to that you
shut up in your cage, as your opinions about that aare completely
irrelevant, human mammal animal, that'd be between me and the other
Homo MBD. And you'd  be classified Homo Chimp rarely sapiens,
sort of some being in average between  85-98% related with chimps in
our ways, and of the averaged 7% difference, so different from our
differences, that might effect of some areas in our brain more  than
one third of the hole, meaning 33% differences, that you'd  be clower
to the chimp with your functioning brains than we with all the odd
"reconfigs" and maybe hightened sector differentiating and very other
emotional base structures and so on.

We'd be the Master Race of Earth as the ones of our MBD group can
achieve high sector segregation and not be the slaves of other areas
of the brain so primitive like with you, and would be fast jumping
between extremes, more like having the emotional generators
thundering along with MBD heights while our centers are semi-off-lined
cahtting in the front without wasting time for poilteness-whimp-lying
and lots of  other stuff like eternal mask projecting and all that
other Homo Chim stuff, though of course it makes them fun to watch in
the cages or keep as pets.
And when trained a little one can even use the tamer ones to on and
off take out of a cage and use like some alive teddy bear and then
stick them back in.

If you seperate them early enough from the parents, so that the
binding programs are still active, that should be no problem.
Best keep them lonely in the cages, they are herd animals,
then they are likely to nearly yearn fo rit or beg for it.

Also the Homo Chimps are so nicely predicatable in a lot, as they do
not have the incomplete far less segregated to us sets that make us
far more individual and far less like little predicatable bio-machines
like the Homo Chimp usually UnSapiens. 

Actually such a board idea of Homo MBD to justify all we do to the
Homo Chimp animals is brilliant!

Why did I not have thta thought earlier?

I just take some of my kind and have them make it "right" what I do to

Neat idea.

>(2) There are other circumstances where human data may be
>    ethically obtained.
>    eg. If a person in the states had previously agreed
>        to donate organs for scientific research after death,
>        then if the person unfortunately died in the hospital,
>        there is still time to investigate...
>    eg. Many people are born naturally lacking certain chemicals
>        due to their genes. Under such circumstance,
>        a systematic investigator can try to find out what the
>        missing chemical does to the person, by statistically
>        tallying up the effects of various people with AND without
>        the chemical.

Well, talking a little to the MBD board I guess the first way of
obtaining data from out human chimp animals should  be faster.

It saves having the consent of the other.
Id just need to get the board to see  that it is in the interest of us
MBDs to "work on" some of them Homochimps  in our cages.

>> >If you have payed any attention to a real science journal

I take it remarks about ense-censored Westies censoring did not arrive
to the full extent? 
But is there one via the computer for free that yo ufind good, but not
about giving me MBD board ideas for Homochimps? Maybe about human cell
stuff and magick?

>Imagining is nice.

As long as I don't have to try to generate pictures for it ...

>I recommend you now go and just learn a BIT basic stuff
>about fundamental physics.

Well, get practical and e-mail me what you think I should know and be
open to me asking questions about it,
then I might take your recommendation serious.

>Then you can go on and build up ideas that you can
>deduce from the basic facts, and so on.

Currently I have other central interests.
I want to learn to perceive through wall, "leave  the body",
understand more about non-human and human medium work,
learn to extend into space and other magical stuff.

Nearly totally unlikely but preferred would be teacher who can do the
according stuff again and again maybe even over years, and at the same
time "highlight" different areas in the brain while we are on LSD, THC
and sober, so I can try to watch sector to sector and maybe some year
manage alone, too. 

In other words I have not even gotten the magic basics of "getting
out"  yet,  and should I ever learn to be "out" it might take me years
if not decades to cover the basics there.

>You are very talented. 
And in a lot I am imressively untalented.
If not straight MBDed to the extent that something very simple for
most others is taking me immense struggling to get according stuff to
work for me.

>Unfortunately you lack SOME of the basic information needed 
>to allow you to go far beyond your "blindly theorizing" and "self righteousness".

Feel free to lecture me with e-mail upon both points.

As Ifeel that if I am wrong I can only learn from that and if I am not
than you are wrong and I might learn about you.

>(For example, in US, 
Westie sense-censored system with the reputation of the school system
being even worse than here, where even with some minor MND you can get
A-levels without putting much efforts into it, most of the time being
...yes, continue...

>after grade 11 in high school,
>a student would now that the effective radius of
>an electron is shorter than the MINIMUM WAVELENGTH of
>human's visible light spectrum. Thus, it is
>IMPOSSIBLE for today's human beings to EVER SEE an electron
>by naked eye.)

And - where is the bit about what you can perceive within and how
about you lecture me on all the stuff that is between tow humans heads
linking brain-energies to go  akasha-surfing,  and so on?

You talk like someone sense-censored using his eyes just for
perceiving on deflecting ranges, not like a magician perceiving into
and through stuff, and using sub-atomic sense-enhancers.

>(They have, however, use techniques to reflect particles off
>electrons, and then display the trajectory using a cathode-ray
>tube displayer.  In fact, they've seen "QUARKS" using this

Could you e-mail me stuff about that,
or tell me how one reflects particles off electrons and what energy
reactions there are between them? And with particles, quarks and
electrons what they look like,
and with the first two if there are different kinds?

>> >(ie. one where the article submissions are reviewed by
>> >elected fellow scientists),
>> Oh, great, sense-censored Westie-censored stuff.
>Well... no. For two reasons:
>(1) You'd be surprised to see how many Europeans there are.
>    (From your previous comment on Berlin, I assume you
>    are in Germany, which means you're European, which
>    means your "Westie" stereotyping merely refers to the
>    United States.)

No, Western whatever here is usually meaning Western Europe and the
USA, and my remark was aiming that I suspect that the number of people
from Black Africa,  Arab Afrika, South and Middle America, Russia,
Chena and the rest of Asia is very small or straight zero.

And that likely most or all of them folks writing there are not using
the senses that the Vatican forbade that lead to magic and are needed

Sort of having the imagine of some people who do not even use several
dozen of their sense, magic knowledge equalling zero, and just being
of a few Westie cultures and the languages used maybe being restricted
to English or English and French.

But maybe I am just utterly prejudiced,  because I must admit tht I so
much expect so, that I did not seriously bother to check.

>(2) Anyone who knows the terminology adopted by the global
>    community can WRITE UP a report. 
Of the folks on the globe some can't even write, magic is usually
discussed magically and I do not  htink anyone bothered to come up
with a computer system that could  transfer that safely to transload
into ones mind, and if it were a global community there would be
openness for terminology of the globe.

> Then the report can be
>    distributed to the entire world, now thanks to the internet.
See  above.

>    Furthermore, you'd get famous and then BECOME someone
>    who other scientists respect.

Me being explicitly not a scientist, that is what I always dreamed
of, and best straight having a read carpet whereever I smurf up,
people crawling to my feet and admiring me, the sense-censored
respecting me and naming me king smurf of science,
as I really need to be respected for my ego, and also people telling
me:"That was a goody-boy, here you have your award to stick a certain

Hey man, I am not in kindergarden age anymore nor in
Westie-brainwashing age, O.K.?

Such rather male thinking is like telling me to censor my senses and
do something obvious ten times over so the last idiot of the planet
could follow my steps, only that I picked some Westie science language
for it, so he can't.

Respect for the according deed gets who wipes up someone else's puke,
that's a heros deed. Cleaning a really dirty toilet with the stuff of
many sticking to it definitely qualifies, too.
Caring nicely for people with something nasty that is contagious as

And I do not need respect of some sense-censored to go my ways.

I am out of childie-age where you tell the little child how great
stuff was.
Since I left childhood with eleven I tended to be able to have a rough
idea what those around me are able to do and what I am (not) able to
do in comparison,
and I do not need other's respect nor are  usually willing to give
mine, for me it is sufficient if I am content with what I do,
and that I can look back at  the end of my life or for the unlikely
case I should grow old, and be content.

That is one of the top aims of my life, and maybe because you do not
live so you need to be respected by a hoard of sense-censored people.

Maybe for doing stuff that is not even half as unpleasant as working
in some factory in the middle of electro-smog and real loud machines
doing something requiring standing and being physically hard and maybe
mind-bogglingly stupid  or monotonous for eight hours.
I once did night-shifts some place, and some of the women there
(though not working all nights)  after eight hours went home, about 2
hours later saw  the children to breakfast and and prepare stuff for
school, then sleep till late midday till the children come home, and
care for them again, possibly at night having the next shift.
That's what I respect.
Some had the physical it cost them  in their faces, but their partner
did not earn enough, and I had the feeling they did not want their
children to be too poor.

Our ideas of whom to respect are miles apart.

>    Einstein is the most FAMOUS example
With the bits I heard  form him with most I did not agree.

Just for fun:

There is a turning  thingie in space that is used for common time

Tow imaginary translucent space ships fly away (opposite directions)
from next to a sun with light speed. 

If you pick one:
How fast is the distance increasing 
A) to the sun
B) to the other ship

And turning on a flashlight inside in air like here,
and pointing it the dirction flying and backwards
what speed would that light have watched from 
C) inside
D) outisde?

You don't need to answer, it was more a weirdo comment.

>> > you'd see that the difference
>> >in physiology among race is almost entirely
>> >statisically insignificant.
>> Sure, if I look into or behind another face it is  just like mine,
>> zero difference.
>> I just need to read some more journals,
>> then I am going to perceive, too, that there is basically zero
>> difference in smell, colour, shape, brain-stuff and magical capacities
>> between me and others.
>> Any other jokes?
>Physiology does not equal physical appearance.

The ones I linked with were inside about as different to me as

One I found fairly easy to link with has simlar hair and eye colour
and also in some other respects seemed genetically not that far from

It does not equal it but nearly equal it.

>Eg. The optimal single-muscle-bundle strength when
>    cultivated in a controled environment (ie. in the lab with
>    same nutrient) from white and black people
>    is the same within the margin of statistical significance.

You can hop up and down a long time and wave your muscle bundle with
the nutrient maybe still dripping from it around under my nose.

And while telling you that people(s) are very differnt too each other,
I might actually bother to on-line with optics and look at your nose
and compare it to mine.
Since at talking about marginal stuff.

>Eg. Studies comparing white and black children
>    find that if their family have comparable income,
>    (ie. one is not malnutrioned, or deprived of the opportunity
>    to learn...)
>    then their school achievements are the same within
>    the margin of statistical significance.

I am MBD and could still do A-levels here, and base studies, so what
is it telling me if you are mentioning Westie school?
By the way, I heard that when testing abstract thinking for serious
some Africans are not scoring that well.
And if you were ever to compare toying with language you might also
notice something.

Also it amazes me that you are actually seeming to stick a pygmy,
someone from Central Africa, from Eritrea and from other quite
different locations / tribes into one kettle,
and people from Scotland, northern Germany, Bavaria and Italy into

You generalize differences in structures that here average little
children the age of five ccould pont out to you from dozens to
hundreds of meters away.

Just to your information: I found peoples in Africa even more
differing then here, and that without seeing a pygmy.

Maybe they did not have a bunch of Huns shoving the load across so
that it mixed more or were less busy hitting others over the head
several thousand kilometers away, mixing less.

Also them scar tribes DO have functions.

>Furthermore, there has been NO agreed-upon report
>that shows a STATISTICAL SIGNIFANT difference
>in ANY capability (eg. intelligence, strength...) among
>people of different races.

Personally I doubt that  neither you nor the writers of them could Re
me correctly if I were give  them a map of the brain and ask them to
tell me  the basics for intelligence.

So much for that.

If I perceive into some another heads I perceive so much to do with
intelligence that I'd be an old fossil before having explained you
half of that.

>> And maybe with malnutrition instead of seeking causes forever it might
>> be more efficient to try to see to that mothers have the means to eat
>> well  enough and live healthily enough so that they milk they give is
>> good.
>You misunderstood what the original poster was asking.
>He/She wasn't asking what "causes" the malnutrition.
>He/She was asking what happens "after" a specific malnutrition occurs.

You misunderstood. I got that and tried to point out that if the
mother was doing O.K. and living healthily,  and good mother's milk
was seen to from her or another mother, and the surroundings were as
they should be by nature, and mother and child would have enough love,
and  food would be good,  then regardless wether talking about what to
do after damages or how to prevent that that'd  be what I'd suggest.
And if it was seriously focussed on seeing to  preventing the damages
to occur, then they would not even occur.
And if you are just doctoring around on the symptoms but don't  stop
what is causing them, then you might just have folks cuing up.

Also you might overlook that hunger is programmed in by nature.
Also the "out".

>But as long as someone's cause is ethical, I believe he/she
>should be allowed to pursue his/her dream.

As long as the dream is not including another being stuck into some
cage or abused in other forms or disturbing other people in their
dreams, why not.

>Furthermore, the original poster's question IS important
>to general public.

Must have excaped me. The systems tend to be programmed for hunger and
have been more millions of years into the past than I can imagine.

I don't even get the fuzz. If the area allows it point the mother to
the next woods or the equivalent and if the weather and life there
allow it, take the child from the cloth you carry it against you or
whatever into your lap, when seeming to want to move down watching
See that the partnership or other love sources are O.K., give the
mother a set of different substances in powder and teach to listen to
inside not to take too much of one, and to stick the stuff on some
proper base and tell to avoid artificial frequencies inputs apart
maybe from soft music without drums or other hammering rhythms.

And  then just wait, with and older one I'd  say five months, being as
often in natural surroundings as possible.
And if there is no acute reason against it going on with giving milk
until the instincts advise stopping.

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