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Sun Apr 10 21:39:47 EST 2005

In the milk there should  be a lot that is important, and if for some
reason not find some other mother who helps out.

The way I know the US the malnutrition might already start with  a
woman maybe not wanting to feed  her child when men are around, or at
least here some of the US-Americans are really weird concerning being
naked, like when going swimming, and some of  their males also
disbehaving, like staring at women here.

For a damaged brain the USA is the most brutal culture I ever
encountered.  Inside also named it beep!-beep! culture.

>By finding out what happens with certain combinations of
>nutrients present/absent,  it offers yet another persepective
>on human brain development.  

Yeah, given all the vitamins and substances that are availanble and
would be to all if humans saw to it,
and given that with right education you could teach girls in
"doll-baby-imitation-practicing" - age about how nutrition and other
aspects and to not just watch out for own-born children,
and also taht we are too many by far and getting less children is
that is really ever so important, especially since scarce food or
hunger or so freaking rare in our ancestors history, that it can not
possibly be that that will start to fix up by itself once food is
there again.

If you feel like not taking some substance feel free to do so.

Just stop babbling pervert stuff about messing up people from other
races because one messed up within the own.

Or first be my test mammal in a cage for some years, and one step
before I finished with you if you are still alive enough and complete
enough,  then advocate it again, and  then I might ask my MBD board
for assenting for some little brain research experiment with one of my
homochimps and cut some connections within your brain.

For that I'd  actually do the learning you advice, as I know the two
systems I'd like to off-line you from, but not how to open the head
and with one not the exact connection lines to there.

After that you won't advocate anymore for it.

After I off-line you with those two external systems you are too much
like the rest of the mammals and also have no structured talking
I am sure my MBD board, even the homochimp mammal right advocates in
it, would see the fascination of by just segregating I-places off two
outer systems to create such a remarkable effect, also of high
interest for what you call autism and I mental segregation.

>And as any neuroscientist can tell
>you, today we are still TOO puzzled by this amazing organ.
>And we should try to learn more.

Surrrre, so just let me cut some stuff in your head, or even  better
take out the entire sector.
Where it was we could cram in measuring stuff.

If you do not mind (or my MBD board not) we could even come not just
to stuff that bunches of MBD folks know anyway about areas of the
brain,  but to the more absurd experiments, that so far none of the
Homo MBDs and Homo mentally segregated have gotten to.
If we were to combine our data and add brainsurfing and akasha-srufing
and then start cutting around in your for the rest, I am afraid, dead
Homochimp animal, that your remains would be rather shredded up  and
you gone,  but we Homo MBDs really need to learn more and you
Homchimps are admittedly quite different in a lot, but still close
enough to us, that I am sure the MBD board can understand why that is
worth some Homochimps.

We could also starve their children of some nutrition.
We'd ahve to see that the mother can't  feed the young one, so it
would not be in the milk, so the entire nutrition might be warped, and
find some other trick, and then, when the signs really show of the
Homchimp baby finally died, the result could be used for our Master
MBD Race,  as a lot of us have differences due to physical alterations
also in such stuff.

Given the buncch of substances there are, and that just one human
homochimp baby would not be enough, I guess we should starve out a
bunch of  them, so let's take all  substances, and a reliable number
of  them, and since they pop  up in different sorts, maybe also some
of different ones, ... yeah, I'll file that with the board.

There are so many of us, according to some studies here every 10th to
20th, so that'd be about 400 million, so some  thousands of them
homochimp animal babies should be perfectly O.K.
Could use the mothers up for some other stuff, too, I guess.

>Just look at the increasing number of psychological unstable

Odd, in Sudan I did hardly notice any.
Nor in some other non-Westie cultures.
And in the Westie ones where they seperate children at night from the
herd, ignore the sun, make breaks with watches, eat by watches, get up
with watches, tell woman with the period that they are not adult, try
to bar seeking a partner and having a child when wishing to, are
forcing young adults to not segregate off the parents but stay and
listen to they commands, do not have the old custom of yourneyman time
when it is time to leave home (about 14-16 for many), do not teach how
to use the senses leading to telepathy and mind sharing, forcing
people to live alone inside their heads even when they yearn for
others there  and metnallyh linking with others and what is around, as
is for some (though seeming not for all) very important,
not able to dock with the magical  nets, censored from expanding into
space and the "milky way" not even seen in the cities, covered with
the cancering electro smog,  
the sensitive neveer being given a few hours of peace in their head of
the artificial stuff not even once a year,
children watching T.V. where the "hero" is not trying to undertand how
the other came to be how he is but hits him in the gob with a fist and
then sticks him into some cage, what that is like never to be shown
realistically, people not chosing their own names, the ones who left
childhood and many binding programs to the parents and their ways not
being given time and tasks to test themselves out and "find
themselves" and those wishing to to find the inner balance and
harmoney understanding of a good warrior though taht is starting to be
an age for where that is important for some,
some not even speaking 3-6 languages when they reach twenty, the young
adults being barred access to the adult world, and oftgen splitting
off and trying to find own ways, though not really having seen much of
the world yet, models palying "mothers of 3 children" barbying over
the T.V. screens, and to be possession of a mojority ganging up to be
delcaraed a must to be shown with some identity they give you,
and Individuality not accepted, and attempts to say:"Leave me alone
where I was born, I do not wish to do with your nor have your identity
nor pay you money nor receive it from you, simply leave me alone"
possibly leading to even be stuck into some cage called prison  or
lunibin, as such is not acceptable to the ruling....

Yeah, given Westie cultures I have see, there I really wonder how such
>increasing number of psychological unstable
is possible?
How strange.

How even more strange that people burning their own healing knowledge
of thousands of years, and  then not making it up by asking others but
by declaring the own sense-censored branches First World (just not
understanding the third around the sun well), not going the old way of
if using drugs the healer using them or both in the initial session,
but messing up people by drugging them for several days in a row,
not being there for people when they need mental help 
but telling them "next Monday, eleven" 
though there  the sun might shine and it might be a nice day,
not calling it "ceremony"  but maybe therapy and the person patient,
then maybe indicating diggging up problems is THE thing, not giving
advice once  they are dug out, so that they might crash them up to
suicide, and the whole priolonged for weeks instead of one blast of a
healing ceremony and the rest cleaned up within the coming days...

How strange that there should be such a delay of stabilizing them all.

Especially given how much own data is ignored and cutting up people of
other mammal races with many emotional programs and balances different
is discussed in places like here.

And the power of the Westie-system healers should be so great as they
might go to some group reading at different profs soandsomany hours  a
week for a set number of years, instead of maybe old-fashioned 
the sun going along with father and grandfather watching them healing
and when turning adult (real age not Westie age) learning for maybe 15
years very directly and also being instructed in physical healings,
physical and mental correlations and religious advice giving, and
maybe working on the own balances being shown as very important,  so
that one is inerly in tune and outside with the sun coming up, with
the moon and the energy changes of the seasons...

Maybe it being made clear that balance of the healer is balance of the

>To Cijadrachon: You really know too little. And you are close-minded.
...said the one who obviously had not been perceiving into different
peoples heads much, talking about the eye when talking about subatomic
stuff, generalizing all with white skin and all with black as if the
differences between tribes and peoples and  people had somehow escaped
a  mind so close, that I wondered if ever just one single mind-sharing
had taken place in such a closed mind, and sounding like not being
able to extend far out of the own head.... (Not that I can.)
>- Markus

And of course I really know too little.
I always will, and the more I learn the more I might think so,
so learning does not even help it but makes it worse.  ;-)

That's just like opening another door and finding a library behind
where all books summon up what humans know about different topics and
ending with ... from here on rest unkonwn.

And I'd not even get through all of them.

Guess one has to be selective.

(E-mail me stuff you believe me de-educated close-minded being should
really urgently know,  but at the moment no attach files.
And if you send stuff you risk I ask about it, maybe straight starting
with vocabulary, as in English I "know too little", too. :-)

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