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Sun Apr 10 21:39:47 EST 2005

and the Romans were amazed to also sometimes see women with weapons,
and were not delighted to have folks, maybe with bare arms tromping
through the snow to maybe find honourable death and Walhalla for them
defending their tribes against Romans.

There are some advantages for the herd/tribe to some believes,
that you might have failed to notice so far.

If you are an Indian healer and someone not logical beyond fast
redemption storms your tent and howls about three demons being after
him, after a short scanning check,  that already tells the sensitive
that you DO perceive if something is there,
there are ways to make the wishing-to-believe believe that some
super-power like a God personally is seeing to whatever it is that is
after them in  their minds having no chance whatsoever againt such
mighty super-beings that you as a healer and religious leader  of the
tribe are the speaker of.

There is a  bunch of advantages to religions that you should not fail
to perceive.

> It's the work of the Beast, 
Which beast?
Your specifications are lacking again.

As I indicated I have two of them living on second floor,
but as you do not seem to mean them, it might help to know which being
you mean and what you find beastly about that being, and where you
perceive the sources of the beastliness to be.
As if you do not pereive the sources you might bot get far.

>"Abstract Ignorance"... 
I notice.
>the absence of understanding of how our nervous systems
>process information. 
That I never found that important, as that as such is not going to
alter the base programs and they are so intricate, that if you alter
in one place, the chain-reaction fire might run thorugh several
sectors altering stuff there and also at sites in the body.

Also there are differences between people(s), not just some hormone
amounts seeing to alterations in brain programs.

And a lot of main settings are altering as well, like here with
children with six, then when childhood ends and so on.

>This Ignorance literally grows within the living flesh
>of nervous systems... 
Let me put it that way: What flesh?
And an opposite -  knowledge  - where?

Just by the way, some of the inherited data I find amazing.

>Rather, I'll tell you to just look into your hearts, 
Tried it for a moment.  The reply is that I should smoke less, drink
less stuff with caffeine in it, eat less  chocolate,  not combine the
three as much as I do, or I'll expire rather early,
and not access my heart while in front of the monitor, as it seems to
make sort of odd energy interferences.

>and see how it is that the Beast Dictates what you "shall be".
Pardon me?

Might it be that you confuse the third emotion generator and maybe
your balls and DHEA levels with your heart?

Or other such minor location errors?

>What's that you say, "Not me?"


(As mentioned, German for:"Pardon me, I get did not get that, would
you be so kind as to explain that one again?")

>Well, what's the reason you don't lift your voice against hatred? 
Whose hatred and  what does me shouting around achieve?

>What's the reason that you don't lift your voice against any Child's being abandoned by
And  what is that going to do?  Let me put it directly: How many
children are you caring for?
And not little cuty babies that folks cue up for in some places, but
the older ones with maybe severe mental problems,  where posssibly
adopting them you might have trouble like them breaking stuff,
stealing, lying, being remarkable slow in the uptake, smearing your
toilet walls with shit  or being in other ways that maybe other adults
who tried to live with them gave up again and they were returned to
homes, and maybe felt all the more rejected.
So come on, how many of the ones who have it hard to find people to
accept them DO you care for in YOUR home?

It is very easy to make a big mouth about raising voice, and very hard
to actually share your private life with maybe very difficult children
and raise patiently towards more inner balances,
though not forcing your ego upon them,
and accepting differences that might be quite different from what you

Somehow I doubt you'd  be writing that much  here if you were caring
for 3-8 children, most or all not your own.

That might keep you so busy  that you do not find that much time for
your privacy and own interests anymore.
And you might find yourself often having to choose between neglecting
yours or theirs.

>(...) because you do not understand the nature of the problems that
>confront your nervous systems, 
Maybe I understand some of  them quite well, but that is not going to
stop people  sending their artificial energies straight through mine
and letting the woods grow back far more the way my systems want them
and are adapted for.

So if my neighbour is so kind as to install a satellite dish not 3m
away from my bed  and me being basically grilled oin artificial ranges
and even others complaining about electro-smog in my room, and then he
gets some other device (electric heating?) that will jump to action
every soandsomany minutes vibing it's artificial frequencyies through
the wall between us to where I sleep, there is very little I can do
apart from asking him to move the damn things elseplaces, and since he
refused, then what? Practically spoken I can't  blow up any person
sending artificial ranges through me that my systems warn be about,
and also, like with the computer and monitor, I might simply ignore
what they tell me.

Also if I have some job and my systems tell me to get away from
artificial light frequencies and go to be under the sun outside and
into the woods, I could do so, but I am not going to get much money
that way.

There is a lot that if you listen to your systems they are telling in
their way, but very often it is simply not  that easy if you live in a
place like Berlin to give them what they want.
The next place where nature is still unaltered like it should be is
many kilometers from here.
Even if you know  that you should be there many hours each day, it is
another thing to go there for  that time.

And if the moon is full and my systems tell me to sleep outside so
they can tune right, I still do not feel like sleeping in the forest,
maybe waking up with ants in my sleeping bad and some forest nerd
waking me up. In case I do not have Grune(e)pigs tromping me over me
at night.  (US name for the weird creatures in the Grunewald woods
that are kind of city wild boar used to all sorts of human weirdos
jogging and lazying by;  both mammal kinds, the city humans and
semi-city-not-very-wild boar usually eyeing each other with suspicion
but then normally each going their way...)

>and what's required of your nervous systems in the absence of an understanding 
>of how they blindly automate their"decisions" 
>with respect to problems that are of infinitely-large scope..

I take it you are  not called autist by Westies.

>absent that understanding, your nervous systems are blind, 
Many are not blind.

>and they just exist as if on automatic-pilot... 

Of course.
I do not understand the problem.

Do you think I want to have to decide any fart in here?

I am sort of an emergency override systems-unit, and a frequency
selector and negotiator between systems, not their permanent
having-to-take-decisions whatever.

Guess why I am off-lined among the first.
I am not that important for the survival of the systems if oxygen goes
down or there is another off-line reason.

But as sort of central emergency-override  I have hell of a lot of
powers in here.
Maybe you just do never use many of them and are not even aware of
many of them.

>and haphazard things lead to tragedy like
>the two military planes that collided in the night off the coast of Africa
>earlier this year... flying in the night on automatic pilot... all real
>decision-making turned off... 
I do not get the connection.
Maybe your brain-areas cooperate too different.

If I am off-line and the sequencer CPU is (getting) stuck I usually
get onlined. And the sequencer can think, too. So that part of the
auto-pilot can think.

At the moment I only recall it messing up for more serious after I had
a concussion,  and then it was sort of excused.

>... maybe hand the Child some change while in the corner store,
>so the Child can purchase some candy?
Good for the teeth, and then maybe expecting of other people to do so
and being disappointed when not?

> You can measure the ever-augmenting
>fear that's the ambient "norm" in the steadily-more-fearful reactions of the
>Children... when I was young, there was never any hesitation... the Child
>was surprised, and grateful in that awe-filled way that Children have... but
>over the years, thing've changed greatly... 

Interesting thoughts.

>... paying for ever-increasing police protection,
For me the police is not protection but armed forces of those trying
to rule others by violence and against their assent.

The only time I called the police for serious, all it saw to that I
was locked up, and since I had been injured and when the shock receded
I felt I need a hospital, I told them so and it was refused, and when
I collapsed, they woke me up again and said now they want some
statement, also running some odd jokes on the whole.

I had heard so from others and also read some Amnesty International
reports, but since  that time I believe what I heard from many others
for serious.

For me police folks are a ganging up armed mob force-feeding on the
income of others with the excuse that they need to stick people into
cages, and no reference to cultures who do not even have such a

I do not even see where yo get the protection bit from, but then again
maybe your culture is different.
Here they do nothing to get people balanced and often see to it that
they get more imbalanced, don't get a job easily anymore and are stuck
together with people in brutal conditions so that they learn lots of
stuff which fortunately before they did not know yet.
There is no claim made that it is to balance them, and often they are
seeing to imbalancing them more them more and that many are ways more
dangerous afterwards.  When they go too far then the according people
start to fight back for serious, and buildings might be blown up,
people shot or such stuff.
I believe that that is one of  the reasons they could never get the
RAFies for serious, because  they are seeing to them having people to
back them up or become members.
And those folks plans from what I heard at least to some extent ARE
working, as the extreme violence of the ruling is shown,  surpassing
some of the stuff people did ways,
and that gettting them followers or at least people taking more
serious what they say, though maybe not agreeing with their methods.

> paying for ever-increasing prisons... 
And what is such usually pervert violence against others going to
If they were wise they'd  stick  the money into better education,
and first of all wonder where they blundered it there, especially in
this place where they might confiscate children like objects to bring
them against the will of the parents to their brain-washing

How odd that if you confiscate a child and declare the child
possession and then force it to ignore the people to the right and the
left and teach the child to ignore nearly all own senses and teach
that to kill people and grab their riches and settle in their places
against their will is "colonialism" and making you first world around
the sun, that afterwards certain coloniasm  for oneself might be
aspired by some, ignoring what it causes in others and  what is going
on in them the way you were taught to ignore people maybe straight
sitting next to you.
And how odd that they might ignore what is in them, not heeding own
balances and not understand themselves well,
 the way they were taught to ingore such.

>but the dearest payments that the Beast extracts
>from you are in terms of the fear with which your own Children live... and
>in your own fear. Have you tried, lately, to walk the streets of any major
>city by yourself at night? Of course I don't reccomentd such... 
Yes, but here is not  the USA.
And in the USA it worried me sometimes, but then again most humans who
are aware of such stuff are aware that I am not entirely human.
Sort of like looking at a circle that is triangle smurfing by that
does not look like having money.
And here I do not believe that that many children fear that much.

>it's not safe... sad, isn't it? 

>if you don't constantly do work to climb the
>wdb2t gradient, guess what? 

>wdb2t "just" keeps on taking away from you
>=everything= that's dear to you... forever, inexorably. 
What is that, some brain disease that you get by irxtlwrksing your
preciseness too much, maybe with odd terms like God, Beast, 
3P.O.R2D2 -wdb-two(ooo)t!
>And guess where that leads? 
(Prophetic vertigo? :-)
>It leads, with certainty, to Horrible events in the future... just
>follow the curve... when it starts to look vertical, you can be =certain=
>that savagery will Dictate to you "what your 'life' will be... in the
>absence of understanding of how nervous systems process information, nothing
>else can happen... 
Anyone ever told  you to go to the beach or stick some beach poster to
your wall, grab a beach chair and relax?

Once you drank some nice stuff, eventually signs from your bladder
will start to give you some starting simple understandings of
in-put-out-put reactions...

>just look and see... I'm not making anything up... open your eyes, look and

I open my eyes and see a screen with a legth of text  that indicates
to me that you are not properly caring for a bunch of children no one
else  wants to have inspite of all your  words.
I opened  the window and looked outside at Orion whatevering towards
winter positions and smelled smog and winter in the ear, and opening
the inner senses the street a saw was safe and the area very peaceful,
this being 2.30 in the morning after a weekend with more people
having had some of  the freedom many long for. The human vibes being
very melatoninish that I caught, not just the summers way, but ebbibng
into winters settings.

A lot of what you say I do not perceive at all, and  yo umight not
perceive that some cultures are very different, and that maybe you
generalize too much.

In Ireland I have been often on my ways at night, and it usually did
not worry me much, less  than even here.

While in Athens near Omonia among  the first things I bought was a
knife the type you can easily kill with.

In Cairo I did not even bother to take it along often.

Maybe you are also so scared at nights in the cities because you are
not understanding how to also look inside a little.

And you are "you"ing to much, addressing in this net people from maybe
Russia, China, France, Germany and so on.
As if all were exactly the same person, same age, same thinking,  
and all undertanding as little  as you about some of the information
processing. And be-causing too much to it.
>But you don't know what to do because you don't understand how nervous
>systems process information, and be-cause it's so, you resort to the old,
>familiar, haphazardly-accumulated "remedies"... you periodically stomp hard
>on everything that's unfamiliar to you... when societies do such, it's call

Yeah? Well, here some are quite familiar with it: Grab the riches and
whatever is seeming nice, make some bird of prey your symbol,
and if in world wars the dear birdy got some into the gob, vulture up
again shaking out the ruffled feathers and go circling again.

More periodically stomp hard over everything that is not seeming too
much trouble but not familiar enough with the brightness to realize
what is.

>(...) but wait a minute...
O.K, I'll  be back...
...Having returned to read:

> the only thing that's really happened is that
>you've experienced A and they've experienced B... and, yet, you're willing
>to kill each other over this circumstance 
Me? Or who you. You are remarkably unprecise.
Maybe before accusing anyone on the planet who might read your stuff
to kill over your stuff, you could wake up to understand a little

Including about some of  the areas you mentioned earlier on.
Where I had the impression that part of  the real reasons behind you
did not understand very well.
I have been to some of them, and some I would not even list together
the way you did, as the reasons are far too  different.
You are having a hang to generalizing the nervous system, "you"s,
cities of  Earth, and so on, that has an extent that would worry me if
I were you.

>Now, this is a Science place, so don't run away ("frightened"), 'cause I'm
>going to point right to Christ... 

You are titling again.

The "frightened" might be that you are neither the way someone into
science nor the ways someone into magic might talk about the human
Jesus, but go on with titles and propheting generalizingly and so on.

>Christ sorted all of this out for us 2000 years ago. 
>Don't take my word for it, look and see for yourselves. (I'll
>help you, though, if you're unfamiliar with Christ... which, I understand,
>is the familiar thing in Science.)

O.K., help me, I want to know how Jesus healed blind people if that is
Was that a telepathic docking on the yellow-white shining ranges or
And I so far usually just got them ehwn mainly targetting into my
head, and more by chance.

If you set the internal forcus command, how would I do so?

And in the other head, did he just see to sector levels generally
going to the ranges needed for seeing or did he actually start to
subatomically aimed alter structures?

Did he simply lock parallel and vibed them to transit parallel somehow
or did he actually perceive the according structures and altered in an
aimed way?

Where has he been in the years where he left his parents place before
he went over water?

Who taught him and  what where the teaching methods?

Was the teacher from India or from near there?

Do you know anyone who can transit my systems according head-data?

Other question:

By the halo he is portrayed with there is not the power-structure of
the chakra-point users, but just the head shine of the ones who work
like I.
I can inscect over water and when I start to calculate how far I'd
have to vibe out for  the survface tension to actually carry me my
systems tell me that I should need body centers.

But if he used them, then the power-layers of energy he is shown with
on picutres should be different.
Are the people drawing them mistaken?
Also him "parabol-dishing" out arms is definitely indidacting to me
that the halos power structure should follow more Asian pattering than
just head-magic user pattern.

Data about that would be very aprreciated.
I do find the magic feats he was reported to have done enticingly
fascinating, and had an entire discussion  with someone from another
magical  branch us having different theories how to do the bitsy with
healing blind folks.

Enlighten me with your wisdom about the according questions.

He might have sorted a lot out, but he did not seem out for
transmitting the according data to others around him.
And I have often wondered why not.
Why did  he not  train some others as healers?
Given the size of the halo he is shown with on pitcures he should have
been able to dock with someone  magically nearly "deaf" and transfer
staying just shortly under the uptake powers of the according person
for some days or weeks till he had the basics across.
And within some hours enough to some people to understand a lot to go
on alone.
Why did he not share knowledge that old way?
Difficult to express, but if I had a bunch of folks around me
messiahing my third emotion generator & as a male my testosterone
levels, that might feel nice, but at the same time I might feel oddly
away from being on one level with them like I might want to if I
really loved them like myself, and might feel that after they have
been my friends for a while, that I should share healing  and other
data with them if they want it.

If he had transferred, then the people followin his path might hae
been less persecuted in the start, been more apprreciated as healers,
the Vatican and according destructions of healers'  knowledge of Earth
and so many cultures knowledge might never  ahve taken place, and the
many seeking these days in the lands whre  the sense-censored rule
might find teachers more easily.
And I doubt that brutal branches like neurology slicing around in
people of  the other races, arguing that they are so neatly like us
that they can get data about us, would ever have been able to proceed
that unresisted.

The destruction of nature and knowledge might never have gotten that
far if he had never existed and the Vatican not, too.
Same going for very big wars of those of the peoples not using the
senses leading to magic.

>Christ gave us Truth... I can't explain how it could be so, but I can
>demonstrate that He did comprehend how our nervous systems process
>information, and that He was Lovingly Teaching us with respect to such.

I'd not bet my arse on that.

To segregate inside past a certain extend and watch processings in the
sectors that might require a brain so damaged, that you don't  walk
with magical capacities like that around afterwards.

>There's so much more, but it's been the case that folks've bailed out at
>this point in the past... 
I miss actual data. You go titling forever and generalizing, 
but no spitting out healer's data or how to go over water or anything
else that I tend to find interesting about him.

If I'd get my preferred drug from the Netherlands and store it about
two years a certain way till I have it with effects where I want it, I
could stick more energy data about understanding Jesus into the head
of someone who's pupils "gated for uptake" and thunder it along his
eyenerves towards his occipital cortex and go reformatting there for
the bitsies I belief to have understood about his stuff, than you have
been giving me in all the time that I read your vague titling some
magician who lived ages ago.

And somehow I doubt you can answer my questions.

You seem to be more into titling.

>Christ is too unfamiliar, and even though you
>validate everything I'm sharing with you through your own behavior, 
I do not and do not even understand wht you mean exactly with that.
If you mean that your and my emotional programs are all identical you
are mistaken.
If you mean that I valitdate your Capitalizing and titling and vague
talk, then I might validate that in a different way than what you mean

>you don't care... 
Generalizing all the planet again.

And if personally I were not to care, I would not point out what you
might overlook offering to Re questions about Jesus stuff nor
your Capitlazing Vagueness to you.

>it's the Beast, Ignorance, Dictating to you what it is that
>you "shall be".

That Beastly Ignorance might be Dictating you too much?

Do me a favour and stop "you " - generalizing 5-6 billion people that
you do not even know well  personally.

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