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Sun Apr 10 21:41:23 EST 2005

>> There is no way around Thermodynamics. Like the oil-filter comercial says,
>> it's "Pay me now, or pay me later." Thermodynamics =always= dictates the
>> return to balance. Delaying payment, to the degree of such, "just" makes the
>> "balloon payment" all the more catastrophic... unfailingly.

> Consider the U. S. National Debt, for instance, as its curve tends toward
> vertical... there'll soon be no reining it in. Look around, nobody's tending to
> this, which is the root cause of the world's financial woes. The U. S. National
> Deb[t] is doing a vacuum-cleaner thing on liquidity in general. Nobody's tending to
> it.

> It's all simple Thermodynamics... but why be concerned with such when there's so
> much pleasure to be had in using one's "intelligence"?

> =Wake Up=, folks. It's need-to-roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-some-real-work time.
> There just aren't backs enough to climb on. ken collins

What was I discussing when I was talking about things "going vertical"?

Mr. Greenspan knows, as is indicated in his comments quoted in the _NYT_ report:

quoting from the _NYT_ article: "[Mr. Greenspan's] answer was that 'when events become too
complex and move too rapidly, as appears to be the case today, human beings become
demonstrably less able to cope.' In the financial world, that leads to 'disengagement,' he
said, and ultimately to falling prices."

The thing that I was addressing as "going vertical" is with respect to what Economists refer
to as "marginal utility".

But whence arises "marginal utility"?

Within human capacities for producing one more "thing" in addition to everything else that
they're =already= producing. And it's =this= capacity that's come up against infinity... the
"marginal utility" curve is "going vertical". The factor that I cited in my discussion in
sci.anthropology was the U. S. National Debt, because the in the prior discussion, a poster
tried to argue that it's "intelligent" to try to maximize one's "profits" without regard for
others. I called such Theft, and, as I always do, began bringing the discussion down to
what's described by 2nd Thermo (wdb2t)... which is the Physically-Real Stuff that underpins
the "marginal utility" which Economic Theory describes.

What I was discussing is the fact that the National Debt has completely-sapped folks'
abilities to produce the "one-more-thing". Every Dollar of the National Debt is an =actual=
Dollar that's Unavailable to to folks in their task of meeting their daily needs... it's a
one-to-one thing. And it's breaking folks' capacities to add the
one-more-unit-of-marginal-utility thing. And despite anything the Fed says to try to
"shmooze" folks through this circumstance, the Fed, too, will see that it's so. On that day,
folks'll have the Fed to "thank" for their Travails.

I've discussed all of the underlying dynamics, over the course of the last decade, in various
Forums on the CompuServe Network (CSi, formerly CIS), including JForum, so I know the folks
at the _New York Times_ have had access to the necessary understanding. But the folks at the
_New York Times_ withheld the information from their Readers, making them "second-class
'citizens' of Truth".

In the prior discussions, I =predicted= the "rendering useless" (AoK, Ap8) that would Ravage
folks in the "Soviet Union". My pleading was =desperate=. Yet, all there was was the old
familiar do-nothing inertia. The situation in the "Soviet Union" that is presently "taking
everything down" with it, was =completely= avoidable. Rather than giving its Readers, which,
through the copy-catting that routinely occurs among the media outlets, include just about
everyone in the U. S., the _New York Times_, chose to withhold it. So, folks'll have the _New
York Times_ to "thank", "two".

The "going vertical" of what Economics refers to as "marginal utility" derives, as Mr.
Greenspan so "dutifully" pointed out, in the information-processing capacities of Human
nervous systems. It reduces to none other than TD E/I-minimization. The National Debt is
"going vertical" be-cause, look-and-See, societies-wide, TD E/I exists in the "zone of
randomness"... any precipitating event will "blow it out"... it's the "roaring twenties" all
over again... "good"-grief, the price-to-productivity curve's been in a "slow-burn" version
of the early-twenties since the late-seventies... and if anyone checks it out, they'll see
the gap's been increasingly-widening, which if we don't "roll our sleeves up", and do some
=Real= Work for a change (not just swapping "air" at "board meetings"), the =same= thing that
happened in 1929 is going to happen again. Isn't it, Mr. Greenspan.

But I'm the "bad guy" for having worked against such from the first day I Recognized it
nearly a decade ago?

Yeah, sure. You must've thought I was "joking" when I said I had a Bridge, but it wasn't "for
sale"... I was trying to =Give= it away... you must've thought I was "joking", eh?

Last spring, before leaving CSi, having seen that it was "too late" for a communication of
the Understanding to be able to make any difference, I posted =pleading= msgs for calm in the
"stock market". I told folks to just "ride it out", and not fall Victim to the Predatory
dynamics of "Speculators". I advised the Predators to "drop" what they were routinely doing,
and go spend some "time" with their Families.  What I was addressing was the level of
Societies-Wide TD E/I-(up, up) that the world's population was experiencing. I'd been
discussing the unavoidable Truth of what would happen in the "Soviet Union" =if= Actions were
not taken to lift-up folks in that "Nation".

In response to all of the Verified Science that I'd discussed on CSi (CIS), over the course
of the last decade, those at the controls of the world's economic dynamics =did= "throw
money" at "the problem"... much as Mr. Greenspan is now "throwing schmooze" at the problem...
when what was the =only= Human Endeavor that would've worked would've been the Communication
of NDT's Understanding to the people undergoing "rendering useless". Instead, the folks
suffering extremely-high TD E/I "just" "took the money and ran" because they couldn't see any
"light at the end of the tunnel".

That's exactly what I've been Working, for nearly three decades, to Give Folks, isn't it? Yes
it is... "Light" with which to See, and Choose the Future.

Just today, I read an account, probably, but not Certainly (I read 2-4 papers, and view the
evening news reports everyday) also in the _New York Times_ (which is the Information Source
to which I've most-often looked during the last decade, but I also read news magazines, and
am continually sampling =everything= in print, so although I'm addressing the _New York
Times_ in this msg, don't think I'm "singling them out"... I'm not... folks'll have =all= of
"journalism" to "thank"... through places like CSi JForum, I've tried everywhere to find a
way to get the Understanding Communicated... prior to turning to the _New York Times_, I
looked, mainly, to the _Los Angeles Times_ Syndicate, which, because a "wall stretching to
Infinity in all it's planar directions was constructed between the _Los Angeles Times_
Syndicate and me, I ceased completely (NOTE =WELL= In what I'm writing in this msg, I am
=not= "recruiting"... I am =only= fulfilling my Obligation to Truth, and I'll =only= continue
to do so. (Do I have to say that I Understand that I stand Alone?) As far as I'm concerned,
the _New York Times_ is the best information source available... that they've withheld the
Science is nothing I can do anything about... that the "infinite wall" exists between the
other "place" and me is nothing that I can do anything about... I guard Free Will, and no one
will find, in me, an "ally" in any "attacking" dynamics... my Purpose has been, and will
remain, "just" the opposite... to Lift-Up... the only stuff with respect to which I can do
anything is Truth... that's what I'm doing here)... anyway, the account I read "somewhere"
today described the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) "stern lecturing" of the Leadership
of Russia, with respect to their, happening-even-as-we-speak, abandonment of the "western
model" of financial dynamics. Must I reiterate where such Leads in this 'nuclear" Age?

The folks to "thank" for what's happening in the "USSR" are both elected and non-elected
"officials" of the U. S. "government"... it is =these= "public servants", starting at the
President, and going down to a relatively-low "level", whose salaries the Taxpayers fund, who
are responsible for what's happening in the "USSR". As I described in my previous post in
this bionet.neuroscience thread, it all started out seemingly-inoccuously-enough...
confronted with the universal "refusal" to just deal with the theory's Truth, I'd seen that
"there was no Hope" for me... none of my dreams for my Life would pan-out... that the work
would "eat my Life... and I "died", rather than "give up" on my Responsibility to those who
Suffer Greatly... I'm not saying it was "pretty"... and I'm not seeking "vindication", nor am
I "excusing" myself... I'm just going to address Truth, having Witnessed =exclusively= only
the "back-dooring-of-Truth" in response to all requests that Truth simply be Communicated.
Having been born into, raised in, educated in, and served in, the U. S. Military, perhaps the
reader can imagine, that what I must do here is exceedingly-Hard for me to do. I =Love=
America. The America that I Know is the America born-in-the-Longing-for-Freedom... the
America which, be-cause of the "Beast", =Ceased= to Exist about 50 years ago.

It was the onset of the "age of 'big science'" that destroyed the America I Know... the
"big-science" that Vanavar Bush exaulted in his, _Pieces of the Action_... the "Manhattan
Project"-mentality, in which all conceptualization of Obligation to Honor Truth was "sucked
out" of "scientific" "endeavor" for the sake of "national security" and "secrecy". That
"worked", didn't it? =No= it didn't... Thermodynamics "just" swept all the "secrecy" aside,
and the "Hallmark" of the main thing with which I've been concerned in these Perilous years
of "Instability"... the "'nuclear' Arms Race"... was "born". I'm =not= saying that the
"paranoia" of the "Manhatten Project" was unnecessary... =clearly= it was... slip-ups
could've altered the course of History, allowing some unscrupulous Nation, led by some
unscrupulous maniac to incinerate the U. S.

My point is that, because the "paranoid" Dishonoring of Truth of the "Manhattan Project's"
"big-"science" mentality became not only the "norm", but the Celebrated, and
to-be-Strived-For, Hallmark of =all= "science", the Nation, "America", was =Slain=. These
days, I can only Groan when I hear folks going on about "The First Ammendment", or any other
"Constitutional" issue... _The Constitution of the United States of America_ =Ceased= to
Exist decades ago. It was "replaced" with something that is Superficially
"indistinguishable", but in-the-Heart-of-it, =Completely= Different. The "subtlty" of the
"replacement" rests upon the Arrogance of "big science", which having so-totally co-opted the
means for Doing Science during the long-night of World War II, passed on the self-imposed
"requirement" that Truth Be DisHonored to succeeding generations of folks who would Do

I ran into this "stuff" in the early-summer of 1983 when, having been invited to give a
poster presentation at the Second Annual Symposium on Molecular-Electronic Switching Devices
at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), I prepared a paper describing a self-organizing
system. My Presentation was diagrammatical... it described what is now called
"Neuroscientific Duality Theory" as it then existed, the core of which remains unchanged. (I
sent a copy of my presentation paper to the _New York Times_ several years ago.) My
presentation created quite a stir among folks at the conference. Broke, as usual, because I
was Giving everything to the Theory's needs, I'd used my ~$300 1982 tax return to purchase
the plane ticket to Washington. The first night I sat up in the hotel lobby because I
couldn't afford a room. The second night, I got a room in a "dive" so I could get some sleep.
After giving my presentation, I was assigned a private Government car and driver, and I
stayed at the home of the Conference Head (his family received me Graciously, and there was
nothing untoward... he died a couple of years ago). All of this struck me as a bit "Curious".
I Knew what was in the work, but my view on doing Science was, and remains, that one just
=Does= it... all of this "fuss" was "Curious" to me, but I just "shrugged it off", went to
the Conference dinner, met a Sincere Fellow, handed out copies of the paper, and then flew
home. I was living at my Parents' home, and working as a waiter at a semi-fast-food
restaurant to pay my college debt. The day after I returned home, I got a call from the
Sincere Fellow, who was with the Naval Air Systems Command. He said that NASC had "already
put money aside" to fund my research, and asked "how much" I needed. I was overjoyed. Because
all I wanted to do was build basic computer simulations of the theory's central principles,
so that I could make what's "difficult" to see easy to comprehend by others, I said
"$25,000". But because all of my work has the single Purpose of Lifting-Up those who Suffer
Greatly, I said, "I'm sorry, I can't sign anything that would prevent me from discussing my
work openly." The Sincere Fellow hung up. The next day, I called all the numbers on the
business cards that the all-very-Official-Washington folks who crowded around my presentation
gave me. Every telephone number had already been changed... when I finally got through to the
NASC, via "information", I was told that none of the people whose names were on the business
cards I'd been given existed... it was only years later that I'd realized I'd been declared a
"non-person" overnight.

They took my work, as far as I've been able to discover, because one of the things that was
in my presentation was NDT's solution to the hand-eye coordination problem... a problem
that's of infinitely-large scope, but is "just" one of many that our Nervous Systems Solve in
millisecond "time" frame... you know, look at the clock, and then move your trunk, arm, hand,
finger so that your finger points at the clock. Where I worked on behalf of Understanding
among Humans, they were interested only in "missle-guidance systems"... substitute radar for
eye, and missle for finger, do the Math, and you've got it. (Because the Math is so simple a
High-Schooler could get it right, I expect that the well-publicized "recent" (going back to
the Gulf War ("Patriot"))
missle-intercept "failures" are "just" Disinformation... if they aren't then "big 'science'"
is even more-Pitiful than I've allowed myself to see.)

I "died" more... this "time", obviously, with a "Death certificate" issued by the U. S.
"government"... it was the "Beast"... the prejudice toward the familiar (PTOFA; pronounced
"too-fa") stuff of "big 'science'" that'd "displaced" Truth within the minds of "scientists"
during the "Manhattan Project", being, "dutifully", carried forward.

The _New York Times_ reported, earlier this year, that the wharehouse holding the docs
including this 1983 conference had been prematurely "cleaned out" of the docs of that period.

Ever since, this 1983 presentation, =everything I've done= has been "Disinformation-ized".
Whether it's been reaching out to Journalists, the stuff I've posted to CSi/CIS or to the
Internet, all of my telephone calls (including the one carrying this msg, I'm sure), all of
my efforts to work at my home computers (I've 6 computers, a 7th was destroyed during a
break-in of my home in Enfield, CT), I stopped counting break-ins at about 15, and routinely
expect such. For the last 15 years, I've been forced to do almost all of my Science in my
head... I keep notebooks (which I always Encrypt in my own "Feral Wolf" Language), but if I'm
careless with them (ie. if I leave them out on my desk in a public place, they "disappear"...
I told the folks at the _New York Times_ about one such instance that happened earlier this
year... folks who "sat in" on my CSI/CIS discussions, might recall that I Claimed that I'd
=Proven= Tapered Harmony's central point... that "quanta" have no Existence... that
everything within Physical Reality is "just" SSW<->UES Harmonics... I did... the notebook
that I'd told the _New York Times_ about, that disappeared from my desk at work, and into
which, in a moment of the overwhelming Exuberance that accompanied the Proof, I'd
"dropped-out" of my Feral Language, writing plain English, was the one that documented my
Proof... subsequently, I experienced a very-strange crash of Windows NT 4.0 which left an
unremovable "hidden" partition on my hard disk, and destroyed my computer-implemented
Proof-stuff... I've retrieved an earlier version from one of the off-site archives I keep,
but it's "way old"... not by date, but by content... in efforts to "beat the Beast", when I
have a big task to do, I work very-fast and non-stop... I'm hoping that I've another copy of
the more-current thing in another of my archives, but I'm not sure that I do... and I was
injudicious in taking backups because I'd asked a fellow at the _New York Times_ to come and
see the Proof for himself... when he didn't, I "crashed" a bit, and didn't back things up
to-all-extremes as I usually do... it's not a "big" problem because I still have the Proof in
my head... I started to do it again this summer, but too many "strange" things were happening
on my computers... (which is Hilarious... I'm a Professional Data Processor... in 21 years of
Professional Data Processing, I've only experienced =one= thing that's even remotely-similar
to all the "trash" that happens on my extremely-well-maintained home computers... and that
one thing was just me, having deleted my Network directory, and watching helplessly as it
slowly said, "Bye-Bye".) I spent ~$10,000 this summer to purchase new computer stuff. One of
the things I was going to do was to redo this computerized Proof... these computer
implementations are always necessary because I've never encountered anyone else who can go
where I routinely do go... so I put the stuff into machines so that folks don't have to "take
my word for it", but can =See= it with =their own= eyes (it's been like this for me =all= my
Life... I Know how I acquired the capacities I have... judging from what I Know of my Mother
and Father, "good gene" stuff is in-there, but it was an interplay of the "Instruction" I
received from =both= my Mother and Father that actually gave me the capacities... in the
years of my young Life, my Father was Exceedingly =Strict= toward both me and my older
Brother... Mom, although also "stern", had infinite Endurance... she "just" plain Loved
Justics, and she "just" plain =Cared=... Dad had a cellar workshop, and I Loved to watch him
work... but because he'd endure no "interruptions", unless he needed a "helping-hand", I had
to just sit quietly and watch without disturbing him or his tools... and be-cause my Child's
Curiosity drove me to wonder what it was that he was creating, I had to "assemble" the pieces
of his projects in my mind... I Loved being in my Father's workshop, and I got very-good at
this "assemble-the-Geometry-in-mind" stuff. As a result, except for my Science projects,
school was always a big-bore to me... nothing even came close to what I'd already Learned how
to routinely do (forgive me, it's just that folks must Understand) which is why I was getting
in "trouble" for building stuff out of my "Pink Pearl" in the 8th grade :-) Back to the main

I also discussed, on CSi/CIS, another problem that I was going to work on this summer... and
which was part of why I was purchasing all of the new computer stuff... "stock market"
stuff... folks might remember that (it's archived). But I decided to "hold-off" on that
because, when I checked the NYSE web site, I found that the Historical-Data CDs that they
formerly offered for a couple hundred bucks were no longer being offered... instead they
offer some sort of online "subscription"... such is an Unacceptable "source" to me be-cause
it's too slow for the way I have to work, and be-cause it'd allow my work to be "monitored".

But be-cause "folks" routinely "monitor" my interaction with "The Credit-Card Science
Foundation", all of the transactions pertaining to the computer stuff I purchased this summer
were "monitored", and it's =Certain= that the only net result of this "monitoring" was the
"stock market's" dreadful "sagging" this summer... I watched it for a while, studied it,
documented it, and then decided to break it by posting a lot of "frivolous" expenditures to
my credit card... I flew halfway across the Nation to let a Beautiful Voice, filled with True
Genius, Course right through me... :-) ...I was going to do it again, earlier this month, but
saw that it would not be necessary for me to do so, and didn't... =However=, a "bit" of
Serendipity accompanied the trip across the Nation... there were two performances, at the 2nd
of the two, it was flat-out-Obvious to me that there were "media" folks there who were
interested in =me= more then they were interested in the Performance (which gave me
Sorrow)... when I returned home, I =Verified= this... which was how I was able to finally
=Know= that I'd gotten word of the Theory "out-there".

Then, using what I'd Learned while studying the "stock market" "swoon" this summer, I did a
bunch of disclosing "experiments"... I did =nothing= that was not all-Innocence
through-and-through... everything =I= did was was completely-Neutral... it was the "folks"
who routinely "monitor" everything I do who were "stirring things up", and who have been for
more than a decade... with =your= money, doing Truly-Jackass "things" to the "stock market".

Which leads me back to some more of what's quoted in the _New York Times_ article, referenced

Greenspan: "It is, thus, all the more important to recognize that 21st-centruy financial
regulation is going to increasingly have to rely on private counterparty surveillance to
achieve safety and soundness."

"well" said, Sir (=Not=), but you didn't have to tell =me=.

It's the 50-year-old "big-science" "Manhattan Project"
think-they-can-control-all-of-Thermodynamics, DisHonor Truth, Steal
everything-that's-in-the-Constitution-from-folks, BS "mentality"... none other than "The
Beast", raising it's ugly head where _The Constitution of the United States of America_ =used
to= Exist.

But let me tell you something, Mr. Greenspan. I've Given the =Born-In-Blood-and-Hallowed=
Stuff of _The Constitution of the United States of America_ =back= to the People of The
United States of America, where it's Belonged all along.

If you, or anyone else among your Dictate-through-Attacks-upon-Truth Cronies in the
"government" want to do anything about that, it was, as of the other night, =Officially=
"Two"-Late... of course, you and your Cronies are "welcome" to drag me into Court of Law and
Require me to Swear an Oath to "Tell the Whole Truth"... and although anyone whose eyes
aren't filled with the Beast's Treachery can easily see, I've worked =Hard= to deliver Truth,
while leaving folks =Free= to Choose, if I'm Required to Swear an Oath to Tell the Whole
Truth (there's an oxymoron if there ever was one), I'll do just that... and it'll turn out
that you, and a bunch of others will spend the rest of your Lives in Prison. Get it?
=Everything= I need to Defend myself =Completely= already Exists in the Public Record... as
do the details of all the folks who've been Illegally Invading my Privacy in order to
Illegally manipulate the "stock market" in order to Steal other folks Livelihoods... =All=
will spend the rest of their Lives in Prison... as Jesus Taught, "The measure with whicy one
measures will be the measure one receives." It's True. Amazingly, it's all "just" "simple"

So, go right ahead, if you Choose to do so... you can =only= Succeed in allowing me to
Communicate Truth beyond anything that I've ever allowed myself to Hope. Kenneth Paul Collins

[One more thing: to the Leadership of the _New York Times_: What Truth do you think you're
Communicating when you Celebrate, in print, the use of the Office of the Presidency of the
United States of America in "co-opting" the Intellectual Property of others? You Celebrate
such =Theft= right in the pages you Publish? Answer me, Please, what, then, does such
"Celebration" Communicate to the Readership of the _New York Times_?

Since I've never been able to obtain any answer from you, I'll answer for you. When you
Celebrate Co-opting of Intellectual Property right in the pages of the _New York Times_ you
are =Invalidating= everything that it is that you do, aren't you? Unless you Correct such,
who is there that can give Credance to =anything= that you print? Kenneth Paul Collins]

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