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Sun Apr 10 21:41:23 EST 2005

look as the ever-winning heroes? Is it that difficult to realize the power
they've kneaded?

>Ain't conspiracy theory great, where anything, no matter how difficult,
>ridiculous, or improbable is the sure and certain cause!  ;->  (I can't
>help but wonder how many of these conspiracy theory folk really understand
>what a phased array radar is, what it's used for, and why.)
>                                              Harry C.

Now, really; if the purpose of comments like this is mere disinformation,
you should take into account that people are not that stupid, despite the
collective brainwashing.
I'm not dealing with conspiracies nor theories, here, but with FACTS. And
one big fact is that governments have treated their own people in horrific
ways over the centuries. Which has been improved drastically is the way to
it. The good news is that if they were already rotten 3,000 years ago,
try to imagine how they are at now, at the end of their temporal power.
At this very moment I can't afford buying a non-linear junction detector or
a spectrum analyzer. If you own this kind of apparatus, you can make a trip
to Spain and do the measurements.

>p.s.  Cant wait until the conspiracy folk learn about the new
>      r.f. sensor system from LLNL!  Hand held, it is said to image through
>      walls.  Clearly, no one will be safe!  ;->

'People are stripped of their clothes and become featureless, luminous
humanoids. Silhouetted against their bodies and suspended as if by magic,
hang coins, buckles, pens and keys. Cars are dark and sinister, although
their hot radiator grills are bright. Only the steel in reinforced concrete
shows up, so buildings look more like cages of copper pipes and electricity
cables than homes and offices. There is little privacy in the world revealed
by the millimetre-wave camera. Sitting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and
lavatories all merge into one open space. People sit in their cages watching
warm boxes, others sleep while suspended a few centimetres above the floor.'

This excerpt from an article published in "New Scientist" magazine (Nov. 5,
1995 supplement-London, UK) described the possibilities of the now available
civilian millimetre cameras from American company Millitech. Price estimated
for the portable version: $80,000.
Besides, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in California, has
developed a pocket imaging radar cheap to assemble.

Alan Yu is a former top official from the Taiwanese national security and
today a political refugee in the U.S. The above information on civilian
millimeter technology is from one of his articles about the police state
that stick out from every so-called "free country". I can attest that his
description of the current law enforcement methods is absolutely true:

'Since this mind control (machine) surveillance and life manipulation
system cannot protect our national security (cannot find the spy of foreign
nations) [...], it has become the internal (people) control system -please
refer to my previous articles for details. This system is currently used on
our law abiding citizens.

Therefore, we must find out what type of special functions this system has,
and why it has to be used on our law abiding citizens. They do everything
within the law and are not the criminals. Why are the career officers trying
to control them? [...]

As early as 1970, Zbigniew Brzezinski, later National Security Advisor to
President Jimmy Carter, predicted that "a more controlled and directed
society" would gradually appear, linked to the technology. This society
would be dominated by an elite group which impresses voters by allegedly
superior scientific know-how.

Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would
not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern
techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close
surveillance and control (these words are the proof that remarkable progress
have been made in the development of the mind machine and related
technologies during the late '60s). Technical and scientific momentum would
then feed on the situation it exploits, Brzezinski predicted (see Angels
Don't Play This HARRP, page 200).

In August 1971, there is a general efficiency surveillance security system
program proposal submitted to President Nixon. It proposed to "wire" every
home, car, and boat in America. The plan included a blueprint for a
government-operated propaganda system via a TV network that would have
linked every state, city, and home (see page 181 on Uncloaking the CIA).

Although this program was accepted by Nixon, it went later revoked because
of the objection of U.S. Attorney General at that time. It proves that they
did plan to survey the entire nation and should have the technology to
accomplish it for a long time. This program has proven that these security
officers have the technology to use the low radiation wave or radio wave
(they cannot achieve this goal through other means without being discovered)
to "wire" your house, car, boat, etc. via a TV network that would have
linked every city, state, home since 1971.

In 1980, the US Senate passed the Intelligence Oversight Act of 1980. This
Bill include establishing no standards for covert operations or employment
of academics, clergymen or journalists as spies or informers and no penalty
for the public disclosure of agents working for the US (see page 73 on CIA
by Brian Freemantle).

The above bill already shows that Intelligence Agencies were allowed to
build the entire national surveillance system (similar to the general
efficiency surveillance system plan of the former President Nixon) if the
security agents could operate it covertly. (Coincidentally, the GWEN system
also has begun to be built in 1980. A tower of this system can provide
[emit] VLF low radiation wave (to power surveillance & invisible wave
weapon). Each tower can effective cover 250-300 miles radius or 62,500 to
90,000 sq miles.

However, this kind of control should be used to restrict illegal and
criminal actions. If the career officers try to control the rights and legal
actions (as defined under the Constitution), then the type of control being
exerted is not different from that of a totalitarian regime.

Since the "mind machine" has been used almost exclusively on the law abiding
citizens, these career officers have become the people's controllers instead
of public servants.  [...]

If the current goal of the career officers and operators is to control the
law abiding citizens, it proves that they are not really interested in
reducing crimes. This is another reason why our country's crimes rate has
never been obviously reduced.

The mind control operators use the scientific technologies (mind machine) to
control human thoughts and use the psychological theories (tactics of mind
game) to create "pressure" in order to change human behavior. Even worse,
they use the invisible wave to manipulate people's lives (and health).

Therefore, the mind control career officer and operators had used their
weapon (invisible wave) in conjunction with the mind machine to build a
surveillance and life control system in our society.

In this mind control surveillance system, the operators have the privileges
to spy on our people's privacy and manipulate their lives in order to gain
total control over them. [...]

After this surveilliance & life control system has been built and used in
America for so many years, these alleged public servants (local law
enforcement officers) have become the controllers (or masters) of our
general public.

Efectively, these local officers and undercover operators now strongly
believe that they are the real bosses of society and general public. They
believe that their privileges of manipulating people's lives has become
legitimated by the government. That is why the victims are usually ignored
by the society or are being accused of having mental problems by the local
law enforcement when these victims bring their cases to authority -see
"Microwave Harassment & Mind Control Experimentation" by Julianne Mckinney.

"One individual (driven to extremes of stress by ongoing electronic
harassment focusing on her children) killed one child in an effort to
protect her from further pain.

Another individual, during a telephone conversation, was told by an employee
of a local power company that, if she valued the lives of her children, she
would drop her opposition to the company's installation of high power lines.
Since receiving that threat, the individual 11 year-old daughter has been
reduced to extremes of pain, resulting in her recurrent hospitalization for
treatment of illness which cannot be diagnosed. It's now also apparent to
this individual that her three-year-old son is on the receiving end of
externally induced auditory input."

I would like to emphasize an important point for those readers who think
that the above examples are unusual cases and other people would not be
subjected to similar harassment.

The two families in this example are average law abiding citizens living
in their own home. Even under such circumstances, the members of
these two families cannot avoid being spied on. So, the children of these
two families cannot avoid being attacked and harmed by remotely controlled
invisible wave weapons (even in the "security" of their own home or staying

Some female victims have reported that they were attacked in the urethra
region at home. According to the above information, I deduce that they are
telling the truth. So the operators can use the invisible wave weapon to
attack their target on acupuncture point accurately. And that's why the
corrupted operators can use the chronal gun to remote control the activation
of the human organism such as remote control people's urine or cause their
victim ejaculate in artificial sex dreams for routinary biophysical

This information demonstrates that the state of the art in targetting
devices should have involved the corrupted officers. That's how they have
access to such incredible technology. Also that's why the local law
enforcement unit can be the basic unit of mind control.

Also that's why the corrupted undercover career operators can murder anyone
as if by natural death (such as induce heart attack, heart failure, or
kidney failure etc.) with the invisible wave weapon. [...]

Some recruited young undercover operators will be trained with the murder
skill from the senior undercover operators. These kind of training will use
the lives of people for their experimentation. This is the most important
training to them, and every operator in principle will kill the mind control
target to avoid their security leak if he or she is being aware of the
surveillance measures or the operator.

After the above training, not only the career undercover operators can
manipulate people's lives (health & activities), but they are also the
professional assassins or murderers. That's why the mind (machine) control
system have been used in our society for a long time but the mind control
surveillance system can still be kept as highest secret of state by the
corrupted operators. Therefore, these "official" criminals can induce
serious disease (like cancer) on victims over a long period (this is done
slowly, so they won't be suspicious). Furthermore, they can kill people
immediately to avoid security leak, such as provoking a car accident
(beaming a large amount of microwaves from the axis of the steering wheel to
cause the driver fall into asleep, i.e.), use the infrasound or chronal gun
to cause "heart-attack", or damage victims brain, etc.

Summing up, these career undercover operators' routine job is to manipulate
the lives of those people who know the operators' crimes, or infringe the
operators' interests, or whom the operators dislike (including the opponents
and experimentees). When the undercover operators find any target is out of
life control, they will cooperate to drive the particular target mad or kill
the award person to avoid their crimes and life control security leak.

To those mind control victims, these career operators will continue to
injure them until these victims die or being driven mad because these
operators are afraid that their crimes and inhumane actions will be exposed
by these victims. If some people have been accused as insane by the
operators, these career operators will be responsible to set up these
victims continuously. Therefore, these victims will be treated as real
insane by others (including their relatives).

Sometimes, these subjects will also get special mission to kill their former
cooperators or partners secretly to avoid the mind control surveillance
system security leak.

For example, in 1995, a former head of Taiwan's National Security Institute
died of a "heart-attack" in a public bath pool in Taipei. This death
occurred two days after he announced that he would write a memoire. His
widow claimed that "her husband has never had any heart problems in his
life" (supported by his health record history) and requested an autopsy to
be performed in order to determine the true causes of his death.

We believe that he was killed by these kind of undercover career operators
to avoid the national security system leak.

The mind (machine) control system is the national security system of Taiwan
from the late 1970s and should be the same in the US and lots of free
countries. (In Taiwan, the mind machine is translated as "Psychological
Language Machine." In Mandarin it sounds as "Sin_Lee_Yue_Yan_Gi," and its
words means the machine that can read the human mind.)

Accusing others as insane without evidence is the "trademark" of mind
control organization. If any law enforcement officer declare anyone as
"insane" and the social security department do not put these individuals on
the welfare program as disabled persons, then it only represent a kind of
political suppression or false accusation to discredit someone. That's
because the local law enforcement is the basic unit of mind control.

The shorter the lie is, the better it is. So the liar can avoid
inconsistencies and mistakes other people could catch.

Even in the most dangerous battlefield, there are always soldiers who

Only the truth will triumph over deception and last forever.'

Alan Yu

This is it. I guess you'd be interested to see, for instance, the long list
of popular characters (jourmalists, attorneys, artists, business men, _a
king_, etc.) assasinated in this country over the last 20 years by means of
"NON-LETHAL" weapons.

Thierry Mouton

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