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Sun Apr 10 21:41:23 EST 2005

For whose [blood sucking] interest?
According to what heavenly scripture?
According to what law?

What is "right" and what is "wrong"?
You have ANY clue?

Or you are just programmed with this new age horseshit,
putting up a plastic smile for no other reason but to
please the others and thus accumulate some credits that
can be used "in the future"?

>> And you see, it is not possible.
>> That is not the idea on the first place.
>> You are just standing on your ears,
>> being surprised why this world looks so strange.
>Rationally it is not possible. I know this is the worst kind of argument.
>You have to play by the logical rules of science, where I can say 'Ahhh
>but this is above logic' It is the tipical religious response.

You can do anything you want.

> I am sorry
>for saying it. BUT, Reality IS above logic.

No need to be sorry. Why are you sorry?
What is this guilt?
You have this conviction and that is good enough.
If you can somehow deliver the intuitive insights that
made it this way for you, that is all you need to "worry"

Why do you have to be sorry?
Ever thought?

Give me some reasons.

> Logig is as much of a religion
>as anything. It is internally consistant, and all the proof for its truth
>comes from within it. Like the 'proof' of christianity coming from the

There is no proof of christianity,
which is nothing but a fear and guilt exploiting global cult.

The only proof of "christianity" is jesus,
the man of courage to know THAT WHICH IS,
and not driven by the fear of survival,
like all of you are.

But he himself is not a christian, you see.

Furthermore, he came to condemn your sucking church,
as a cunning enterprises of money mongers and guilt
and fear manipulators.
But these blood sucking christians created a church
in his name and made a cult out of it.

He says: your churches suck. 
And they say: jesus is our god, which we place in our church
and use to suck the blood of many, collecting money all day

> We see the bible is just a part of christianity, and ultimate proof
>at all.

Ultimate proof?

> It is like this with all systems, Godel prooved it. 
>> Life came from sex.
>> It is joy at the very roots.
>> Your entire being is engulfed in tremendous amounts
>> of energy, reminding you of your intrinsic extacy.
>So you have never herd of Tantric love? The practice of becoming
>enlightened via the act of making love. You are really hung up on the
>'religion says I am bad.' thing.

What are you blaboring about tantra?
Do you have ANY clue of what are you talking about?
Your stupid ideas exploitation of sex for the purpose
of making money, and perverting the core ideas of Tantra
or ANY other insights, are just that, stupid shit.

How do you become enlighten via act of making love?
And what about prostitutes, making love MANY times every
day, why didn't they get a taste of enlightenment from it?

Any idea?

Now, Tantra is a tremendously powerful methodology of
coming in touch with your own being.
It is tremendously courageous approach, as it deals with
taboo issues, and not only that, it uses the most condemned
activity, such as sex, in the most sensitive of all purposes,
the search of truth.

There is a simple observation:
During the sexual orgasm, the mind stops.
It happens to everyone, every time we do it,
but we never pay any attention to it, as we do not
even suspect that the orgasm may be a door.

Tantra takes this single and most powerful technique
and develops it to the point, where you simply float
in grace.

And you take Tantra and take a shit on mandala,
while claiming you have a clue about it.

>> You keep "transcending" the life itself,
>> never quite satisfied with the results.
>> Else why would you even bother about this idea
>> of "transcending"?
>> Why do you need to jump higher, than your own dick?
>> Don't you know, that no matter how high you jump,
>> it will ALWAYS be with you?
>:-) That is true, but I think if you read some number theroy, and godels
>incompleteness therum you would have a better understanding of what I am
>getting at. Reality exists, but as soon as you try to interpret it /
>understand it, you miss the point. 

You read a few religious books of the grade
of "Zen, the art of sucking blood of others",
and now you come here and attempt to talk about something,
of which you have no clue.

Better clarify your ideas of "reality",
cause at the moment all you have is a pile of confusion.
You read a few books and started imagining something,
while inevitably you show the blindness on the very central

Your sword is dull.
All you can cut with it is shit.

>> >Dan. 

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