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Sun Apr 10 21:41:23 EST 2005

> If I can maintain
>my relaxation through all this I begin "seeing" the lights form into a
>sort of tunnel and soon begin sensing that I am traveling through this tunnel
MTV films portraying trip like experiences at times show similar
stuff, and I have perceived such tunnel, too, at time, though not
going into them.
>at an unbelievable speed.  I see lights rushing by me and the feeling
>that I have this electricity flowing through me grows in intensity.  This
>is where the scary part begins.
><p>Shortly after "entering" this electrical tunnel my entire body feels
>as is it is on pins and needles and a numbing sensations sets in.
Does not sound healthy.
How does your circulation feel at that time?
Or could it be that you being scared is seeing to the adrenal glands
kicking out stuff that is altering something in the systems?

> Within seconds after this occurs I truly begin feeling as if I am rising out of my
>own body.
Nice, wish I knew how to do that.
Know some folks extend out of body, though I just perceived them doing
it awake so far.
> the first time this occurred to me I allowed it to continue
>for longer than I have in subsequent years.
Me old freak would probably try to find a way that my body feels O.K.
if I zoom out with the magic connection fields, or try to see if I can
extend enerough energies back in that I do not bother too much there
too fast, till the systems seem to be O.K. and will generate the
powers I want for that O.K.

> As I "rose up" I had the distinct
>feeling that I was truly "leaving" my own physical body,
Just head, or also body?
I know one who just zooms out energies of her head and one who uses
head and body.
Both had the star chacra basically going abeam with the connection
powers to the sizzling top.

For all I know they are not leaving as such, but the areas extend the
main magic connection fields out, and there are extremely dense
backwards connections.

But all in all there is a simple test:
Mammal emotions still there? = amygdala still connected.
I.Q. of a rabbit or fr frontal cortex still seeming to be along?
Simple test: 9+4 and 32 + 64.
If you don't get the first it might be off, if you do not get the
second or keep loosing track in the calculating, but do still the
first, it might be semi off.
Could be other numbers, as long as they are more than you have fingers
on one hand and as long as the first needs simple thinking that in
half sleep or with the front more towards tolder functions one might
still get, and the second one so complicated, that that would not be
that easy if you were asleep.

If the emotion generators are still online, there is no need to worry.

If you cannot feel emotions though you want to, all you do is you
simply shift back to your bady, and online your magic powerfields back
into the cell areas that are with moremal people generating the
extending powers, till the fields are taking on the internal systmems
commnicatations gain that they are supposed to.

If you are a starter just do not extend too far and not too long.
As long as you are not a total weirdo, all that should happen is that
your magic connections are extending out, which might cost your
systems a lot of power and might not be overly healthy, especially if
if you are not used to it and  which I would not do too long in the
start, and when you have the impression that you want to zoom your
magic fields back in,
then you just imagine where you perceive now are power extensions of
the magic connection areas that you want to get back to the generating
cells so that they are no longer under much strain and can relax more.

... Just straight now turn your right palm upwards, go with the left
palm above till you sense the heat of the other hand and keep the
right still and with the left go up and down a few times till you got
the hang how to generate bigger fields, with practice you can get them
some meters long or more.
But here just make about a hand or two long away, and then imagine
that is you above your body, and now you just gently go towards the
other hand and reduce the poweroutput there, and then you  practice
that till you get the hang of how to have your hand pretty far away
from the other one, then get closer to it reducing the power in the
right hand, so that the energies between are down regulataed.
Can also try it the other way around, and use the upwards pointing one
to go down in power when you come closer again with the palm above, so
that you neatly regulte the powers till you stop just above, both
palms nearly touching.

When you want back into your baody you just do it similar, you imagine
you want the generating areas to soften down in energies so that there
are no energy collisions, as with the hand,
only with your magic energy fields you go all the way back into the
cells fields generating them, as if you are adjusting your magic body
into your cell body, and then wait a long time, not hastening
anything, till the fields matched and the systems are downregulating,
and then you still do not move, but give out sensory commands,
requesting the postions of hands, feet, going up and down your legs
and body, and so on, so that you are basically starting to use the
magic fields for internal procedures again, and then maybe imagine you
are a lzy cat and want to stretch or whatever is feeling right, and
then see do your bodies needs and check if it took it well or if you
extended energies out too long.

If the cells are not used to generate for that, don't push them.
the same as it is not wise to run 40 km if you have never done so and
usually just hang around in some hammock.

If you are still real disquited, I guess if you want to waste hell of
a lot of money to travel to Germany, Berlin, I guess I could transfer
your brain enough ranges that you should be able to perceive a lot
more about the whole and underestand more about it.
Two of my friends do such stuff on intention when they want to, and I
teach people magic perception ranges here, so all in all though I
cannot do it myself, I heard quite a bit from them and others about
it. And if you are in front of me I could try to teach you eventually
how to look out just fleetingly (though you might be better in it) of
my eyes and I out of yours, then you might also get that there is
nothing unusaual about people spooking around a bit, here alive and
dead practicer of magic did such a lot till the Catholics came and in
their Inquisition persecution of the people if the belief before tried
to kill of the remaining druids and teachers of the old magic arts.
here just poeple wree made daft for magic and this araea till recently
was ruled by Christians, so of course here they try to suppress magic
still and do not teach it in their unviersities and so on, but there
are enough here who know anyway.

> such to the exten that I swear I was at least two feet above the bed I was lying on

Don't need to swear anything, my magic teacher has been zooming with
his energies from his and his partners sleeping room to where I was
lazying around in the living room, average walls are no obstacle for
him, or not much more than for a buch of T.V. waves.

Basically anything a T.V. wave can get through the ones who extend
central energies out of body tend to be able to get through, too.

Though if you want a recommendation, don't get near disturbing
technical devices, power poles or the like.

BTW, how did the sight/perception "look like"?

> I sometimes get the feeling that if I let
>the experience continue that I will "leave" my body and never some back.

That I can not tell you much about.

If you are able to spook around more and more and get your body used
to that, since that is not an axon thingie, eventually I guess you
will be able to spook around after death for quite a while, as long as
your body still had enough structures left. Which is why they burned
the people into magic here in the Inquisition, just to make sure that
the corpsee would not see to their early decase, too, as killing them
was not a guarantee that afterwards they would not be able to kill you

However about the bitsie people claim of finding themsleves axoning
embryo and baby brains and doing mroally doubtful park-ins there and
stuff like that I rather shut up.

Asd I said, if you are worried that you are really outisde and not
just lioke all I ever saw (not just the ones I mentioned) just seeming
to extending the magic sector fields outwards,
then there is a simple test:
Offlined aand just your areas of the brain, at least if you resemble
me, you should have the intelligence of a rabbit and the emotional
life of a Vulkan withiout Pon Farr.
There is impatience and some thinking along the line:"
This is funny".

There are none of the old aggression and rankfighting programs like of
the araea I call third emotion generator, nor the more complex mammal
programs of the historically middle aged feeling mammal and herd
binding sector by me called first emotion generator or eg.1.

If eg.1 and 3 are both on-line, and the front of the frontal cortex
which is resembling a gigantic computer with memory detail data,
giving our own limbic araeas parallel processing capacities, and so
then you re still in there and are just extending the fields.
Even if they are not there, I have perceived one who just sent some
weird head energies, though I was not sure how much she was extending

But it seemed to have to do with some region a bit below the star
chakra that I know basically nothing about and that I know has a lot
to dio with maagic perception.
If just that one went firing together whith your araeas and maybe a
few others, I am not sure what that would make.

Maybe you simply worry too much, and that is all.

Just remember that if you are not some weird mutation, then likely
cells in your systems just have the magic connections "point outwards"
to where you are ghost-smurfing round with your central percetpion.
If you ever worry, just do as I described above, and once energies are
gentrly matchingly decreased and you assorted all the magic fields
back into the generating areas, that after a while you give mentioned
scanning commands for all over your body, feet, legs, hands and so on,
so that everything has time to functions again in "back-adjusted
position" again.

><p>I am not religious,

Well, I am to the extent that if that sun comes up I might fall to

Rrrremfield - Prrreparrre the coffin!   <];-)=   


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