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Sun Apr 10 21:41:23 EST 2005

is generating the star chakra energies seems to go very active.

Within standard akasha surfing three seem ti be functions changes
within my areas in the cholinergic limbic system back towards older
functions as frequency selector, the area cooperation within the
neocortex seems to reshunt towards an older stetting resempling the
brain of an embryo in sixth months,
meaning occipital, parietal cortex and cingulate gyrus in, upper area
of the frontal cortex out, temporal I never noticed, front I am not
sure about, but guessing, I'd say it can be in or out, but that might
be nonsense...   

...After I had a oncussion I wanted to alter my brain as it had
anyway, and since that time on drugs I do not usually perceive sectors
anymore, though in very rare exceptions I sometimes still do. These
here were based on flaring headaches I got after mistakes,
and from aiming into other heads. The frontal one is based on
observations when the language structurer (Broca's)  transits
off-line, as I had interesting observations there when someone would
dock into my brain while I was talking and change to ranges where I
had difficulty to talk and basically had the choice to override him in
my brain or let go and have the sentence crash and the language
structurer transiting out while the brain was transiting to older
function settings to adapt to those magic ranges. The sort of computer
like area in the front I suspect to change functions towards joining
the old sensor helmet resembling month six in the embryo brain, but I
am not sure about that.

Now, for the lay(wo)man, what does that mean?
That means that early in the start the embryo brain looks like a worm,
and I guess the tip is the sensor, so the worm back in history did not
crash into something.
Then that tip bulges backwards over the rest and within the next
embryo months turns into the neocortex towards how it looks later.
Then the temporal and upper frontal cortex start to sort of split off,
and the rest looks like the sensor helmet that the neocortex areas
seem to reshunt newer funtions back to within magic perception (where
also seeing and hearing and wave and other data from the body are just
parts of ways more ranges of akasha), and then in the last months the
neocortex wrinkles more, and I guess it is taking on functions like
when the baby comes out then afterwards.

I have been aiming to some other areas in the brain, and had the
feeling tht they were not meant of thata at all.
While the areas that are definitely within the "sensor helmet" seem
O.K., and with the occipital areas, which in slang we sometimes call
main transformer banks, I might not even bother aiming well, as they
seem pretty flexible.

I do not know which areas in the head go active if someone extends
outide centrally, 
as the problem is that when I notice that they do so, my instincts
warn me that I should not bother stuff there, as that seems not
healthy for them, so usually I turn very, very passive, and just very
loosely fluctuate along, in the staart usually sort of more alike when
one wants to make a backup for someone akashasurfing.

So I cannot really tell.

Just merrily guessing, number one is the star chakra,
following suspects:  the areas below, especially the area(s?) of the
cingulate gyrus below the star chacra, then the areas of the sensor
helmet and oneself.
Simplified whatever is mainly active within magic perception  would be
my first suspects,
while anything where I get scared when it is involved, I GUESS might
not have that much to do with it.

Maybe this did not make much sense to you, but at the moment I am too
lazy to think about how to express it differently.

>But Early out of the
>body experiences led me to a life long study of
>"psycology" and healing.
In case you undestand German: I highly recommend Gerhard Buzzi's book
about a Red Indian healer, his folks having a healing ceremony where
extending out of body is involved.
He is old, who knows, if that is you sort of thing, I understand a bit
about magic, and if you leave his superstitions aside what he and some
of this folks are doing there are among the jewels of human healing
arts of Earth.
Not just concerning direct (subataomic) energy healing, but also
picking healing herbs by vibes.

Among the Red Indians people by the Westies called schizophrenic are
often liked as healers, as many of them arae having special energy
differences & perceiving powers,
and for other reasons,
and if you are from a Westie culture, it might take getting used to
that someone is taking real energy readouts, his brain transforming
them into hallus, and then he uses the hallus like data cards to know
stuff about energy ranges, 
MAYBE like a fast-processing way of complex energy readouts,
would be the horror of Westie scientists.
But he seemed to be highly effective with it, and if I were you and
such stuff would interest me for real, I'd seek and find him, if he is
still alive.

Some of the most amazing feats I ever heard about within healing are
said to have been done by healers of his folks, and given what I know
about magic (even if I cannot generate the stuff myself, sort of like
seeing other people make and drive trucks past my bicyle ;-) with one
exception I know that what is in that book is possible, and that one
exception is not that it is impossible, just that I do not have a clue
how to do that.

> I once did an informal survey
>of  folks in my melieu of the time. and found that many
>of them were able to remember having obe experiences
>often as small children and sometimes as teenagers (as
>I did). There has been a lot of writeing on the
Here someone said something along the line that there might be genetic
differences, so that there are people for whom it is natural and
others for whom it is not natural.
Children also have energy differences and sleep differences, and I do
not know melatonin amounts and such stuff, but looking at the way a
you child sleeps and adults in different ages, I assume that there are
differences, too.

> One Investigater was robert monroe an
>electrical engeneer and business man who wrote several
>books and created an institute for study of the

(Feel like babbling even more than usually... ohoh...;-) 

If I was an electrical engeneer and business man I might try to build
me a thingie with which I can interface with my brain  and that makes
the ranges that I am not able to steer to and to hold, so that I can
practice with it and do not need normal born brains anymore,
and if there was a way to widen the ranges of the thingie so that it
can be used for recording magicians, 
I'd try to get a solar power whatever and batteries to run the photon
cubies or/and whataever it is made of,
and then vulture around Earth for victims with fascinating magic power
halos & energy structures  and then smurf onto their nerves tht they
go akasha surfing with me and whenever what they are doing there or
otherwise is getting most interesting, hit the record button with my
finger or brainenergies.
That'd be neat.

Magic feats preservance of this loss of cultures and magic skills for
thousands and maybe billions of years to come.

It is sad how much was destroyed by Catholics and Westies in the last
centuries, and I feel that this is the last age where you can go to
places and have people with tribe scars, no jeans, no idea where
Europe is on a map nor where the USA or Japan are, no tar streets in
hundreds of km nearby, no power cables, no radios, ...
Thousands of cultures left from what I heard, and idiots like the USA
have nothing better to do than send bombs there, and within the next
decades the trourists are likely to roll in, then likely they stick
some feathers in their hair, scream and holler a little in some made
up war dances, take more dollars for one show than else they might
earn in months and years, buy a radio and T.V., see what others all
have, admire it and look down on where they are, as they are taught,
and gone is most of the cultures.
The mass sheep human usually seems to be scared of too much diversity
is my autistic opinion.
Even if you are straight born different some cannot accept it, and if
they stick calss II drugs into children's organs and brains, to make
then "more normal away from the own norm" and convey them the
impression that they are such monstrosities, that only in drugged form
they are acceptable.

1000 points for the ones like Frank LeFever and the likes.

Someone claimed that some cannot even accept if a child is happy whom
they call autist and is not depending on a herd the way they do, and
then chemically for the happiness out to get the child more dependent
like themselves on the herd, and are happy if they managed to
chemically damage the generation of substances making the person
happy, and tell the little chemo zombie they produced that now he is
on the right path.

How good of them to know what is right for an often even very much
physically different mind.

Read some mother wailing across the planet on the net that her son
can't speak yet, basically seeming to imply that whe wailed at God why
he punished her with such a child and that he must learn to speak to
praise HIM. 
(If I were her son I might find it wise not to learn to speak,
Apat from that magically once the language structure is off on LSD and
I get the prestage of sector segregation in  I can sector target in
another brain on LSD wanting to learn and givin gme access, with
seemingly unhuman precision and program the people ranges in within
hours that others do not learan within months and years, and if that
mother monster instead of wailing around had used her brain at least
to the point of realizing that the I centers are the old wave energy
selector, and that that function is wayyyys older than newer mammals
functions, and early enough developed, that a lot of later damages or
damaged to newer structures like the language structurer (Broca's) or
less connections to there, 
do not mean that that is gone,
she could have taught him to communicate that way, and if he had
restructured accordingly I would not exclude that he could have had an
intersting career that way. If she had done so before the axon
decrease time comes in the older baby, 
that might have saved her her grovelling to some god title to complain
about the child, and that also across the net to Berlin here and other
places. Poor child.
If I had sensed my mother do that, I do not know what it would have
done to me, but I am sure I would not be who I am.

(Though maybe by today I'd be able to perceive the funny side of
someone grovelling and howling at some god that my natural way I am
not acceptable. 
But not as a child if it had been one of my parents.
And if I transit on LSD to "the autist side" there are also
alterations in humor, seems the laughing place is elseplace and I do
not have the front to give me more tracks for more abstract and
extended thinking capacities, which is needed for many forms of dark
and other humour.)

It is people like these who cannot accept differences and want all and
every oneand everything comfortably best as they want them/it, who
make this world the huge artificial war covered rubbish bin it has
become in many places.

Sorry, just feel like babbling. 

Read some stuff here from people who obviously had been sense censored
as children and who seemed to not even get that spirits are usually
referring to other energy beings, that do not tend to be on the ranges
where you scan with "normal deflective optic" ranges or the lower
hearing ranges (or nearly not at all). Nor seemed to have gotten the
bit that some of who are called spirits, by soe of the perceivers are
assumed to be just energy extensions from others, and some of the
others being suspected or straight claimed not to be of Earth origin,
and if I were interested in scanning elseplace that would be among the
first thoughts I'd have, given the right technology to do so without
disturbing and enough processing capacities.

Back to the OOBE topic:

> I stopped doing it because I percieved it to
>be somehow dangerous.

Since the magic fields are having functions in the body,
and since oneself is meant to care for the body and not smurf around
long outside ignoring it, I guess it is not that healthy.

And since I can't do it, I have no idea whata it costs the systems to
generate the according energies, but just watching others, I'd say
quite a bit.
Though it was my impression that like some muscle such energy
generating can be trained.

> I had no access to information on
>the subject and was unable to discuss it (in the 50's)
>with anyone for fear of being labeled as crazy.

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