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Sun Apr 10 21:41:23 EST 2005

been burned for talking about it, and after making grill parties
araound people who did for over 500 years, afterwards Westie culture
came more to the current form and then you were declared carzy for it,
and there are reports of people -though not of that but other areas of
magic - who were locked up and for years and some for decades
destroyed with drugs  for their magic abilies.

Word is that usually the ones with them who are untrained are left
untrained by those imprisoning and drugging them, and within drugging
also take no regards of that there are of course drugs that are sense
enhancing and are altering according stuff as well.
I had a fleeting conservation with someone who seemed to claim that
where she had been locked up there was an untrained witch terrorizing
the others, though obviously not having enough range power and being
too drug destroyed by those who held her captive to see to major

The problem is old, as of course the hyper sensitive ones are
suffering terribly from constantly without stopping having artificial
ranges blastered through their subatomic structures,
and some go mad over it, especially if they are not bright enough or
do not have the means to flee to where there are not that many mean
people sending stuff into them.
That would be like having people screaming at you all the time, never
shutting up, iyou can do what you want, and there is never silence.
Onlyh that it is worse, becaues it is straight going through your
systems in form normal screaming sound waves can't.

On LSD I understand them quite well,
while normally it just bugs me in the background, as I found ways to
generate own waves within my systems that up to cancer yellow alert
usually are sufficient to protect to quite an extent from my subatomic
structures vibing too much with the artificial stuff hammering through

Most people here also laugh about that till they have their first
cancer operation or they practiced with me long enough that they
understand how a lamp fells while you are transcended, and that there
are energy sensitivity beyond that.

Westies are just the type who often have high cancer rates in their
cities and need maps to tell them which cancer sort is how high there
and laugh at you if you are on sense enhancers and extend your arms
like Jesus imitating a parabol dish and after scanning a while point
at the next worst cancer dangers in visible range and also give a
general danger level, sort of counting all warnings together. 

I finid it crazy that they are so daft and sense censored, that they
cannot ask their systems anymore how high the cancer dange is and
actually need a map.

Once read someone who was amazed that Aspartam was unhealthy.
It amazed me that they did not know that, as when I was in the USA and
ate a joghurt with the stuff, I did not finish the yoghurt, becuase
the poison warnings I got were too high, 
though I felt bad about it, as I did not wish to give the people who
had bought it for me the feeling that I did not appreciate such.

I rather drink a coke with sugar than one with some artificial
sweetener shit in them, and it is a riddle to me how people seem to
have so little taste buds that they do not sense that anynore.
Makes me wonder if they sleep too little and then get out of bed with
an alarm clock and then drink some drug likking the taste buds and
that no normal child not used to the drug and with them still intact
would drink, and if in that or other ways they warped their alert
systems too much to know.

It is the sign of Westies to think crazy if someone does something
that them system sheep were told is crazy, 
and then, when you ask them, what crazy is, 
there does not come the subprogram alteration listings of psyche
sectors, interrelations between internal sector changes and other
system change, adrenal gland stuff, etc.,
but hollow words that if you summon them up result in:
Don't know where I am in my head, tdo not understand what the psyche
sectors are doing within them nor what is going on between them, do
not know how to alter stuff there, but am the perfect judge for who is
crazy, because what (s)he does is again the norm of the group I belong
to or that owns me and gave me my I.D./identity, 
and therefore is against THE norm,
and leaving the own norm of the individual, the person could become
normal again and would not have to remain crazy.

As sort of a partial autist as far as I remember I decided by the age
of six that I am different from other people, that what they did
seemed more boring than what I liked, and then for long times went my

Let them hop around and call you crazy.
I have my own opinions on what they are, too.

> It seems to be well within the range of normal experience
>and can be taught. 

Could you teach me?

>What is the nature of the out of
>body perspective?

I am not sure what you mean with nature, but if you mean just the
perspective my magic perception teacher indicated that there is a
difference if you have your eyes closed or open while you do it.

If I look out of someone else's brain, it is often both perspectives
at once.

This likely is different, but when I had someone who wanted to
understand telekinetics I ran some according tests so thta I could
teach him how to get at whata he expressed he wanted to learn, and
within them I discovered that withing the head the optic eye nerve
crossing seemed to be an interesting power point.

There is a power alteration if you are crossing and uncrossing stuff
there that is quite fascinating.

But I am not sure about correlations to spooking around outside.

BTW, there are also people who told me that with training it is
possible to see stuff with closed eyes, though there is less colour
transition and some other stuff not transited. Maybe bad way to
express it, but that is what it sounded like.

> I don't know and I've thought about
>it a lot and discussed it with quite a few people.

What are your opinions about it?

> Some research by an english psycical society lends some
>credence to the notion that information gathered in
>that state can be accurate.
Yes, of course. But if you read physics theories, it is obvious that
the members are sense censored, and do not use the senses that the
Vatican forbade to do with magic, and that thereore thre is bunches of
stuff that they never ever understood thata elseplace where magic was
sort of within central studies of the peoples, has been know for
thousands of years.

For spooking around outside some Red Indian, Indian and Aborigine
folks here are having quite some reputation, and what amazes me is
that you do not gol to the experts, but to the sense censored.

You could neraly as well ask the Vatican how Jesus healed the blind,
and they won't transit you the ranges into your head needed for that,
but blab about the dear God.
The physics folks likely will instead wave around with machines.
But are unlikely to just be zooming in and out of their systems and
then outiside teach you stuff, like teachers of other peoples might
whose ancestors have studied such maybe for thousands of years.

Never forget that physics, though they have detail data of machines
many other do not have, as a branch are not even a thousand years old
yet, and are a very, very young branch, and have not researched yet
for thousands of years.

>As to the mind, body, spirit question Science has yet to
>find the mind in the brain. Bits and pieces at best.
Since neurology are into shredding persons of other mammals rraces,
who are close enough related to humans ot be of interst for them, int
bits and pieces,
and are avoiding to define "mind",
I guess you can still wait there for a long time.

If I'd want mind data I do not have yet and am intersted in, I'd find
and plague people who have perceived areas within their brain, to tell
me what they know that interests me. 

> I have run into a number of apparent previous life
>experience memories in "session" with clients and
>fellow experimenters. Usually on the genetic track.


What does that mean, that they have memories of their parents and
grannies and so on?

In the times where I still could get at some area data in my head, I
came across programs, thata along mentioned genetic track were ways
older tthan mammals, and there were ZERO previous life experiences
popping up.

What I came across was more like hardware data.

>Subjects usually percieved these as memories of a
>previous incarnation. 

As all brains I so far logged some energies with, were very different,
I do not perceive how that would work.

Maybe the according people just come across energies of people who
once lived, log to them, and get some data that way, or something like
that, that I might still believe if I had enough proof or if they had
weird enough energy structures and I kicked my doubting belief a

>I can imagine other expainations
>but the memories are subjectively real as is your
>externalized perspective.

I am not aware of having an enternalized perspective, and the
subjectively real memories are to do with certain areas within my
head, and alread if the cell chemistry is altered that makes recording
differences to the point that the data stored than is like under
different formats, that are not necessarily accessible from all other

As within dreams there seem to be storing differences,
and after conversations with someone with multiple personalities, 
my current wild theory is that the energies of storing sectors have
to do with the storing mode and accessibility mode.

As so far I did not get at memory data in other brains,  (not that I
ever tried), I assume that that is to do with axon data and energy
settings within brain and with the three (slang) "giga memory systems"
I know about with hardware stuff. Another reason I do not get how one
would transfer that from some dead to someone alive.

If I ever were out for neat memory access atempts, for all I know I'd
have to online at least three systems in the other brain with my
according systems, and if I want to be more precise 8.
Apart from that I doubt I'd have the parallel processing capacities to
see to tuning them together, and that the energies used might be in
the way or readout, as I am not sure memory accessing in the front
might not be in the way of magic usage of neocortex areas,
I do not get how you would transit that stuff across centuries, even
gentically, as different genes should make different sectors, and in
my brain there seem no recordings from previous lifes, so at least
with them there seems no transfer of such to take place genetically.

Someone told me that it is possible that if you are magically far
enough to access cell data, and I see no contradiciton in his energy
structure implying he can't, so I cannot exclude that he is really
able to.

But I still do not get how you'd transit an entire life's data.

I noticed that those extending out of body seem to have a raised rate
of saying they can, and one there said that that is to do with each
other, and that there might be genetic differences.

How would you theorize that that is possible?

If you know people who can extend out of body and claim to have had
previous lives I would not mind if they ever were on holiday in Berlin
and I was here  in case they dont mind  to observe them while they are
accessing such previous life data and own life data and would change
between that, and would like it if they could try to get at data about
such previous life events, that "they did not know before currently".

I'd like to perceive if there are perceivable energy differences to do
with that and what they are like   and what they cause in my brain.

>I have often Used guided deep relaxation as a hypnotic
>induction technique and found it effective in produceng
>altered states of conciousness for the purpose of
>assisting  people to heal themselves.

Could you write more about that (I am reading this from
bionet.neuroscience) or privately?

> I could go on
>about the subject indefinitely. 

Concerning the healing parts and the perspectives "from outside" I do
not mind if you do write a lot about that.

Also about the transition phase "out and back in".

>But It is a normal
>experience altho a culturally taboo one.

In some Red Indian cultures it seems to be done a lot, and one book I
read inplied that one tribe also taught such to children.


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